Best Home Printer For Occasional Use

With the abundance of printer models and brands available, selecting a home printer for occasional use can be daunting. In this digital age where paper is increasingly becoming obsolete, one must carefully consider whether they need a printer. With so many choices on the market, finding an ideal fit for those rare printing moments at home may become tricky. If you’re trying to identify the perfect printer for occasional home use and scratching your head, this article is designed just for you. We’ve done thorough research on the best home printers for rare usage so that we can help guide you toward selecting a model that fits both your budget and needs.

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use:

1. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer:

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use

The Brother HL-L2350DW is a masterpiece when it comes to building quality. Its entire body may be composed of plastic, but the material used for its construction is reliable and robust, making for an extremely durable device.

Notably, the design allows users quick access to toner and drum units while providing simple back panel openings, which make clearing paper jams hassle-free – further details that deserve commendation.

With the Brother, HL-L2350DW comes a single-line monochrome LCD and highly restricted viewing angles. To make up for it, the physical buttons on its control panel are larger than usual, making them simpler to press. Moreover, this printer utilizes TN730 black cartridges, which offer long-term shelf life due to their toner-based printing system – thus, you can use your printer without worrying, even if it is rarely used.

The Brother HL-L2350DW fits the standard of most printers but with a few extra features. It offers wifi connectivity and support for wifi Direct and USB cable connections. To simplify management even more, your device is compatible with Brother’s iPrint & Scan app, which can be used on Android and iOS devices, allowing you to print wirelessly while keeping track of necessary firmware changes.

While the initial setup process is a bit tedious, requiring you to enter your wifi credentials on the limited one-line monochrome LCD, it’s certainly worth doing as this only needs to be done once.

The Brother HL-L2350DW is a cost-effective printer that delivers incredible value for each print due to its high page yield. Plus, it’s a laser printer that offers increased speed compared to other types – reaching up to 33 PPM, whereas most inkjets can only reach 15 PPM. When you need clear and crisp text, the Brother HL-L2350DW will not disappoint.

The Brother HL-L2350DW tiny monochrome laser printer is one of the most sought-after printers for occasional home use and shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting a printer. Its cutting-edge technology makes this model an ideal choice, as its popularity online attests.

  • Affordable
  • Decent cost-per-print value
  • Compact
  • Excellent black page yield
  • Excellent printing speed
  • Best laser printer
  • Lacks Ethernet port
  • Can’t print in color

2. HP DeskJet 3755:

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use

The HP DeskJet 3755 is a small device and weighs only 2.4 kg. Not only does this printer offer superior build quality for its price point, but it also comes in bright colors that give off an interesting vibe. Additionally, the monochrome display further adds to its charm. Despite some minor design flaws here and there, I highly recommend this printer if you’re searching for one with occasional use under $100.

The HP DeskJet 3755 is not designed for more consistent printing due to its two black and multicolored cartridges that are included with the printer’s lower page yield. This makes them costlier in the long run. Nevertheless, if you only need it occasionally, this product should suffice for your needs.

The HP DeskJet 3755 offers many connectivity options, including wifi and wifi Direct. Unfortunately, Ethernet or Bluetooth features are not included in this device. If you’re worried about its cloud compatibility – don’t be. It is compatible with some of the most widely used cloud services, such as Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service. You can use the HP Smart App to manage your printer from afar by scanning or printing directly from your mobile phone, whether it runs on Android or iOS platforms.

Setting up this printer is simple despite the absence of a screen that can display text and other instructions. All you have to do is power on the device and place the starter cartridges in their respective slots – no additional equipment is required. This printer offers astounding printing efficiency, remarkable print speeds, excellent-quality prints, and reliable scanners.

The HP DeskJet 3755’s cartridge system proves to be less than ideal, meaning that you will pay a higher cost for each printed page. Thus, this printer is not recommended for those requiring frequent multiple prints. In addition to its high operating costs, the 3755 is an inkjet model; it cannot print as quickly as laser printers. To provide some perspective on speed: text-only documents can be printed at five pages per minute (PPM), while colored images are limited to 3 PPM.

Regarding print quality, the DeskJet 3755 infrequent printing machine excels in photo printing. It features abundant details and accurate colors in its prints. However, this printer’s scanner is limited, with a resolution of merely 600 DPI, further lacking an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or duplexing capabilities.

The HP DeskJet 3755 is the pinnacle of low-cost inkjet printers. It offers all of the features one would expect from an inkjet printer; however, if you only plan to use it occasionally, then make sure to take test prints regularly; due to its design as an inkjet printer, the nozzle can easily become clogged with dried up ink.

The HP inkjet printer may have a sheetfed scanner. However, the lack of an auto document feeder is noticeable. Additionally, this model requires frequent cartridge replacements, which can be costly over time if you plan to print regularly in large quantities – making it less than ideal for those with high-volume printing needs.

  • Sheetfed scanner
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compact
  • Decent photo printing quality
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Cheap printer
  • Low printing speeds
  • No duplexing

3. Lexmark MC3224dwe:

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use

the Lexmark MC3224dwe is constructed with sturdy black and white plastic for long-lasting quality. This printer offers convenient scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities by incorporating an efficient scanner atop the unit.

Although small, the Lexmark MC3224dwe printer has a substantial weight of 40 pounds. Its 2.8-inch color touchscreen display is designed for easy navigation and contains several icons allowing you to perform various functions without hassle. Additionally, it features a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection, USB 2.0 PC connection, and wifi 802 11b/g/n with Direct wifi support – making networking simple. The Lexmark MC3224dwe is the perfect solution for your cloud printing needs. You can easily assign print jobs remotely by supporting Apple AirPrint, Mopria Picture Printing Service, and Lexmark’s Mobile Print and Cloud Connector apps (available on both iOS and Android). Additionally, installation of this device is straightforward — most steps are self-explanatory due to its intuitive onscreen tutorial. With such a high level of functionality, one cannot go wrong when choosing the MC3224dwe.

The Lexmark MC3224dwe can produce 24 single-sided pages and 18 double-sided (duplex) per minute in both color and black and white. Unfortunately, the printer’s toner cartridges have a relatively low page yield compared to similar models, making it an unfavorable choice for frequent print users. However, this may be your best bet if you’re only looking for something that prints occasionally.

The Lexmark MC3224dwe is an excellent choice if you are looking for a color laser printer with all-in-one features. Its print quality and connectivity make it stand out from the crowd, while its affordability makes it attractive to casual users or those without frequent printing. Black and white pages filled with text look great; even colorful shots had amazing detail. However, since this is a laser printer, one should not expect top-notch photo prints – but that’s hardly ever an issue.

  • Excellent connectivity
  • Decent printing quality
  • Best for occasional use
  • More paper capacity
  • It can be costly in the long run
  • Low page yield

4. HP OfficeJet 3830:

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use

Despite being constructed entirely of plastic, the quality is superb. It doesn’t feel weak or cheaply made in any way. The added flatbed scanner gives the device an extra edge, allowing it to scan and duplicate content directly from its platform for convenience.

The HP OfficeJet 3830 has a 2.2-inch monochrome display that’s touch-enabled, so you can interact with it like a smartphone. And the best part? With an HP Quick Ink membership, your printing costs are drastically reduced over time – no more worrying about how much ink is being used; just print as much as you’d like and let HP take care of the rest. To sweeten the deal even further, they offer a free Instant Ink subscription for three months when signing up – after that period ends, payments will be based on your usage rate.

This device is equipped with wifi and a USB 2.0 port but only functions in the 2.4GHz band – so make sure your router uses this same frequency before purchasing. Unfortunately for some, there’s no ethernet port included; however, you’ll be pleased to know that set up takes minimal time thanks to its built-in monochrome touchscreen display of 2.2″. To switch it on, simply remove all covers from the machine and plug the power cord into the printer and wall outlet, respectively – press the power button sensationally afterward and let an illuminated display signal successful activation.

To get started, choose your language and region. Then link the device to a wifi network after placing it in the cartridges. It’s as easy as that. If you’re unsure how to set up a wifi connection, just follow along onscreen or peruse through the manual for help. Now you can begin printing worry free.

  • Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Decent print quality
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Printing costs are high
  • No ADF

5. Epson EcoTank ET-4760:

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use

At first sight, this ink tank printer appears well-manufactured. Both the exterior and interior are crafted with sturdy plastic that will last you a long time. Even though it looks compact, holding it in your hands will reveal its true weight of 15.9 lbs – very impressive for such a small device.

The onboard display of the ET-4760 printer allows for smooth navigation across its various features. With a 2.3″ touchscreen and two tactile buttons on the panel, you can enjoy an adjustable viewing angle when navigating your way through settings and functions. However, visibility from side angles is not great, while touches don’t register as quickly or sensitively as one may prefer; moreover, there’s some delay when using the device overall.

The revolutionary cartridge system with supertankers on the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is second to none. This printer utilizes four convenient high-capacity ink tanks instead of cartridges, which grants it an unfathomable amount of pages before needing a refill. Furthermore, because ink tanks are utilized rather than cartridges, this incredible machine has the potential to be left idle for long periods without the ink drying up – making it ideal for infrequent printing.

Boasting wifi with Direct functionality and an Ethernet port, the EcoTank 4760 offers stellar connectivity. As a bonus feature, it also supports cloud services like Mopria’s print service and Apple AirPrint – something not too common in printers these days. Additionally, users have access to Epson iPrint on iOS and Android devices which can be used to customize printer settings and print documents from their phone or tablet.

The setup process is quite simple, with easy-to-follow onscreen instructions. You’ll quickly be able to navigate through the printer’s many sections and features. Despite a slight lag that needs attention, this device provides an excellent cost per print value due to its four supertankers – so you can get plenty of prints before refilling them. Regarding printing speeds, it performed admirably at 15 pages/minute in black & white mode and 7 PPM for color sheets.

The Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is capable of producing prints with sharp details. However, colors appear somewhat washed out. If you’re looking for precise color reproduction in your work, this printer cannot deliver that kind of performance. In regards to scanning capabilities, the device has an 8.5′′ x 11′′ flatbed scanner as well as an automatic document feeder; unfortunately, it does lack duplex scanning support but scans speeds are perfectly adequate for most users’ needs and purposes.

  • Economical – less printing costs
  • Decent print speeds
  • Massive connectivity
  • Great details in the prints
  • Color accuracy could have been better
  • Heavier

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Home Printer for Occasional Use:

Choosing the optimal home printer for occasional use can be daunting, with so many options now available. However, if you understand which features to review before buying, it becomes much simpler. This section will cover the essential elements that should be studied when selecting the best home printer for occasional usage.

Print Quality:

One of the most important qualities to consider when selecting a printer is its print quality. The resolution is measured in dots per inch (DPI); a greater amount of DPI will indicate higher picture clarity. To get vivid prints with remarkable detail, make sure that you pick a printer that has 600 or more DPI — this way, your images, and graphics turn out perfectly.

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use .,


Another essential determining factor is the printer’s print speed, especially if you must quickly turn out a large volume of printed documents. Regarding the speed of printing, pages per minute (PPM) is used as a measure. The higher the PPM rate, the faster and more productive your printer will be. If you want to print large quantities regularly, make sure that you choose one with an impressive PPM rating.


When selecting a printer for only occasional use, you should be sure to examine its networking possibilities. Most modern printers allow printing wirelessly from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone using wifi or Bluetooth connectivity; thus, it’s important to consider this factor before purchasing.

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use .,


The cost of purchasing a printer is likely at the forefront of your mind. While plenty of inexpensive printers are available, it’s vital to remember that their price often reflects what features and capabilities they offer. Always compare the overall value against its costs before finalizing your purchasing decision.

Best Home Printer For Occasional Use .,

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What is the best home printer for occasional use?

The best home printer for occasional use is the HP DeskJet 3755. It features a sheetfed scanner, wireless connectivity, compact design, and good print quality, all at an affordable price. It is also a great choice for those who need to print occasionally in large quantities due to its impressive page yield and decent printing speeds.

What should I look for when choosing a printer for occasional use?

When selecting a home printer for occasional use, review its print quality (measured in DPI), speed (measured in PPM), networking capabilities, and overall cost. Additionally, consider the printer’s page yield and its ability to easily handle larger printing jobs. You can find the best printer for your needs by comparing all of these key elements.

What is the difference between duplexing and ADF functionality?

Duplexing refers to a printer’s ability to print on both sides of a page without manually turning it over. ADF (or Automatic Document Feeder) functionality is a printer’s ability to automatically feed multiple pages into a scanner or copier without manually placing each page on the scanner bed. Both features can be useful for those who occasionally print large volumes of documents.


Selecting the right home printer for occasional use requires some research and comparison shopping to ensure you get the best value for your money. Consider the printer’s print quality, speed, connectivity options, and cost when purchasing. Additionally, be sure to consider its page yield and duplexing or ADF capabilities if you need to print large volumes regularly. With careful consideration, you can find the perfect printer for your needs.

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