15 Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

Whether you’re looking to start your own t-shirt business or just want to create some custom t-shirts, a t-shirt printer is the place to start. If you’re wondering why you can’t print shirts with a conventional printer, there are a few reasons. And the most important reason is that some printers are not intended to print on thick materials and clothes. The traditional printer will never give you the expected results.

We will assist you to find the Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer on T-shirts. There are a lot of printers for printing on t-shirts, but finding the ideal one for your needs might be challenging. For this, we decided to build a list of the top sublimation t-shirt printers.

Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts – Review

CP-D80DW Mitsubishi Electric

Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

Despite having a limited color palette, the printer is capable of printing images with the most expressive color reproduction. The device provides a great color depth by using yellow, cyan, and magenta. The print faithfully reflects natural tones and mid-tones due to the use of sublimation technology.

Printing a normal 1015 cm photo image takes only 9 seconds, and 11 seconds on average. Although the resolution is not high, 300 600 dpi are excellent indicators for sublimation technology. Because the picture is only put on one side, the resulting photo might have a glossy or matte look.


Excellent print quality

Electricity consumption that is economical

Excellent playback speed

Lamination of photographs


Only wired connections are supported.

Photo size restrictions


Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 – Printer for Heat Transfer

The printer can print on ceramics, plastic, fabric, paper, glass, metal, and fiberboard. The application’s adaptability is justified by the broad capabilities of sublimation printing technology. You can securely manufacture postcards for sale, souvenirs, and adorn interior items using this printing process.

The equipment excels at printing images that perfectly capture every detail. Prints stickers and designs that can be applied on fabrics composed of sturdy and elastic materials. The image on top is protected by a coating that prevents abrasion, fading, and cracking.


Adaptability in application

Excellent print quality

Electricity consumption that is economical

Using a protective coating to protect the print

High-quality equipment


Only wired connections are supported.

The scarcity of free sale availability

Consumables are expensive.


Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

The portable printer uses no ink to print images. The equipment quickly sends the image, which has been converted into an electrical signal, to print on specialized Zink photo paper. With a heat-sensitive layer, the photo is developed and printed quickly on the media.

The compact device fits easily into a small bag or a large pocket. It can print color and black-and-white images up to A6 size. The printer works flawlessly in both wired and wireless environments, and the digitized image can be sent to a cloud resource or an online album.

The device’s peculiarity stems from its ability to produce truly “live” images. All of this is due to the incorporation of Hyperphoto technology. A short video will play if you direct your smartphone camera at the device.

A battery powers the portable printer. The package for sale includes 10 sheets of heat-sensitive paper, which you will need to purchase in order to shoot the photos below. This media’s back adhesive layer allows you to create stickers from images.


miniature proportions

Playback of Live Photographs

Work in both wired and wireless environments.

Before printing, do some quick photo modification.


Inadequate print quality

Consumables that are Expensive

Photo size restrictions

Canon Selfie CP1000  – Printer for T-shirts

The Canon Selphy CP1000 can be used at home as well as on a vacation. In the list of Best sublimation printer for Heat Transfer on T-shirts this printer is a great choice.  You can use the gadget to swiftly transfer taken photographs from a camera, flash drive, or analogue camera memory card to paper. Four different coating solutions are put over the print to seal and protect the picture.

The most basic printer menu allows you to quickly master the operation. On the body is a color LCD display for previewing the image. By immediately connecting the camera to a printer, you can instantly print photos.

The printer can only print on picture paper. Suitable for issuing pictures for papers, with two images on a single page. The function of automatic picture enhancement has been implemented by the developers.


miniature proportions

Before printing, photos are automatically edited.

There are four types of protective and ornamental coatings.

Freedom from the mains


Inadequate editing tools

Only photo paper should be used for printing.

Photo size restrictions

Carriers’ Requirements

There is a chance that you will run out of ink.

#5 Lifeprint LP003 Instant Print Camera

Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

A portable printing device can be safely referred to as a pocket printer because it fits comfortably in a pocket. The device works in tandem with the iPhone and is compatible with practically all of this brand’s phone cases. Wireless Bluetooth communication with the photo source is supported.

When you focus the lens, the device prints dynamic photos that appear to come to life. The snapshot is converted into a mini-video, which is more entertaining to look at in order to refresh memories. Augmented reality technology is responsible for this extraordinary property.

The model only prints on thermally sensitive photographic paper with a top layer consisting of crystals that react to an electrical signal. An image and a multicolored gamut appear on the photo card as a result of their effect. The portable printer is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged by USB connection.


miniature proportions

Playback of Live Photographs

Freedom from the mains

Controls are simple to use.


Consumables that are Expensive

Photo size restrictions

There are five sheets of photo paper included.

High-priced market Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

Mitsubishi Electric CP-D90DWBEST

Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirtsThe progressive printing apparatus prints images in four different forms on paper. Furthermore, images of varying sizes can be printed on the same roll at the same time. Roll photo paper is used for printing.

The model uses not only consumables, but also energy, and in sleep mode, it saves 96 percent of its expenditures. The machine is rewinding the ink ribbon so that it can be transferred to the next sheet. The CP-D90DW has a fairly fast print speed, with a 10×15 cm photo ready in 7.8 seconds.

The device’s images are shielded from outside effects by the thinnest matte covering, which also removes the glare effect. Dust, accidental dampness, and UV rays are no match for vibrant, vivid prints. Does not put the picture at risk of breaking or shedding.


Control is simple and straightforward.

Photo printing of high quality

The rewind function

Printing in multiple sizes at the same time

Energy use that is economical

Dimensions are small.

Protective coating that is matte

Excellent print speed

Stability of the hull


Possibility of inadvertent photo cropping

Printing costs are impressive.

There is no retainer for the roll drum.

Mitsubishi Electric CP-K60DW-S Printers for T-shirts

Another great option for Best sublimation printer for Heat Transfer on T-shirts . The device is lightweight and tiny in size, so it does not take up much space on your desk. The employment of cutting-edge technologies in the design has improved print quality while lowering image costs. With the printer, you can print professional-quality images at home.

The device can print photographs of various sizes on the same roll of photo paper. The device includes a rewind mechanism to help reduce ink ribbon use. The unused portion of the consumable will be used to print the next image or collection of pictures.

To print photos on photo paper, three color cartridges are necessary. In 11.4 seconds, the device will produce a photo of standard size 10 15 cm. The print will be protected from above by a glossy or matte protective layer film that prevents fading, abrasion, and breaking.


Photo printing of high quality

The rewind function

Printing in multiple sizes at the same time

Energy use that is economical

Dimensions are small.

Protective coatings that are both matte and glossy

Stability of the hull

High-quality construction


Disagreement between claimed and actual speed

#3JV300-130 Mimaki

Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

The Mimaki JV300-130 prints flawlessly on both fabric and transfer paper, from which the picture is transferred to knitwear and material without elastic threads. Furthermore, the large-format plotter prints the image on rolls of polymeric film, glossy and opaque paper. The largest image size allowed is A0.

The print is created using six cartridges containing sublimation colors. Five-color printing provides great resolution due to its clarity and expressiveness. There are 1400 dots per inch for printing black-and-white and color photos.

The machine can handle cloth rolls weighing up to 40-45 kg. The Take-Up device block is in charge of the material’s smooth supply, which provides uniform winding. This, in conjunction with the novel approach of homogeneous ink delivery, eliminates the appearance of streaks in the print.


Photo printing in five distinct colors

Image creation on large size media

High-quality construction

cartridge capacity has been increased

Stripes are removed from the appearance.

Variability in image

Outstanding Resolution


Setup and management are difficult.

Colors that are expensive


Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

The printer employs two paper grades: regular Standard Digital and improved Pure Premium Digital. Printing on the standard option allows you to save money while maintaining a high level of quality. The second choice ensures that images are displayed in the best possible quality.

Four different types of coatings protect prints from outside effects. Aside from the traditional glossy and matte outside surface, the gadget additionally applies the thinnest matte and polished layer on top of the image. The coating can be applied in stages, allowing the designer’s imagination to run wild.

The model employs panoramic technology, allowing you to print an image 20 80 cm in size. The print is three-color, but it is rich in tones and detailed, with seamless transitions, thanks to sublimation heat transfer. The front tray is used to load media.

Optimized rewind allows for more efficient use of consumables. The device consumes only 0.5 watts when in standby mode. The model is profitable in terms of both production and maintenance.


Photo printing of high quality

The rewind function

Printing in multiple sizes at the same time

Energy use that is economical

There are four types of protective coating.


Consumables requirements

Repair difficulty if necessary

#5Mimaki JV300-160FUNCTIONALITY Printers for Heat Transfer

The Mimaki JV300-160 uses a high-precision pattern to transfer paper, and the picture is transferred to the fabric using a thermal press. The device’s functionality includes a progressive CISS and an improved version of MAPS4. Their merger enables rational consumption and uniform point distribution.

The high resolution of 1400 dpi allows for excellent color reproduction and print accuracy. Because color channels are aligned symmetrically, streaks are not printed. The alternating operation of the two print-heads ensures precise application of ink droplets.

The printer is outfitted with six cartridges that must be replenished on a regular basis in order to produce five-color printing. Dyes fulfil international safety standards, produce no pollutants, and do not clog the environment with chemically insoluble components. A fan is included into the gadget to help the image dry quickly.


  1. WorkForce WF-7710 Epson

This printer is entirely current, with every feature imaginable. It includes built-in Wi-Fi Direct, allowing you to wireless print photos from your smartphone or tablet. The printer produces excellent results, and with Amazon Dash, you’ll never have to order ink again. The printer can also copy, scan, and fax documents, so this is far from the only trick.

The paper capacity is advertised as 250 sheets, which is more than enough for large size printing. Format the printer in this manner. It can print images up to 13″ x 19″ and is hence well-suited for T-shirt printing. Epson claims that the printer uses 80% less electricity than color laser printers, which is fantastic news. It also includes an Amazon Dash refill, so you’ll never run out of ink again. Amazon now sells this handy tiny printer. Because customer feedback has been so positive, we decided to go with this option right away.

  1. Epson Stylus C88+ inkjet printer


The Epson Stylus C88+ also boasts a respectable monochrome print speed of 23 pages per minute. You can print your images at a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi, making this a very generous offer. It features a decent 120-sheet tray, so you won’t have to look for materials all the time.

It can take borderless images in resolutions of 46, 57, 810, and 8.5. 11 supports practically any photo format imaginable. One thing to keep in mind is that while the colors on the print may appear washed out, they look wonderful when heated. According to the business, employing DURABrite Ultra pigment ink will result in smudge-free images and documents.

Because the Stylus C88+ lacks Wi-Fi, you must connect it to your computer using a USB or Ethernet wire. Amazon presently has this offer available.

3 Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet printers  for Heat Transfer on T-shirts

This printer for Best sublimation printer for T-shirts is highly ranked as one of the top high definition photo printers, and it’s ideal for getting that design you’ve always wanted on a T-shirt. This is a wide format printer, which means it can print on a variety of paper and sheet sizes, making it excellent for huge images or even posters.

As an added bonus, the bundle includes a printer. with CD/DVD printing, however considering that these formats are now largely outdated, we don’t believe it will benefit many people. You may also print patterns from your smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi on this printer.

In terms of print quality, this printer provides 5760 x 1440 dpi prints with true-to-life images. This is a fairly uncommon problem with home printers. It goes without saying that if you want to get your own T-shirt prints, this is your best bet. Given the present price, the Epson Artisan is one of the most costly printers on our list. Price, however, should not be an issue for aficionados considering the feature set and presentation.

4 Cameo Silhouettes


Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer on T-shirtsThe Silhouette Cameo is a rather versatile offering with excellent and simple software that will allow you to make many patterns and effortlessly print them at your leisure. Customers say this printer is wonderful for printing on vinyl, which opens up a world of design possibilities for customers.

The device’s touchscreen controls ensure that you always know what’s going on. Another thing to note is that this gadget is quite sturdy and consistently produces the same prints even after extended use. The product also includes a membership to their software, which we highly recommend.

The best aspect is that the Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit is substantially less expensive than the previously mentioned Epson printer. Make sure you look it up on Amazon.

5th. Ving 3D

This is a unique block on our list because it lets you to transfer gorgeous photos onto a t-shirt. To print images on your T-shirts, it employs heat and a vacuum 3D press. This is essentially the only printer you’ll need because it can also print on a variety of other objects such as coffee cups, pillows, smartphone cases, and so on. The business claims to be able to produce 12 coffee mugs at once.

This should go without saying, but only use this product if you are aware of the dangers of subliminal printing on cloth and other synthetic materials. Because gas stations aren’t prohibitively expensive, you don’t have to worry about being bombed every time you fill up.

Finally, the product is incredibly long-lasting, making it suitable for long-term use. It’s simple to set up, and the tutorials/user guide should get you up and running quickly. This vacuum press is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Heat press Mophorn

If you want a printing machine that can produce a variety of items, such as custom t-shirt printing, you should pick a true heat press rather than a printer that can transmit heat. The Mophorn Heat Press, for example, can impart heat to a wide variety of foods in large amounts.

This press is simple to use, even for a beginner, because it has a touch LCD display. There is also a retractable design that makes it more comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. It may be used not only for t-shirts, but also for mugs, bottles, phone covers, and other items.

What is the process of a sublimation printer for Heat Transfer on T-shirts?

In various printing processes, sublimation printers have supplanted inkjet and laser printers. Because of a distinct operating principle, advanced equipment produces a superior image. Inkjet printing uses liquid paint, whereas laser printing uses dry powder.  By superimposing dots of the four primary colors cyan, yellow, magenta, and black on top of each other, new colors are created. These locations can fluctuate and blur, lowering the image’s quality. An inkjet printer frequently dries out ink, whereas a laser printer has trouble combining particles.

These flaws are not present in the sublimation printer. Special ribbons with three colors of dye are used for printing (cyan, magenta, yellow). Under the effect of temperature (the gadget is fitted with a heating element), the dye transitions from a solid state to a gaseous state. In this example, the stage of transformation into a liquid is eliminated.

The process is termed sublimation, hence the name of the technique working on this technology. The higher the heating temperature, the richer the pattern. The pores of the substance open more vigorously, the dye penetrates deeper into it. To get an image in muted, vivid hues, it is required to lower the temperature.

The gaseous “cloud” consists of dyes of three colors. They are blended in the appropriate proportion with the help of a diaphragm, which functions as a kind of filter, screening out extraneous emissions. The selected hues are transmitted to the working material.

A sublimation printer prints with a resolution of no more than 300 dpi, but the colors are quite realistic, since the mixing takes place not on paper, but in the device itself under the influence of temperature.


What is the process of using a sublimation printer?

Sublimation is a printing process for printing fabrics and other materials, which is why it’s so popular for personalizing items like wedding favors and birthdays.

An inkjet printer, specific sheets, and a heat press are utilized for this, especially with fabrics.

The technique’s name is derived from a scientific phrase that describes the transition of substances from a solid to a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.

In reality, this means that the sublimation ink transitions from a solid to a gaseous state immediately. The approach has revolutionized stamping and is considered a high-quality and technological procedure.

The sublimation technique necessitates the use of particular printers due to these features. Multi-functional versions of the product are available, as well as traditional printing.

To get the finest results, anyone who truly wants to offer high-quality products should invest in a sublimation printer.

What factors should you consider before selecting a sublimation printer Printers for T-shirts?

In most cases, those searching for a sublimation printer want something that will fulfill their clients’ needs while also staying inside their budget.

As a result, selecting the best printer is not always simple.

The first thing you should think about is how much work you have. After all, if you have a consistent and strong demand, investing in industrial versions, which are known for speeding up the process and sustaining a greater load, may be the ideal option.

On the other hand, if demand is under control and jobs are well managed, the more compact ones may be sufficient.

The print speed and ink consumption of each model are also crucial considerations. Look for printers that place a premium on cartridge savings, so you don’t have to spend as much money on replacements in the future.

Finally, remember to select a model that fulfills the size requirements of your consumers. Printers can accommodate a variety of paper sizes, giving users more or less flexibility.

You can choose which sublimation printer is perfect for your business by combining all of these variables.

What is the finest sublimation printer brand?

Because sublimation printers are a unique type of technology, few companies are willing to invest in their development.

In this way, those that have mastered the sublimation technology are known for providing the greatest products and adequate customer service. Epson, Fedar, and EcoTank, for example, are examples of this.

The best firm will also be determined by your requirements. Look for a business that combines technology with cost-effectiveness, as well as providing a service channel through which clients can address any problem.

Checking through prior customer reviews is a great way to choose the perfect brand. As a result, you’ll receive feedback from people who have actually tried the product and may feel much more confident about your purchase!

Conclusion on the topic

The buying of a Best sublimation printer for Heat Transfer on T-shirts that prints utilizing sublimation technology must be carefully evaluated. In addition, due to the design elements, their procurement is warranted only in case of active use. However, a compact pocket device is worth acquiring if you want to construct an original interactive album or plan to print high-quality images directly from an iPhone or from an analogue camera.

Our evaluation also comprises portable mini-devices for home use, and large-format plotters for the production workshop. It is crucial to decide in advance on the suitability of the purchase. If you have experience in the selection and operation of such printing equipment, please share it with site visitors. It is possible that your recommendations will be very valuable to them.

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