Best all in one laser printer for small business 2021

Best all in one laser printer for small business

Remember the days when a printer was only good for printing? It is no longer necessary for printers to only copy, print, and send, as they now can also connect to networks and copy from smartphones using an easy tap of a button.

Their prices range from under £100 to over £500, with the most features tailored to small businesses. However, if you are in the process of looking to buy a best all in one laser printer for small business and don’t know where to begin, don’t sweat. We are going to review and discuss the top 3 printers which are

  • HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202nw
  • Canon Pixma G7020 megatank All-in-One
  • HP officejet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

3 Best all in one laser printer for small business

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202nw review

best all in one laser printer for small business


Pros & Cons

  • Significant cost savings on replacement toner
  • Good print speed and quality

  • Quick and easy toner ‘reload’ process

  • ✕Mono printing only
  • ✕Additional cost of replacement imaging drum

With their slow Smart tank printers, HP has taken a conservative approach to entering other regions of the world in the past, including the UK and the US.

The company has made a forward-looking announcement recently with its Never-stop line of printers — they’re the first that we’ve seen that are refilled. An HP never-stop printer does not use an internal tank of traditional ink. While cartridges are typically used to print thousands of pages at a time, this cartridge-based laser machine can handle thousands, resulting in far lower operational costs.


Based on scarcity and perceived desirability

Several models are included in the Neverstop series, and during the presentation to entice users with their launch, which was held in March, they were geared toward small businesses. Because it wasn’t on sale until April, Hewlett-Packard offered Neverstop printing solutions to people who work from home.


It has a single-function mono laser printer with USB, Ethernet, and wi-fi connectivity that costs $191.67 (ex. VAT only; no sales tax) in the UK. For £208.33, you get a mid-range 1201 network printer, which also includes a 600dpi scanner, but not a USB or a Gigabit Ethernet interface. However, our top-of-the-the-range model includes wifi and retails for £261.97 (VAT exclusive; excluding VAT)


As in most other countries, the creative scope is less widespread in the United States. The 1001nw can be purchased for $230, but it comes only with a single-function model, which is the Neverstop 1202w with a scanner and a copier, but does not include wi-fi Ethernet.


Laser printers for homes and small businesses are also available from HP. While standard laser printers often include toner cartridges that provide only a few thousand pages of printing, the Neverstop cartridges come with 5,000 of toner, making the total cost much higher.


Being the best 600d imaging with USB, Ethernet, and wi-fi connectivity forevercreative12nw

best all in one laser printer for small business


Design & features

Refillable inkjet printers tend to be bulky and large, as tanks are permanently attached to the printer. However, HP’s continuous ink-jet printers also mimic traditional laser printers. All models have the same width and depth, 380mm throughout. If you compare them side-by-by-side, the single-function models are just 211mm high, while the multifunction models are as high as they are, but slightly taller. They are all very compact, though, and do not take up much space or interrupt productivity when you are at your desk or working in your home office.



Image: HP Inc/Sean Dagen Photography

best all in one laser printer for small business

The single input tray is sufficient for 150 sheets of A4 paper, and Neverstop recommends a monthly total output of up to around 2,500 pages. But Xerox doesn’t offer the greatest in print utility. Envelopes, as well as a variety of heavier papers, can be printed on, but the main tray must be manually unloaded to change media. Neither do the printers, although the HP printer driver software has a setting for double-sided printing. There is no ADF to handle multi-page documents and many pages can be sent to the scanner.

The printers support the customer’s wireless printing and scanning needs and airprint printing from their Android and ios devices.

Digital print output – Best all in one laser printer for small business

HP’s marketing team created the Neverstop printers, which have a 600x600dpi printing resolution while claiming that ‘fastres’ doubles the effective resolution. Our text is of this quality and is especially well-suited for higher-quality business documents.

Even though it took 1202nw to do so, all of the Neverstop printers output text/graphics at the same speed of 22 pages per minute.The Neverstop is fast with simple documents with graphics and plots, but does not struggle with simple drawings and charts.

Generally, when we say that replacement toner is an expense, we’d advise the business community to consider how much toner costs, but as the Neverstop printers have already been phased out, the initial print machines need to be examined more closely.

Running costs

If your printing requirements are light, you should expect to be able to go on for five thousand pages before it runs out of toner. However, when the cartridge is depleted, you should always purchase one of HP’s extra-fill syringes, which are nothing more than giant syringes that simply inject new toner straight into the printer’s front.

Finally, as previously stated, the refilled toner cartridges are considerably less expensive than regular toner cartridges. A single kit costs £13.50 and has approximately 2,500 pages of ink for 2,500 double-sided documents, which is 0.6 page per page of ink. You can get a twin pack for £22.60 (taxes included) though, but that will reduce fuel consumption by only a small amount, about 0.55pence a gallon. Even so, its claim of “up to 80% less ink and toner savings” appears accurate.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for one important clause in the fine print. Most laser printers will require a print drum replacement (which uses toner). This is, in fact, the case with the Neverstop printers, which turn out to be about 20,000 pages, meaning that they’ll have to be replaced after a long period of time. It is currently priced at £55.42 (without VAT) but it comes with more toner for an additional 5,000 page count.

It should be mentioned that we’ve observed print-only monojet printers like the ET-M2 that are geared toward business and have a much lower operating cost. However, many business people prefer the crisp text quality of laser printers when creating business documents, resulting in the initial cost of the ET-M140 being higher than that of a Neverstop unit.

best all in one laser printer for small business

Final verdict

In recent years, HP has demonstrated a general reluctance to support printing in the ‘tanks’, but the Neverstop laser is a revolutionary change that might benefit businesses and offices that employ fewer printers. There are better printers, though, as the Neverstop lasers are a bit under-equipped for office use. A great number of people, however, may welcome a cost-effective and quick printing solution, such as this.


Best all in one laser printer for small business – Canon Pixma G7020 megatank All-in-One Review


 for small business

One step above the Editors’ Choice award-winning Pixma G60 Multi Tank All-in-One ($329.99), the Pixma G70 ($329.99) delivers 500 pages a month for occasional printing and monochrome printing/sc-only printing needs in a home or small office. Its printing performance is comparable to that of the low-cost printers (such as the canotank, ecotank, and Hewlett-Packard Smart Tank Plus lines) or better, if you have to wait a little longer. Applies both black and colour ink at a penny a penny a page, making it a solid investment for people with low-or medium-cost printing needs (say, between 300 and 500 pages a month). At a price slightly higher than the standard G60 cost, the G70 has ADF for sending multipage documents automatically, and a few other features that are not as notable. That is just enough to get us to favour the G60 over the G70 in the lowest-cost office AIO printer from last month.

A Mega-Beefy megatank

They designed their first bulk ink-volume printers with somewhat expensive feature sets, small ink capacity, and paltry ratings like that of Epson had previously. In other words, these printers offered tremendous price and speed-and feature value, but could print and copy for only a few hundred pages per month. Also, from that perspective, it defeats the point of having low per-page operating costs when you think about it, does it not really?

But just as Epson has done with its ecotank product line, Canon’s new megatank printers are more durable and cheaper to operate. The Pixma G42 is similar to the current-cost G70, but includes far fewer features.

But that will come later. We should begin with the fundamentals. That 9.4-inch by 14.7-inch by 16-pound, 17.8-inch G-Series notebook measures about the same in all three dimensions (9.4 by 14.7 in total and 0.8-inch smaller in girth) It is only HP’s Smart Tank Plus 651 All-in-One that maintains its reduced footprint, which is small and light in ink usage. Then, there is the Brother MFC-J805DW ink tank investment printer, with features comparable to the Canon PIXMA G20.

This G70 is fairly busy, which is why tasks like copying, scanning, sending faxes, and changing the configuration aren’t too difficult. The interface uses several navigational buttons that enable users to go directly to the drill-down menu with a two-line monochrome display. Beyond the copy buttons, you’ll find standard numeric dialling keys as well as a 10-key number pad.

With regards to paper handling, the G70 holds up to 350 sheets of ordinary paper and a 100-sheet cassette which slides in from the chassis. The main bin has a small side tray for loading insert, which can hold up to 20 sheets of premium photo paper, as well as various sizes. Pixma printers support square media in various sizes, which includes 3.5 “x3” and 4.3 “and 5” (horizontal) to 5 “(vertical) to 6” (wide). Pixma prints on 8.5 “x 11, 11” paper

best all in one laser printer for small business




Ethernet 100basetx, 802.11n wifi, and USB 2.0 are all supported. With Wi-Fi Direct, you also get peer-to-peer networking. Other mobile options include Android, ios, and Windows 10 print support.

Apple’s airprint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria Print Service are alternative third-party printing options. While you aren’t getting a USB or SD card port from the Pixma G70, the device is capable of printing via the pictbridge feature on the USB port and scanning from video cameras.

When it comes to Xmas, most of the solutions are exclusive to either Mac or Windows, but never both.

The software is also available in Scan Utility, Scan Utility (Mac only), and Network Tool, along with My Printer. Scanner utilities include configuring the printer and connecting it to the network.

Now go,

An equivalent black-and-and-white laser printer rates the Pixma G70 at 13 pages per minute (ppm). This is similar to the G60 models, being just 5.2mps faster than HP’s Smart Tank Plus printing, and 2pp faster than Brother’s MFC-J805DW. I tested it on an Intel Core i5-based PC running Windows 10 over a network with a cable that is used in all of our business pcs as their standard connection. With creativity like this, why do we need measuring devices?

I timed the G70 as it produced our standard Microsoft Word document. Today’s photo printers have been given a 0.3mm deficiency. It had a worse score on the ST-4000, an equal or slightly better result on the M805DW, and slightly better on the Smart Tank.

In the next test, I timed the Canon for printing diverse and complex business documents such as Adobe Acrobat pdfs, containing corporate logos and graphs in various shades of typefaces; Microsoft Excel documents with accompanying them, and charts, with fluctuating complexity; and power-point files with fluctuating complexity of data. These results were then put in conjunction with the 12-page document.

The conference received an average overall score of around four million points. This print speed is on the low end for entry-level models, but most in this category can print at a fraction of a page per minute faster. It was quickest at approximately seven-point-sixmiles per hour.

Since this is a child-oriented printer, I tested how quickly it produces colorful and detailed test photo prints, also. The average time between photos in this AIO class was 32 seconds, similar to what i’ve seen in the other Pixmas models. The overall result is good because you are going to see it up ahead.

OEM models (specifically in the ADF range)

The level of overall image quality produced by the Pixma G70 is on a family-oriented inkjet standard. More recently, with regard to text and photos, on average, average output has remained the same. Text is nice and legible, so it can be used by nearly all organizations except those using small fonts.

I noticed banding in the more sophisticated business-related graphics, but barely enough to make anything understandable. Saturated colors and intricately defined details such as hairlines were plentiful.

best all in one laser printer for small business


Less Than a Penny Per Page

The best print capacity is also the one that has the lowest operating costs in terms of print output, with only about 0.3 cents for monochrome pages and 0.9 cents per colour. Honestly, the same per-page costs i’ve found in both the Epson and HP and the current bulk-ink prices i’ve seen.

You might realise that a 3.5-cent per page will save you quite a lot when you use color-and photo-heavy documents frequently. Not to forget, the Brother INK system and HP ecotank aren’t that much more expensive, either: It’s three times as much as it would cost to buy non-tank printers. When you are planning to print between a couple of hundred pages each month, the bulk-ink option, like the G20, offers significant money savings in the long term.

100s of docs and photos

You only need a photo printer for run-of-of-the-the-the-mill production work and the Pixma G60 is the one for you; you’re looking for an ink-jet model that produces fewer than one hundred prints per page and per sheet is not the one for you. It might take several months or years to recoup the money spent on a comparable non-bulk machine.

This small all-in-one printer/scanner will do the job well if you only print and copy a few pages in your home or family office, for example. And, since a $30 more expensive upgrade from the Pixma G60 offers an automatic document feeder, it is the best entry-level all-in-one color printer for families and small-business offices alike.

Pros & Cons

  • Solid feature set, software bundle, and paper capacity for a bulk-ink model
  • Superb print quality, especially photos
  • Auto-duplexing print engine and ADF
  • Faster than previous megatank models
  • Up to 18,000 pages worth of black ink in the box
  • Last decade’s control panel


The Pixma G70 inkjet all-in-on-one makes it possible for families and small offices to run at the lowest total cost per page and, as a result, is excellent value.

Best all in one laser printer for small business – HP officejet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Post-procbest all in one laser printer for small businessessing of the image failed likely because the server is busy or does not have enough resources.


Pros & Cons

  • Good print quality overall.
  • Competitive running costs.
  • Borderless printing.
  • 35-sheet auto-duplexing ADF.
  • Attractive, compact build.
  • Only one paper input source.

For every class of printer, there is a different type of printer. Even if it only produces lighter-than-than-air dust documents, you may need a printer that can handle high-speed printing. If you have only a few pages to send every month, a smaller machine may be preferable. Copying features are a good thing for you because you may rely on them heavily. You may not be interested in using copier features, but if you’re interested, this has them all.

If you can classify yourself as being anywhere along the scale of “creative” to “uncreative,” there’s a printer right there for you. These small price differences add up to a lot of savings over time. Especially if you make regular use of your printer.

A compact all-in-one multifunction printer designed for home and office

The officejet Pro 9015 is faithful to its name. That will be capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and, of course, printing.But while HP has had their paws tucked into their bellies, the 9015 has been optimised to make a few essential features just a bit more potent.


best all in one laser printer for small business

About two-thirds of their development efforts have been to increase the usefulness of the officepro 9015 for mobile printing. As well as producing features far ahead of their competition, Creative+ has also provided state-of-of-the-the-the-art security features, to say the least For those who are concerned about personal information, or clients’ personal information, such features can be a big deal.

These characteristics aren’t only related to the functioning of the company, though. “self-healing” Wi-Fi networks are simple to understand. Saving time and effort is a good thing and that’s exactly what the 9015 shines on: it has simple task shortcuts for savvy users to leverage It will be some time before we can deal with features like that.

Design & Layout of this best All-in-One laser Printer for small business

It is 17.28 inches long, 13.46 inches wide and 10.16 inches high. To put it another way, this machine has about the same power as others in its class. The 9015, however, is a total of 17.3 x 20.46 x 10.94 inches when fully extended. I believe it is still small enough to be a printer and will be useful in places where people’s handsets can be found.

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Even before you begin to stuff pages into it, it weighs nearly 20 pounds. After the tool has been completely loaded, the end result is quite heavy. But it’s not heavy enough to be an issue if you put it on your standard printer stand.

The total amount of paper it can hold is 9,520 sheets. The HP officejet Pro is capable of handling 250 sheets of paper. As well, the paper output grows to 140 sheets, and before the auto document feeder even gets started. This will quickly approach the 50-pound weight limit once it is loaded.

The Pro 9015 is an inkjet best All-in-One laser Printer for small business with a color touchscreen that has been made like other similar models in the industry. It’s a 2.65 “display, and to the naked eye. In previous years, you probably knew what to expect from these displays. It’s not an innovative product, but it’s nice to have your mainstays available.

Additionally, if you examine the internal structure, you will find that many of the parts are similar to older equipment. You might recall that, for instance, the memory capacity is 512MB. If there are hundreds of color or image-heavy sheets in the collection, it will hold a thousand or more. But it is nearly as common in printers in today’s markets as it was in the market 10 years ago. Even the processor and many other central components are of little interest, because there’s nothing to learn there.

Scanning, Copying, and Faxing

This is a robust scanner and copier model. But you’re already aware of this specific officejet series, correct? A prime example of this is the officejet Pro 9015, which comes equipped with automatic 2-sided scanning.

However, they are commonly scanned in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. It is so easy to use; few barriers stand in your way while you work. Also, there is substantial duplication. Want to get two sides of a piece of paper through? Duplex printing reduces the amount of time required to make many printings. What else are you going to learn about these features once you have cracked open HP’s app?

Fax memory and transmission speed are both limited at 100 pages per minute. This is pretty quick, even though the picture resolution has remained at 300 dpi for two decades. However, on the other hand, the fax functions are in the same state as those you would expect from an all-in-one printer.

Maximum output (volume) speed

22 pages per minute is the maximum print speed of the officejet Pro 9015 when printing in black and white. Overall, compared to other compact office printers, it’s just above average. What is less than one page of colour sheets every 18 sheets a minute? However, it is noteworthy that the colours follow the lead of the pace of other documents rather than anticipate it.

Additionally, the Pro 9015 is able to do duplex printing. That’s really helpful for printing on both sides of the page at once. When it comes to quality, you will notice that everything prints out at 1200 x 1200 in black and white. Swapping to a 4800 x 1200 dpi image can be done. Meaning in relation to the quality of an inkjet printer, in other words, an average match against other inkjet printers.

To keep in mind is that the machine’s duty cycle is 25,000 pages per month. If you wanted to go beyond that, you would be interested in a higher-end printer. HP doesn’t intend for people to use this machine in that manner. This printer was built for 1,500-sheet per month users. Performance-focused features serve you better if you’re doing more than that.

Ios App Store support

Today’s HP printers can be accessed via the HP Print app. It is simple to pair the Pro 9015 Wireless Printer with the mobile app and get started scanning, printing, or making use of it wirelessly. Printing from Facebook is possible because it also includes Google Drive, for example.

It is not difficult to use. If you want to make it more difficult, you go through all the configuration windows and manually configuring your print job is required. But with the recent inclusion of smart task accelerators, HP is also taking time management to a whole new level.

You can assign multiple activities to a single button by combining settings in one button.Suppose, for example, you are trying to print envelopes of an awkward size regularly and you need a lot of configuration to print them properly. The perfect setting would only require the press of a single button to process your next batch of envelopes.


Some additional considerations

With the officejet Pro 9015 printer, you can use regular paper, matte paper, photo paper, heavy paper, plus such as bond, heavy bond, and photo paper. Basically, you can fit any media you expect to use in such a printer without any problem.

Many people will appreciate the self-healing Wi-Fi feature of this printer. It basically works to solve problems before you begin to experience them by keeping a close eye on issues in your network connectivity. When it’s done, you won’t have to deal with any traffic issues.

The user guide is in the box with the officejet Pro 9015. It comes with both ink cartridges, power cord, and information about the Instant Ink programme. As expected, this printer is compatible with HP’s Instant Inky programme. It is also built to accept their instant ink cartouches, and if necessary, you can also use high-efficiency ink cartouches.

In addition, it includes a one-year HP guarantee. If you finally need technical support, HP offers online and over the phone 24/7 support. OK, that’s not too bad.



This HP best All-in-One laser Printer for small business churns out high-quality results at an economical price for offices with light-to moderate print volume.


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