Best Epson Printer For Sublimation

Have you ever been looking for a printer that can efficiently transfer heated dye onto various materials like fabric or plastic? Then what you want is a fantastic sublimation printer.

Sublimation is commonly used in making t-shirts, id cards, and photo printing. You will need the ideal type of printer to get sublimation to find the job done properly.

As is often the case, not all printers may be very suitable for sublimation work. Here is a summary of the best Epson printer for sublimation on the market.

What type of Epson printers can be used for sublimation.

A printer must have a specific sort of print head in order to be utilized for sublimation. Printers with piezo print heads will function with sublimation, whereas those with thermal print heads will not.

Heads for thermal printing

Heat is used in thermal print heads to boil ink and form an air bubble of ink vapour. This bubble is driven through the nozzle of the print head, where it explodes and exits the chamber. As the ink is placed into the paper, it cools swiftly near the end of the process. Water-based inks are used in thermal print heads to aid in the heating process. This print head is found in printers from canon and hp.

Piezo print heads

A thin coating on the head of a piezo print head is exposed to an electric charge, causing it to vibrate. This vibration signals the film to bend and flex, increasing the pressure on the nozzle, which drives the ink onto the paper. The film’s rapid vibration and flexing allow it to control the rate at which ink is pushed out more precisely. Water-based, oil-based, eco-solvent, solvent, and gel-based inks are all compatible with this type of print head. This sort of print head can be found in printers such as epson, sawgrass, and roland, and it can be utilized for sublimation.

Best Epson Printer For Sublimation

Epson t1110 (a3) sublimation printer

Best Epson Printer For SublimationFor those looking for an option that allows you to print sheets larger than a4 and legal, but still don’t have enough financial resources to buy a sublimation plotter, the epson t1110 ( stylus office ) is a great option.

Originally designed to be an office printer, with a good bulk system it can be transformed into a powerful a3 sublimation printer . The cost x benefit of this machine is very good, because with small investment you can start your business of gifts, school uniforms, t-shirts, etc.

Despite being a small printer, the t1110 takes the brunt and allows you to make several consecutive prints, stopping only to reset the bulk cartridges.

Epson t1110 printer features:

  • 4 colors (cmky);
  • Prints up to 30 pages per minute;
  • Connection via usb;
  • Maximum print size a3+ (13 inches).

As i said before, the t1110 is a printer that comes from the factory ready for office work. If you want to use it for sublimation, you will have to buy the sublimation ink kit, bulk and resin paper.

Epson wf7010 a3 for sublimation

The most traditional of these a3 sublimation printers is the epson t1110 , however there are other alternatives, such as the epson wf7010 . This machine, to be honest, is very similar to the t1110, both in price and in speed, resolution and economy.

Epson wf7010 printer features:

  • 4 colors (cmky);
  • Prints up to 30 pages per minute (not good resolution);
  • Connection via usb;
  • Epson micro piezo printing technology;
  • Maximum print size a3+ (33 x 48.3 cm).

As i said before, this printer has some advantages over the epson t1110 (eg a larger sheet tray, easier double-sided printing, etc.), but nothing significant for someone who works with sublimation. If you are going to choose between one of these two a3 sublimation printers , choose the one that is cheaper.

Best epson ecotank printer for sublimation

Best Epson Printer For Sublimation

Epson t42wd – sublimation printer

The epson t42wd ( workforce) is a small printer that is among the best for anyone starting to work with sublimation. With it you can print on a4, legal and even paper rolls, which is enough to sublimate mugs, mouse pads, slippers and make small prints on t-shirts .

Epson t42wd printer features:

  • Usb, wireless and ethernet connection;
  • 4 colors (cmky);
  • Print front and back;
  • Maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi;
  • Low power consumption;
  • 21.59 x 111 cm;
  • Micropiezo technology.

It is a very fast printer, with good resolution and great value for money. To give you an idea, it is possible to find this machine on the free market already with the bulk and 100 ml of each cmky color.

The cool thing about these small printers is that the sublimation bulk is the same as regular ink. This means that if you no longer want to print for sublimation , you can clean it up and use it as a common office printer.

Epson t33 sublimation

The epson t33  ( stylus office ) with sublimation bulk ink is a great alternative for printing those who want to sublimate cups, slippers, pillows, bags, bags, buttons, mugs, cups, and gifts in general, including t-shirts.

Epson t33 printer features:

  • Accepted paper sizes: letter; craft; a4; b5; a5; a6 folio; executive;
  • Usb connection;
  • 4 colors (cmky);
  • Print front and back;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Micropiezo technology.

According to epson, this printer prints at twice the speed of competing inkjet models and consumes 3 times less energy than laser technology. In addition, by having the 4 colors divided into different cartridges, it facilitates the installation of the sublimation bulk, which you can buy separately and install at home (which is usually cheaper than buying the printer ready for sublimation in a store).

Let’s be honest, most businesses and individuals are looking for ways to spend less on overhead. Therefore, if you are able to locate a machine, for example a printer that could perform many functions for a reasonable price, you should take this chance with both handson. That’s what this epson workforce wf-7710 provides you. It is not just a sublimation printer, but also a normal printer in addition to a document scanner.

This printer supports the use of thick sublimation ink printing material (approximately 1348 cm) and contains double-sided printing capabilities. On top of that, it uses around 80% less electricity compared to many dye-sublimation printers, has a 250-sheet tray in addition to a rear feed that could handle various types of printing jobs. Impression. Whenever you are not scanning and printing your normal office files, you are only doing a small sublimation print on the other side.


This is the type of printer you get if you need something that is an all-purpose printer that could handle your routine office printing tasks in addition to sublimation printing.

  • Uses 80% less electricity
  • It is a versatile printer that supports sublimation ink in addition to routine printing
  • Comes with an easy to use touch screen
  • Works with different printing substances

The inconvenient

  • Capsules can be very difficult to align
  • Tends to use a lot of ink on larger jobs

Epson stylus c88 best sublimation printer for small business

Best Epson Printer For SublimationGranted, the epson stylus c88+ sublimation printer was designed for average home use, but it could work for small businesses that don’t have heavy printing requirements. Having a little body, this printer has the ability to produce high heel prints in 57601440 dpi. This makes it one of the best dye sublimation printers for those who need something small and compact but strong enough to deliver high results for them.

But, it’s not just about the dimensions; this printer gives you a range of convenient features that make it a pleasure to use. It includes parallel interfaces and usb alternatives for simple connectivity. It is quite simple to configure and upgrade as needed. Moreover, it includes image editing software to work with easily and allows you to generate excellent layouts for your sublimation printing. Producing 42db(a) of noise, this printer won’t be a diversion at all.


Do you have a small home office with nominal sublimation printing requirements? Have you ever been looking for a sublimation printer that gives you excellent quality printing projects at a reasonable cost? This really is the sublimation printer for you.

  • Works well with all types of print media such as airmail journal
  • Can do a fantastic job of creating stain resistant surfaces that makes moving a breeze
  • Prints at a reasonably high speed

The inconvenient

Doesn’t work really well with cheap 3rd party ink cartridges which will make it a bit expensive to run

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 ideal for large format printing

Best Epson Printer For SublimationThis is the type of sublimation printer you want whenever you are looking to acquire larger images produced using heavy fabrics. The epson expression photo hd xp-15000 gets the power to generate stunning borderless prints that appear around 1348cm in dimension. Add to that the fact that it’s the six-color ink feature, which lets you create many more different color combinations, and you have a printer that can match your style as well as work with just about any fabric you would like to use.

When it comes to performance, this printer includes a 6cm (colour) lcd screen that has intuitive controls making it quite easy to use. Moreover, it features a simple and compact design which is quite efficient. It’s a 50-sheet chest that accommodates specialty media, including items like card stock, in addition to a wide range of borderless papers. Plus, it supports automatic two-sided printing and includes a 200-sheet single-sided.


It’s a great sublimation printer that works well with thick prints. It is user-friendly and generally very compact in addition to being efficient.


  • Includes draft style revisions for your layouts and graphics
  • It’s compact and efficient
  • Can easily handle substances around 23mm thick

The inconvenient

  • Just works with epson ink
  • The ink screen will get rather dirty

Epson workforce wf-7210 best heat transfer printer

The epson workforce wf-7210 is a sublimation printer that could handle a huge range of intermediate fabrics, such as cotton-based surfaces. This is best option for heat transfer.  It’s wi-fi direct in addition to ethernet connectivity capabilities and pairs perfectly with a huge range of cell phones and computers in the exact same network. This gives you the added benefit of being able to print directly from portable devices.

Plus, it has an auto-stop scanner that can pick up about 1143cm of scanning and paper pretty quickly. Combined with the 6cm lcd screen, this printer is simple to use and a great addition to any office environment where professional quality print jobs are a requirement.


Epson workforce wf-7210

It is a printer that works well with a wide range of intermediates. The ability to match all cellular operating systems makes it simple to use and provides an efficiency advantage that many other printers do not provide.

  • Works well with portable devices
  • Works with mobile operating systems
  • It is a 500 sheet tray with a single access exit

The inconvenient

Installer may require additional software installations

Epson surecolor t5170 best large format sublimation printer

Best Epson Printer For SublimationThe epson surecolor t5170 is a remarkably fast machine with the ability to print true a1/d size prints in just 31 minutes. With its streamlined design, this system is a fantastic addition to any office environment, leaving an extremely compact footprint, while enhancing your workspace using its own efficiency.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to use. Thanks to the 11 cm lcd color touch screen, your print jobs are now set up without too much hassle. It gives you easy connectivity via wireless direct, which means you can print from just about anywhere on the workplace network.

So far the technical capabilities go, this printer lives up to all the best of them. It has the power to support large format printing as it can use print media up to 1143cm and gives you a maximum resolution of 24001200 dpi.


This is the printer you need in your workplace if you like large-format, high-resolution prints. It’s easy to use and lets you connect to it from anywhere at work.

  • Fully capable of handling large format printing
  • Produces a maximum resolution of 24001200 dpi
  • Easy to use

Epson workforce wf-7710

The perfect body of epson’s workforce printer makes it fit for the job. You can produce borderless prints, up to 13×19 inches in size. Before it can work, you should use an intermediate fabric if you need to transfer printed art to cotton material. It has a 250-sheet tray, which means more paper can fit into the printer for larger tasks.

The intermediate fabric could be in any shape you want, as the epson printer is not material selective.

Connectivity is possible via wi-fi direct and internet functions. At the same time, supported device communication protocol connections are also useful when you want to connect printers to other devices to print things.

What’s more? Epson is an automatic duplex printer that begs a scanner to read documents in seconds, saving you time if you have a lot of tasks at hand.


  • This design consumes less energy than other similar models can consume.
  • It is not selective in printing fabric materials.

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000

Best Epson Printer For SublimationYou can get a larger image produced for large fabrics with the epson expression printer. Produces borderless prints that can be up to 13 * 19 in size.

The 6-color ink feature works with different colors to create a continuous mix of designs that can add a bright style to your fabric when used well. The 2.4 inch lcd screen allows you to manage the setup efficiently.

Unlike traditional printers that use different cables to connect, epson is a conventional model that features simple wireless printing technology to boost performance and efficiency when printing.


  • It can handle sheet metal or materials up to 23mm thick.
  • The printer footprint is small.

Buyers guide for Best Epson Printer For Sublimation

Best Epson Printer For SublimationFinding the best printer for sublimation is always an arduous task for most professionals who are dedicated to sublimation art. Doubts arise regarding manufacturers, technology, formats and sizes, among others.

How to choose the best printer for sublimation?

The market is always advancing and we cannot find a perfect printer for all types of activities allowed in sublimation. The best way, then, is to find out what customers are looking for and do your best to meet their needs. With experience, the sublimation professional will find the best method and the best printer for their job.

In sublimation you need to know what customers are looking for

Anyone who works with sublimation should first do some research to find out what customers are looking for. It’s no use having an excellent idea that is not commercially viable. Selling products that the public likes and that have competitive prices is the best way to be able to serve your customers.

Knowing what the market is looking for, it is possible to find the best sublimation printer for the job. It is this equipment that will guarantee the quality of your result. So, for example, for those who are doing mug work, a small printer meets the needs. However, if you are printing t-shirts, you will need a plotter printer with more space to create good prints. It is also necessary to analyze the public’s preference, investing in what is being sought. It’s not worth investing a lot in a high-end sublimation printer if an epson printer can solve the problem.

The most important thing is to think about the quality of the product you are manufacturing and to achieve enough profitability to always grow.

Think about sublimation results before investing in printer

To work in the sublimation market it is necessary to do a good job and obtain financial results that allow greater investment and greater diversity in your products.

If you are already working with sublimation printing , look to sell good products even if you are using a small sublimation printer . Do this until you have enough capital to invest in more modern equipment. The market is quite broad and still not so competitive, which allows for good profitability. It is important to keep in mind that, in addition to the printer itself and all the accessories needed to work with sublimation , you will also need to invest in the structure for your work . These investments could be in the installation of an air conditioning unit, in the purchase of a no-break equipment (so as not to lose services), and so on.

The advantages of the sublimation process

Sublimation is now considered a true art. Due to its versatility, it is one of the most applied forms of printing worldwide. it is becoming an important source of income for several professionals who are even setting up gift, fashion and gift supply companies.

Sublimation is a process that can be applied to the most varied surfaces, and can be used on glass, tiles, fabrics, porcelain and many others.

A good professional can develop a wide variety of products, allowing to meet all market needs.

Sublimation printing works differently from normal printing.

The sublimation printer transforms the ink into steam, which is transferred to the desired surface through pressure and heat.

In addition to the printer, paper and special ink, it is also necessary to use a heat press to have a quality final product. With an eye on this growing market, industries are constantly looking for new equipment and supplies that can handle sublimation.

Today, you can find sublimation printers more and more perfected, which makes finding the best equipment even more difficult.

Epson, for example, is one of the manufacturers of sublimation printers that has been advancing, having among its models some that are more perfected for the process, such as the epson l210 and l355 . The epson l210 already has some advanced features, with a special print head, with more pores and larger droplets, passing the ink with greater clarity and high resolution, ensuring greater productivity in sublimation.

With it, you can print more without having to clean the print head. The epson l355, on the other hand, offers larger pores, reducing the risk of clogging, while also offering higher production speed. The best thing is that both work with original, refillable ink tanks, generating ink savings and allowing faster printing in black and color.

Know the sublimation market

As you can see, what is needed is to know well not only your market and your target audience, but also to pay attention to the equipment that is being launched.

If you have entered the sublimation business, you know that you will only have advantages if you do quality work. Therefore, the important thing is to always study, research the market more and more and analyze the best printer for sublimation for your stage of development of the work.

Try to research the main manufacturers of sublimation printers , such as epson and xerox, without leaving out other brands, as many of them have good prices. In addition, also analyze the sellers. You will be able to find good prices and excellent technical assistance – which is very important for anyone who works with sublimation.

These days i got to know that has a great variety of printers for sublimation . When you do your research, go to their website and see what they can offer you. You will certainly not have any problems and will be able to advance in your activity, conquering a greater space in the market.

Epson Sublimation printer buying guide

Whether you’re new to sublimation printing or you’re a veteran of the area, there are a few frequently asked questions that can often help you make the perfect choice when it comes to buying the best sublimation printer. Here are some sublimation printer faqs that will help you explain a few things:

Which products are best for sublimation?

You can sublimate on a number of wares and materials such as cotton, wood fabric, ceramics, glass cutting boards, particular types of plastics in addition to polyester garments.

Is it better, an epson or even a sawgrass sublimation printer?

The answer to this problem is that it is different. The logic behind choosing a sublimation printer would be to find one that works for your exact needs. Although both manufacturers have a great track record of creating sublimation printers, the reality is that sawgrass sublimation printers tend to be a bit more expensive, but they are also created specifically for sublimation, which makes them gives some sort of advantage. On the industry. Epson printers are very competent and also a little more economical. So it depends on what you really want the printer to do and how much you have to spend to buy one.

Aside from a dedicated sublimation printer, what else would i want to do in the sublimation business?

Let’s start by saying that in case you want to go into the sublimation business full time, you will need an exceptional sublimation printer that could handle the quantity without running the electricity and ink bills too high. . On this list who could do just fine. Besides that, you will also need a trusted heat press, a computer or even a tablet where you can make your design, sublimation journal, glue sublimation spray, paper parchment, butcher paper and teflon sheets in addition to the cushions.

What are the best general image design apps for outstanding sublimation?

Technically speaking, you can use photoshop or corel draw, but the learning curve for this program can be frustrating and huge. The best thing about sublimation is that it doesn’t lock you into a particular layout computer software. Therefore, if you currently have a particular piece of software that you understand how to use, it’s best to stick with that one for a start. You can gradually learn to use corel draw and photoshop as you become more sophisticated in your sublimation process.


Investing in machinery that offers more guarantee in the final result of the product should always be taken into consideration. This is in line with some analyses, such as the market to be explored, the type of product you intend to sublimate and especially your budgetary conditions.

Even so, it is always important to think about growing and evolving to the best in the market. The epson models we’ve mentioned in this article are great options for those who want to focus on high-demand prints that require superior quality.

Depending on where they are purchased, the printers are sold in kits, which already have paper rolls and specific ink, all of this so you don’t make a mistake in choosing and guarantee the quality of your sublimation.

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