Best shirts for sublimation printing – Guide

How crucial is it that the garments are fashionable, attractive, and unique? Sublimation may transform a plain white T-shirt into a true work of art or an effective advertisement; all you have to do is pick the correct design! True, there are some restrictions to this procedure; for example, a pleasant and functional cotton T-shirt is not ideal for this way of picture application. However, there are two-layer variants with a synthetic exterior and cotton interior. The item will be both comfortable to wear and excellent for sublimation in this situation!  let’s find out What factors should you consider while selecting  best shirts for sublimation printing?

T-shirt with an image – chic, trendy, and lovely.

What can sublimation be used for on clothing? Yes, whatever you want! If you want to give a T-shirt as a gift to someone, it can be a family photo or a portrait of a loved one. In addition, many businesses give their personnel with a unique corporate uniform that includes the company emblem. An item with the image of your favorite cartoon character, on the other hand, is great for a children’s gift! There are no requirements in this regard; it is entirely up to the individual.

The following are the most important factors to consider while selecting Best Shirts for sublimation:

Clothing should, of course, be comfortable, useful, and attractive. However, while selecting a product for printing, a lot of factors must be considered; otherwise, the quality of the printed image will suffer.

density. The metric for this attribute is grams per square metre. Much depends on the purpose of the clothing; for example, if we’re talking about an advertising campaign and the product will only be used once, you may go with cheaper solutions with a density of around 120 g/m2, while denser products (150-180 g/m2) are better for everyday use.

sort of fabric Things made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are best for sublimation; otherwise, the image will disappear after the first wash. However, there are certain distinctions; for example, 100 percent polyester is smooth, and sublimation paper traces may remain on such a fabric. However, if the fabric contains cotton, fine hairiness can cause slight blurring of the pattern, which is not obvious. Double-layered goods are of higher quality. The exterior side is made of synthetic material, while the inner side is made of cotton. As a result, the product will be pleasant to the touch, comfortable to wear, and the pattern will last for a long time;

color. Printing works best on light-colored garments. The  colors will be juicy, vibrant, and the image will be contrasting and expressive on a white cloth, thus the usage of white blanks is the most relevant.

Only dependable providers should be picked if you want the picture to be long-lasting and of good quality, and the T-shirt itself to have outstanding performance features – it doesn’t shed, isn’t frightened of stretching, and isn’t afraid of exposure to various external elements.


best shirts for sublimation

Those interested in learning how to make sublimation on a T-shirt should be aware of not only the technology’s essence, but also its benefits and drawbacks.

Customers and contractors favor this strategy because of the following benefits:

  1. The image’s ability to withstand washing and fading.
  2. Obtaining photos with intricate graphics, as well as photographic print quality.
  3. Because there are no harmful solutions used, the procedure is more environmentally friendly than silk-screen printing.
  4. Large and little runs are both possible.
  5. The wholesale order’s cost is reasonable.

The following are some of sublimation’s drawbacks that have no impact on its popularity:

  1. Because sublimation printers are slower than inkjet printers, it takes a long time to sublimate a T-shirt.
  2. Due to the evaporation of ink, there is an unpleasant odor, which necessitates the use of a hood.
  3. If necessary, use solely light-colored T-shirts to achieve a contrasting pattern.
  4. Restrictions on the type of material that can be used in items that are intended for use.
  5. The relatively high cost of sublimation consumables.

WHAT are the best shirts for sublimation?

Sublimation on a T-shirt made of synthetic fabrics will be of the best quality, as we’ve already stated. However, there are a few other characteristics that printed items should have:

  1. It’s best if they’re unpainted, such as white. Sublimation printing is, of course, feasible on both black and color products. However, because the dye penetrates the fibers throughout the process, the fabric’s inherent dyes may interfere with the image’s fixing. Furthermore, the print on a white background appears more contrasted and vivid.
  2. A two-layer T-shirt with a natural inner layer and a thin outer layer made of synthetics is ideal for application. These goods blend the greatest features of both materials.
  3. The fabric’s surface should be smooth, not puffy. The image will be more securely fixed in this situation.
  4. Sublimation t-shirt sizes are only significant when a certain print format is required.

Polyester is the best fabric for sublimation. let’s find out it benefits and drawbacks

The advantages and disadvantages of polyester fabric for sublimation

When selecting polyester-based items, keep in mind its benefits and drawbacks. Soft toys, a range of apparel, insulation, and bed linen are all made from this material. Such products should not be washed in water that is hotter than 40 degrees Celsius because distortion may occur.

Polyester is used in the composition of numerous fabrics to give them strength. They become more wear-resistant, retain their  color, and are less expensive as a result of this. Artificial fabrics should not be bleached. It is preferable to use an anti-static agent when washing in water so that the dress or blouse does not adhere to the body.


Products manufactured of this material are simple to maintain. They’re machine washable, quick to dry, and don’t need to be ironed. Bright  colors do not fade in the sun, and clothing retains its original appearance for an extended period of time. Wardrobe components appear to be constructed of natural materials.

Advantages in terms of material:

  • strength;
  • resistance to wear;
  • ease;
  • When worn, it does not deform;
  • resistance to heat;
  • does not soak up water;
  • resistance to pollution


Polyester on the inside Wearing such clothing in hot temperatures can be uncomfortable. Because of the material’s great density, this is the case. It is preferable to choose models with a synthetic composition of up to 50%. Choose loose-fitting choices without sleeves if you want to feel fantastic in polyester. Although the material’s toxicity has not been confirmed, you should not wander about in such clothing all day.  When printing on STRETCH T-shirts, the pattern is not contoured by pressing the transfer.

Eurzom 2 Pieces Sublimation Blank T-Shirt

  1. There aren’t any transfer lines!
  2. The most vibrant printing available! Use stretch T-shirts if you want the most vivid picture possible. There are no white threads, hairs, or spaces.  The deepest black is black.
  3. Small details are drawn in a very distinct manner. The fabric has a delicate structure, similar to that of photographic paper.  As a result, all of the image’s minor features are printed as clearly as possible.
  4. When printed, the t-shirt does not become yellow! The fabric used to sew sublimation stretch T-shirts is precisely designed for thermal transfer, so it does not become yellow during printing and stays completely white in the heat press region.  The drawing is the only thing that has been transferred!
  5. The t-shirt is not rolled up! Pellets do not form on the surface of the T-shirt after frequent use.  A unique selection of threads for knitted fabric ensures this.
  6. There are no leads! Because the fabric is suited to external stimuli, there are no hooks on the surface of the T-shirts.
  7. This T-shirt isn’t even warm! Use Lycra stretch sublimation T-shirts if you require a T-shirt for hot conditions. The fabric is aired easily, making it highly comfortable in hot weather, as well as being light, breathable, and pleasing to the touch.
  8. There isn’t any of that dreaded polyester sheen! The fabric has a cotton-like texture.  Jersey is a type of knit fabric.  Matte finish.  Tactile, the T-shirt appears to be made of cotton.
  9. Unlike cotton items, dirt is easily rinsed away. After washing, it remains completely white, with the pattern remaining as bright as possible.
  10. It’s very relaxing! This T-shirt can be worn just like any other piece of clothes. This isn’t simply a one-time usage t-shirt; it’s clothing for everyday use.  It’s a pleasant place to be in.

Sublivie Men’s Unisex 100% Polyester Crew Neck Short Sleeve Sublimation T-Shirt

  1. Evolution melange t-shirts are known for their resistance to snagging and rolling.
  2. There is no trademark polyester sheen when transferring the pattern to the product; the cloth is matte.
  3. T-shirts for sublimation Evolution that are comfortable to wear, thin, and gentle to the touch.
  4. The pattern is precisely transferred to the cloth and can be washed multiple times.
  5. When transferring a pattern, the heat press plate leaves no glossy or yellow trace on the product, and there is no contour from the transfer.
  6. The pattern does not fade after washing.
  7. The goods does not shrink after washing.

Neupy 4 Pieces Sublimation Blank White T-Shirt Polyester Blank

  1. The softness and breathability features of the polyester-microfiber knitted fabric are provided by the use of the finest polyester fibres.
  2. Repeated washings do not deform the products.
  3. Polyester has the capacity to transfer a photo or sketch to a product precisely.
  4. The delicate structure of the canvas allows for a very vibrant pattern transfer with rich hues.
  5. Because the cloth fibres are stained, the printed pattern is not felt to the touch, but it is exceptionally resistant to repeated washings.
  6. Temperature range: 180-210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. The softness and breathable features of the product are provided by the comfort polyester knit fabric, which is woven from the finest polyester fibres.
  8. An inlay runs along the edge of the short sleeve round collar.
  9. Repeated washings do not deform the products.
  10. Inlay on the collar.
  11. Shoulder seams are reinforced.
  12. Everywhere there is double stitching.
  13. White items are bleached again.
  14. Tight knit is perfect for adding  color pictures with a lot of detail.
  15. We use a specific knitted fabric with an interlock weave in the creation of sublimation T-shirts.
  16. The knitted fabric has a density of 150 g/m2 and is quite pleasant to wear, especially in the summer.
  17. Polyester has the capacity to transfer a photo or sketch to a product precisely.
  18. The delicate structure of the canvas allows for a very vibrant pattern transfer with rich hues.
  19. To the touch, the printed design is not discernible.


We hope that after reading this, you have a better grasp of best shirts for sublimation. You know that cotton isn’t your friend when it comes to this technique, but polyester is your perfect pick.

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