Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

A dependable and productive printer is essential in this modern, speed-driven society. However, suppose you need to print diverse papers frequently, such as envelopes or glossy paper. In that case, the one-tray limitation can be an arduous task that will consume more valuable time than expected. A printer with two paper trays is an amazing tool that will make your printing operations faster and more convenient. You can load multiple kinds of papers in different sizes simultaneously, saving you time and effort. This post will examine the key features and advantages of multi-tray printers and review some of the market’s best options.

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays:

1. Brother HL-L6200D:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

This printer is the perfect choice for small businesses and large households due to its amazing speed of 48 pages per minute and its paper tray that can hold up to 520 sheets of regular paper. Printing black-and-white documents in an instant has never been easier.

The Brother HL-L6200DWT Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is an amazing printer to have. Its wireless capabilities allow you to connect it anywhere in your house or workplace. Its auto-duplexing feature allows you to print on both sides of the page, helping you save paper and money. What’s more, this machine comes with two trays that each hold letter sizes papers so that if one runs out of supplies, then simply switches over effortlessly. Although this feature had one significant drawback: I needed to cycle through all of my current printouts from standard desktop printers and copiers at work. When printing large batches of documents, I realized how essential it was to turn on the “Auto Continuous” setting on our PC so as not to cause any further damage. Fortunately, they provided a simple way within their menu system without overloading us with various selections.

  • Low-cost operation.
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and WiFi Direct are all options.
  • Cloud and Mobile printing supports make it perfect.
  • Although quick for the price, it is slow compared to the engine’s rated speed.

2. Xerox VersaLink C400/DN:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

The Xerox VersaLink C400 printer is the perfect choice for any office that needs to keep up with an ever-growing workload. This laser device can print 36 pages per minute, making tasks much easier and more efficient. It also comes with two trays, so you always have many documents on hand when needed. Its automatic duplexing technology at 24 ppm ensures your projects are done quickly.

No matter the size or quantity of sheets, printing can be tedious. But with the 150-sheet bypass tray, you’ll never have to worry about being unprepared again. Load as many pages prior and start your work without hesitation – this equipment will ensure that all your documents are ready quickly.

  • There are numerous mobile connectivity features available, including NFC.
  • The print quality is excellent.
  • Relatively Large

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

For those searching for a reliable yet affordable all-in-one printer, the HP Officejet Pro 7740 is your perfect match. It reproduces vivid colors efficiently and quickly at up to 30 pages per minute (ppm) and provides professional finishing options on 11 x 17 inch (A3) documents. Get ready to experience exceptional value with this powerhouse of a printer.

The auto-duplexer feature of the Mac printing machine is an excellent solution for students who need to print on A3 paper. It saves precious time and resources by quickly and efficiently printing double-sided pages. Not only this, but you can easily achieve exclusive borderless images up to 8.5 x 11 inches. The link may be a bit pricey; however, I have used it without issue just a few times already.

Therefore, ease of use and quality are both critical factors. I suggest stocking up on 952XL and 53XL cartridges since you’ll need them for an extended time because of your large size needs (the XL versions contain more ink).

  • The printing speed is really fast.
  • It has a very low price.
  • The quality is very excellent.
  • Large and weighty for its size.

4. Canon TR7020:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

The Canon TR7020 is an all-in-one, wireless color inkjet printer that’s multifunctional and space-saving. With two trays – each holding up to one hundred sheets of paper – and a 35-sheet automated document feeder for faster scanning and copying, this printer offers reliable performance no matter the task. Plus, its auto-duplex feature lets you print on both sides.

Take advantage of this printer’s excellent print quality, with bright and genuine black colors that improve when using higher-grade paper. While the printing speed may be slower than other home printers, it is still satisfactory for many tasks. Unfortunately, you must use Canon-certified inks, which are expensive, thus making the cost of printing on this printer relatively high compared to others.

This printer is equipped with a variety of connectivity options. Not only is it compatible with WiFi 5.0 and capable of wireless printing through WiFi-Direct, but you can also utilize the Canon Print app on your smartphone to edit photos and documents before printing them out. Additionally, this device has multiple cloud service integrations such as AirPrint, Google Drive, and Dropbox, plus Mopria certification for even more convenience.

Canon’s tech support may not meet your needs if you’re a busy printer; this gadget often jams with high-frequency use. However, look no further for those who don’t require much printing and are searching for an affordable Canon brand product. This is easily one of the best options under $200. Additionally, scan quality from this machine will surely exceed expectations – though getting it to work without employing their proprietary software can be tricky at times.

  • Large-size automatic document feeder.
  • The connectivity offered is good.
  • Two-tray system.
  • Tech support is not ideal.

5. Kyocera ECOSYS M2635dw:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

The XF 250 is specifically created to produce prints of the highest caliber with every attempt. It can churn out 37 A4 pages in color and black & white each minute, meeting all your printing requirements. You’ll be amazed by its output quality with 600 x 600 dpi resolution on both sides. On top of that, it also comes equipped with two trays for a more efficient paper-handling experience.

With scanning features, consumers will have much less work to complete as opposed to employing alternative options such as scan-to-email or USB drives. Furthermore, data transfers are always guaranteed secure with encryption algorithms that protect your data while guaranteeing a safe delivery.

Kyocera’s ECOSYS technology can provide professionals with more efficient productivity and decreased energy costs. It is time to stop relying on inefficient practices, as working smarter rather than harder is important. Kyocera acknowledges that you don’t have to compromise the economy for quality- they are invested in creating long-lasting products while also decreasing 85% of TEC values, resulting in a perfect balance between cutting efficiency expenditures and preserving electricity.

  • Multifunctional – All options available
  • Print Fast and Good Quality
  • NFC option not available

6. ImageCLASS MF445dw:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

Canon’s black-and-white laser printer is a reliable all-in-one, offering printing, scanning, and copying capabilities. This versatile device yields impressive text with black ink at speeds of up to 40 ppm – making it perfect for any imaging needs. Furthermore, the machine features two 250-sheet paper cassettes alongside an arrayed 100-sheet multipurpose tray – offering plenty of storage space and swift page-flipping capabilities.

In only 5 seconds, the MF445dw printer can produce a printout in size 8 1/2 x 14. This printer is perfect for anyone who wants to conveniently print their documents from a smartphone or tablet. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of paper thanks to its extended capacity, which can hold up to 910 pages – so reliable and easy to use with just one cable connection via USB port plus selecting the type of document that needs printing; how much easier could it be?

Don’t forget to consider other choices, such as AirPrint. Even if your printer currently isn’t compatible, don’t despair. We offer coverage for Apple’s unique protocol too.

  • It’s a small space.
  • ADF with a single pass.
  • Quick output.
  • The quality of the photo produced might be improved.

7. Epson Workforce Pro WF-4830:

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

Epson’s All-in-One WorkForce Pro WF-4830 Inkjet Printer brings professional quality to your business, printing up to 37 pages per minute. It is easy for our less tech-savvy, as it includes an intuitive software interface that guides you through updates and new features without hassle. This ink printer also connects wirelessly and arrives with two trays, so you can start working immediately.

The WorkForce Pro WF-4830 All-in-One Inkjet Printer is optimal and efficient for heavy printing use. Its user-friendly setup and intuitive software are seamlessly navigated through the touchscreen, allowing all essential functions to be easily accessed. Additionally endowed with two 250-sheet input trays and a 500-page capacity total that can even handle legal size documents up to 8.5 x 14′’ in length – this printer will surely exceed your expectations.

  • Support for a wide range of mobile devices
  • Support for USB thumb drives
  • The page cost is slightly high.

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Best Printers with Two Paper Trays: Main Features to Consider.

Printers with two paper trays are designed to make printing simpler, faster, and more efficient. By loading different types and sizes of paper into the two trays simultaneously, you can avoid having to swap out papers often – saving yourself time, energy, and hassle. With such a vast number of choices available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs.

Types of Paper Trays Available:

Considering the paper trays available when selecting a printer featuring two is important. While certain models feature comparable twin trays, others provide one regular tray in addition to a specific one, such as for photo printing. Depending on your requirements, you could opt for an appliance with two alike or even a single standard plus specialty tray suitable for different types of documents.

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

Paper Capacity and Size:

When selecting a printer, you should also factor in the paper capacity and size that it can handle. Many printers have up to 500 sheet storage capabilities, while others may only support 250 sheets of paper. Moreover, the tray’s size is important as larger trays enable users to utilize bigger sizes like legal or tabloid papers.

Automatic Duplex Printing:

Automatic duplex printing offers many benefits, from saving time and money to reducing paper waste. If you’re looking for a printer with two paper trays, look out for this feature, as it could make all the difference. With automatic duplex printing, there’s no need to manually flip over each page – simply place your desired document into one tray and let the machine do its work.

Wireless Connectivity Options:

You can print from your computer, smartphone, or tablet without cords by connecting your printer to wireless options, such as WiFi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth. Some printers also offer mobile printing with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, which enable direct printing from a single device. And for added convenience, all these features come with two paper trays in most modern printers.

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

Print Speed and Resolution:

Speed and resolution are pivotal, particularly if you need to print large volumes of documents or high-resolution photographs. Print quality is measured in dots per inch (dpi), while the printing rate is calculated in pages per minute (ppm). A higher printing velocity and greater dpi can guarantee that your documents and photos will be printed quickly and precisely.

User-Friendly Interface and Software Compatibility:

After that, look at the printer’s user-friendly interface and software compatibility. Its intuitive design guarantees ease of use, so your time won’t be wasted on troubleshooting problems. Additionally, check if it is compatible with popular applications – connecting effortlessly with them will make utilizing your printer effortless.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Printer with Two Paper Trays.

Are you in the market for a printer with dual paper trays? If so, here are some factors to consider before completing your purchase. When deciding on the top printer for your home or office with two paper trays, you must consider several factors, including a budget, the amount of printing you do, and the types of paper used.

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays


Before you set out to buy a printer with two paper trays, consider your budget. Prices of printers can range from an affordable few hundred dollars to an extravagant one thousand or higher. You must know how much money you intend to spend before starting your search, as this will guide and protect you from breaking the bank on something unnecessary.

Printing Quantity:

Suppose your printing needs are relatively minimal and only require a few documents each week. In that case, there’s no point in investing in a model with incredible print speed or paper capacity. On the contrary, for large-scale projects that demand frequent outputting of photographs and other documents on an ongoing basis, it would make sense to get yourself something efficient with speedy print speeds and greater paper capacities – to avoid having to reload papers often mid-printing process.

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

Types of Paper:

When deciding on a printer that features multiple paper trays, consider the kinds of media you will be printing with. If envelopes, thick cardstock, or other specialty papers are part of your repertoire, pick a model equipped with an assigned tray to hold these materials. Verify that it can also manage the paper size needed, be it standard letter-sized sheets or larger sizes like legal and tabloid pages too.

Alternatives for Connectivity:

Be sure to examine the wireless connectivity options with a printer, such as WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. Also, consider if it supports mobile printing features like AirPrint and Google Cloud Print; these allow you to quickly print directly from any portable device. You should also see if the printer contains two paper trays – this can be invaluable in allowing more efficient use of time when dealing with large volumes of prints.

Best Printer With Two Paper Trays

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What is a printer with two paper trays?

A two-tray printer allows you to move rapidly between paper types and sizes without manually refilling the tray. The dual trays offer more convenience, so you don’t have to worry about running out of a certain type or size of paper when printing your documents.

What are the benefits of having a printer with two paper trays?

A printer with dual paper trays is incredibly convenient, allowing you to quickly transition between different types and sizes of paper without any manual loading. This can save time while avoiding errors or backlogs that could occur if the tray had to be manually reloaded each time.

Can I use both paper trays at the same time?

The capability of utilizing both paper trays simultaneously is dependent on the printer. Peruse your printer’s user manual or specifications to determine if it allows such use. If not, you’ll need to manually switch between them instead.

Are printers with two paper trays more expensive than one paper tray?

Absolutely. Although printers with double trays often cost more than those that don’t, the price difference may not be considerable – but the added benefit and productivity you get from having two paper trays could make spending a bit extra worthwhile.

Do I need a printer with two paper trays for home use?

The type of printer you should invest in depends on your own needs. If all you do is print the occasional document or use standard letter-size paper, then a single-tray printer should be sufficient. However, if printing large volumes often requires specialty papers and sizes, two trays will be handy for added convenience. Investing in such a machine can save time and money as it ensures everything runs smoothly without hiccups.

How do I maintain and clean my printer with two paper trays?

To maintain optimal performance and keep your printer running smoothly, cleaning the entire machine regularly is essential. Additionally, both one-tray or two-tray printers need their ink, or toner cartridges replaced periodically according to manufacturer instructions; likewise, ensure you routinely wipe out each paper tray as dust and debris build up over time can lead to jams and malfunctioning.


A printer with two paper trays can offer great convenience and time-saving benefits. When looking for the right device, consider its user interface, software compatibility, and printing capabilities. Additionally, be sure to consider the amount of desk space available to properly fit the machine. Ultimately, two-tray printers are often more expensive but can be worthwhile due to their added convenience and productivity benefits. Regularly clean and maintain your printer to keep it running efficiently.

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