Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720

Using the most suitable and best sublimation paper in sublimation printing is an important factor to achieve a higher quality product. As a result, the professional who works with sublimation should seek all possible information about the sublimation process and the paper that should be used.

One of the most common facts is to confuse sublimation paper with transfer paper, or even find people who say they get results as good as any other using ordinary sulfite paper.

For those who work with sublimation or even for those who are looking to enter this field of activities, it is essential to always seek improvement in the results of their work.  using the correct materials, mainly choosing the most suitable sublimation paper for Dark Shirts and Epson 2720 printer. Since the market is full of wide variety of papers are available, each with a specific quality, format and weight.

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720 Printer

Specifically for sublimation jobs, the market offers two types of paper, which offer very satisfactory results, as long as the professional takes into account the type of product he is going to customize.

It should be noted that the sublimation process does not offer a ready-made recipe, as in cooking, but rather a direction, with a method that must always be perfected by the professional.

Let’s also remember that sublimation does not depend only on the paper, but also on the printer, the sublimation ink used, the paper, the press ends (flat or cylindrical), the temperature and the pressing time.

What is the best paper for sublimation?

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720

It is quite common for those who are starting the customization work with Sublimation and even those who are already working, but who always seek to optimize and improve their results, doubts about what type of paper is recommended and used in the sublimation process, since the market offers a wide range of qualities, formats and weights.

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation  paper  is often criticized for, in some cases, accumulating ink on its resin surface depending on the image and the way of printing performed. Sublimation paper with blue back is the best alternative in the domestic market when it comes to sublimation with excellent quality. This is because one of its sides (white side) is 100% resinous and specific for sublimation work, where it has excellent resistance to ink absorption, which makes the transfer of ink from the paper to the sublimable product faster and with much more quality.

One of the most important points in the use of sublimation paper is attention with its storage, because in times of rain when there is high humidity in the air, this type of paper tends to bend, which ends up causing trouble when printing. That’s why we recommend that those who work with sublimation have a light chamber to store not only the Sublimation Paper, but also other papers that you may use in your daily life. With the light on inside the chamber, it ensures that the original moisture of the paper is maintained, with these care it maintains its original properties and provides the best print and transfer quality.

Without a doubt, Sublimation Paper is the best paper option to perform sublimation, where with its use it is possible to achieve quality in different types of products made of different materials such as: ceramic, acrylic, synthetic fabrics, aluminum, glass among other materials. for sublimation.

Matte Matte Paper

Matte Matte Paper is also widely used for inkjet printers , and black and white prints have a fantastic result on this type of paper. It has one of its resin sides, which makes it more susceptible to good results in sublimation, as the resin side keeps the ink on the surface of the paper, providing greater vivacity also in colored tones.

However, its resin is not specific for sublimation, because despite keeping the ink on the surface of the paper, it still has a considerable amount of ink absorbed by the paper, resulting in less transfer of the ink printed on the paper to the sublimation product. However, it is possible to achieve excellent results with this type of paper in ceramic sublimation products, results that come very close to those of Sublimation Paper.

However, the quality of sublimation on materials such as fabric is quite poor, the use of this type of paper on fabrics can cause white spots on the product due to failures in the transfer of the paper to the product. In this way, matte matte paper is a viable alternative for those who will work solely and exclusively with mugs, plates, tiles and ceramic products for sublimation.


It is possible to work with other types of paper that are not sublimatic or matte matte, but the quality of the work performed, especially in the vividness of the colors obtained with other papers, is quite compromised. In this way, you end up harming your product and especially the name of your company, since the quality of products made with these other types of paper not suitable for sublimation are of inferior quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in quality products and obtain incredible results in any and all customization carried out by you and your company.


A-SUB Sublimation Paper for epson 2720

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720This sheet is responsible for personalizing the patterns of your accessories and clothes by printing drawings, striking messages or photos. In addition, even after several repetitive washes, the transfer is not likely to deteriorate easily due to the meticulousness with which it was manufactured.

Also, this product will be delivered to you in person with 10 papers presented in A4 format, which guarantees you countless applications on a good number of textiles.

In addition, note that this device is compatible with several inkjet printers, including references from the Brother, Kodak, Epson and Canon brands. And as soon as you’re done recreating the design with the appropriate device, all you have to do is place the sheet on the fabric and ink the image using a heat press or iron. to redo.


Versatile: To give a pinch of originality to the clothes you wear every day, this model will be delivered to you with a set of 10 different A4 supports.

Easy to handle: During your printing activity, you simply need to integrate the appropriate pattern on the material using an instrument that generates heat.

Complete: In the pack of this unit, you will find a guide containing many very practical tips that will help you use the support as it should.


Bonding: If you do not position the paper correctly on the material, it could be that white backgrounds appear after printing.

TransOurDream Tru-Iron on Sublimation paper for Dark Shirts

If you feel a sudden urge to put some personal touches on your regular clothes, you better get the best sublimation paper. This article helps you reproduce images or blocks of text on any type of textile, such as baby aprons, cushions and t-shirts.

So that the pattern does not fade after a few washes with water, the 10 A4 sheets included in the box have been made from polymer elastic. In addition, you can use a large number of inkjet printers to duplicate the graphics on the fabric.

Indeed, this textile sublimation paper works perfectly with machines made by renowned brands, including Kodak, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Brother and Dell. In addition, to finalize your printing, you will only have to iron the material using a heat press.


Complete: In the box of this less expensive model, you will discover 10 supports, sublimation paper, a DIY guide and detailed instructions.

Versatile: Depending on your needs, you can use this sheet to give originality to aprons, bags, hats and cushions.

Convenient: As this item is easy to install, it will only take you about 10 minutes to reproduce and apply the stickers to the surface.


Final rendering: Some of the colors may show traces of smudging if you do not follow the scanning steps to the letter.

TransOurDream Upgraded Iron on Heat Sublimation paper for Dark T Shirts

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720

This device recreates all the patterns of your choice on dark shirt or black colored textiles, such as cotton fabrics and t-shirts. In addition, the image or the message remains perfectly inked inside the structure the minute you apply an iron or heat press to the support.

And depending on the intensity and depth with which you want the graphic to be presented, the decision is yours to choose between dyeable and pigmented ink. In addition, for your safety, no substances harmful to health have been added in the manufacture of this environmentally friendly paper.

Plus, you won’t have to wait forever for the print to form on the material, as this printable heat sublimation paper has been specially formulated to dry in just seconds.


Customizable: You will be able to play between different shades of colors on this sheet due to its structure being compatible with all types of fabrics.

Easy to apply: In order for the pattern to fit well inside the fabric, you just need to iron the backing using a device that produces a strong heat source.

Ecological: All the materials used in the design of this device have been assembled in full compliance with the standards that govern the ecosystem.

A-SUB Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720You have to find out which sublimation paper to choose to guarantee excellent management of the patterns and shades of colors that you plan to apply to the fabric. In this sense, this article does a wonderful job of reproducing fonts and images on the medium of your choice.

To do this, you simply need to scan the graphic on the label using a laser printer and then transfer it to the surface you plan to personalize. In this regard, note that this product can duplicate photos on a large number of materials, such as metal, ceramics, plastic and wood.

Also effective, this sticker adheres without problem to the material due to the finesse with which it has been manufactured. In addition, so that you can work on a wide variety of elements, this candle transfer with tissue paper will be delivered to you in a set of 8 sheets.


Easy to place: Since the paper is made of ultra-thin film, you can easily place it on the support you want to sublimate.

Practical: As soon as you want to change the pattern of the material, know that the sheet can very easily be removed from its disposal.

Versatile: This item presents no difficulty in scanning graphic reproductions on different items, such as candles and plastic.  


Transfer time: According to some reviews, this model takes a while to firmly fix the design on the set and to dry completely.

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

SHEET SIZE: 100 sheets of Printers Jack Sublimation Paper, 8.3″ X 11.7″. Print on the dye sublimation paper’s white side. Use LIGHTLY COLORED 100% POLYESTER fabric and POLYESTER-coated products.
COMPATIBLE: Epson, Ricoh, and Sawgrass inkjet printers are all compatible with our inkjet sublimation paper. If you’re using a printer from another brand, make sure it has a piezoelectric printhead. Make certain you have SUBLIMATION INK as well as a heat press machine. Definitely not iron.
HIGH QUALITY: 98 percent transfer rate, no fracture, no fading, and quick drying. Bright, vivid colors are used to embellish the finished objects. Reduce your manufacturing costs by using less ink, which will save you a lot of money!
EASY TO USE: The sublimation paper heat transfer is simple to use and apply any design from your computer to your printer to fabric. Before using, please read the instructions carefully. Only 30% of the fabric is made of LIGHT polyester and cotton.
UNIQUE GIFT: With Christmas just around the corner, our sublimation paper can be used for T-shirts, ceramic mugs, pillow cases, phone cases, canvas bags, and mouse pads, allowing you to create personalized and specialized gifts to give as gifts that you designed and created yourself. It’s also a good way to grow your sublimation business.

How to choose and store Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720 printer

The market offers many types of sublimation papers, sold in sheets or rolls. Therefore, many buyers of these essential items end up getting confused in the face of so many options and, consequently, purchase inappropriate materials. Below, we have compiled crucial information about types, weights and storage of sublimation papers. With their knowledge, the user will certainly be able to acquire, use and correctly manipulate these basic sublimation items.

Important recommendation for all the paper cases listed below: after printing and until pressing, the materials must be kept as before printing, that is, without contact with moisture, dust and, above all, light.

Sublimation papers for offset printing (sheet by sheet)

For the offset printing process, there is no need to use treated paper, which can be offset or newspaper. However, the ink charge (density) must be controlled. In addition, the stacks of paper at the printer’s output must be smaller, so that the image transfer from one sheet to the back of the other does not occur, which compromises the image quality, especially at the time of pressing.

Weight: varies from 54g/m² to 75g/m².

Storage: it is recommended to keep in a place free from humidity, dust and excessive heat. Keep the papers packaged until the moment of use, because if the relative humidity is too high, they can curl, which makes it difficult to enter the machine. Low humidity can cause static, which also makes it harder for media to enter the printer. Temperature control (between 20ºC and 25ºC) and relative humidity (between 45% and 60%) is recommended.

Sublimation papers for A3 and A4 printers

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720In “home” printers, A3 and A4 formats are normally used. In these cases, untreated papers are not recommended, as the ink tends to anchor in the mechanical mass of the media, which makes it difficult for the input to pass into the fabric. To compensate for this problem, many companies increase the load of printed ink, which consequently increases the cost of the process. In addition, it is important to note that most color profiles available on the market are not prepared for uncoated materials. Therefore, it is recommended to use treated (resin) papers and suitable profiles.

Weight: varies from 75g/m² to 125g/m², depending on the type of service to be performed. Many suppliers offer papers with good performance, and it is worth testing which one delivers the right amount of ink for the correct pressing.

Storage: do not expose to moisture, dust and excessive heat. Keep in closed packages until use. It is recommended to use storage greenhouses to maintain the physical integrity of the substrate.

Sublimation papers for large format printing

For large format prints, both treated and untreated offset paper is used. The width and length of the media vary depending on the capacity of each digital press.

Weight: varies between 56g/m² and 90g/m², depending on the type of service to be performed (text or plated).

Storage: it is recommended to keep the rolls in a controlled environment (temperature and relative humidity) and without exposure to dust and light. Keep them packaged until use.

Purchase guide

Best Sublimation Paper For Dark Shirts, Epson 2720Do you like it when all your effects are customized to your liking? The textile sublimation paper allows you to bring an original touch to your clothes, your paintings and any other textile or paper support. However, the plurality of models often complicates purchasing procedures, because one does not always know which saint to devote to. Fortunately, we thought of putting together this buying guide for the best sublimation papers that will allow you to better compare each item.


If you have an old t-shirt lying around at home and you want to give it a second life, think about concentrating to find out how to choose the best sublimation papers for 2022. Indeed this kind of device will allow you to bring an original touch to all your effects, whether it’s a message, a photo or even a logo, but you still have to find the right material so that the rendering meets your expectations . You will therefore first have to focus on the compatibility of each piece of equipment that you will use during your work session, because there are thousands of sublimation papers.

So, play the versatility card and bet on models that can be paired with a wide range of printers. Yes, be careful, because sometimes certain supports can only be used with specific printers intended particularly for fabrics. You will surely have understood it, start by first determining the equipment you have, is it an inkjet or a laser? To find out, you just have to take a look at the instructions and you will be set.

If necessary, you can always rely on your lucky star: the internet. Once you have finished identifying this first parameter, you will already have a small idea of ​​which is the best sublimation paper on the market for you.

The color and the size

Before you scramble to find where to buy new sublimation paper, consider the various color possibilities as well. Yes, although it may seem trivial to you, some models will not be able to support all color gamuts, others will only be able to be used with black and white, and there are certain items that will be able to transfer without problem all the colors that enchant you. In this sense, it is important to know in advance the pattern you want to print before you risk deciding on this or that device.

In the same vein, as with any other object, this type of product can also come in different sizes and this element also plays a major role. Indeed, if the image is much larger than the chosen paper, it would be quite logical for the result to be distorted. Once you have finished identifying these 2 criteria, you can move on to the next step and start establishing your comparison.

Which sublimation paper for which medium?

To have all the cards in hand and to find out how to buy a sublimation paper with a better quality-price ratio, you will also have to refer to your needs. If you want the transfer to be permanent, you will have to find a specific model and for this, you can get help from a computer store for example, or from a service provider who offers printing on sublimation paper. . But beyond this aspect, other questions can also surface, such as the type of article to take depending on the medium.

Here, the rule is simple: if you want to have a pattern on white, it is better to opt for inkjet papers since they have a transparent base, which will avoid smudges and give you a more net. On the contrary, we will prefer specific equipment which has a white base for printing on dark shirt or black colored fabric. This is all the more interesting if you want to see every detail of the image or pattern in question.

Anyway, remember that a special type paper might cost you a bit more in a price comparison, since it will be able to handle all kinds of textiles, and even leather. Also, make sure that the model you are about to take for a light fabric is made of 50% cotton.

Using the most suitable and best sublimation paper in sublimation printing is an important factor to achieve a higher quality product

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use the sublimation paper on Dark Shirts, Epson 2720?

From its name, it is a sheet that will be used to reproduce a diagram on fabric. The principle remains simple if we are only interested in the process: produce the desired pattern, make the cut and press using an iron on the dedicated location.

However, it is possible to vary the type of printing. And by the way, the realization on white and on black is not alike, you have to be careful about the choice of the color of the transfer. And, don’t forget to arrange the mirror effect of your processing software to match the result after the pasting is complete.

Q2: What iron temperature for the sublimation paper?

Before installation, there are certain details to check on the accessories. The use of an iron is essential for fixing, but it is necessary to specify the heat to be released. Already, it is necessary to leave a heating time, i.e. to 200°C generally a few minutes before the manoeuvre.

This setting is for guidance only as it may change depending on the texture of your work object. In addition, take care not to activate the steam option on this operation. If there are loose corners, ironing is enough to put everything back in order, respecting the cooling time.

Q3: How do I transfer to iron without sublimation paper?

This type of process is not limited to the use of a dedicated type of sheet, it is quite possible to use other alternatives. The idea boils down to following the principle of getting by for the pattern and having the necessary equipment. And there is an efficient way to operate on wood.

First, prepare a photo and a medium. On the latter, you will start with wood glue. Then lay out the picture on it. Wait until it dries, wipe gently with a sponge. You will peel off the thin water-soaked layer by hand. The cliché will remain at the bottom, for sure.

Q4: How to maintain the fabric and paper?

You wonder why the patterns of certain clothes are degrading. Maybe it’s just wear and tear. If it is only that, the problem would be quickly solved. It is imperative to follow the instructions to keep the good condition of your property as much as possible.

In this sense, the realization should not undergo machine washing above 30 or 40 ° C, because there are some that change color at a certain temperature. In addition, the passage to the dryer is not included in the process. Much the same, sublimation paper should also be kept in a refrigerator to prevent bubbles.

Q5: What is the difference between inkjet, laser or sublimation printing?

In the finalization of the decoration on textile, you will have to cross this choice. Admittedly, the 3 channels lead to a result that is not too distinct, however, it should be noted that a laser print reproduces the images more faithfully and offers greater precision.


Don’t be surprised, sublimation is just a variation of jet, but more effective. Of course, for the transfer to work, you need the respective paper that is suitable for each machine. It will therefore be necessary to choose its support according to the nature of the work that one wants to complete. Hope you liked the article and found the best sublimation paper for dark shirts or Epson printer.

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