Best Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

Sublimation printers are ideal for personal and business use to produce stunning, resilient prints. These remarkable machines bring images to life with superb detail and color accuracy through heat transfer. From t-shirts to mugs, pressing heat and pressure on sublimation paper allows intricate designs to be transferred onto any material. The ink adheres quickly when heated, and the pores in the fabric open up, allowing it to embed deep into the fibers. As soon as this process is complete, these particles cool and solidify, leaving a permanent design – all thanks to sublimation printers. Whatever your needs may be, plenty of styles are available depending on your requirements. This guide will explore the numerous elements to help you decide sublimation printer for heat transfer.

Best Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer:

1. Epson ET 3760 Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfers:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

The Epson ET 3760 is the optimal choice for heat transfer printing. After extensive testing and reviews, I can confirm that this printer lives up to its promise of making your projects a breeze. You can effortlessly print from stickers as small as 3.5″ x 5″ up to 8.5″x14″, allowing you to create an array of products for your business in no time.

Boasting a massive frame, the 3760 sublimation printer includes all the desired features. Its top-mounted automatic document feeder can print up to 30 pages simultaneously. Plus, this excellent machine is equipped with auto duplex printing which prints on both sides of the page simultaneously – making sure your documents look perfect every time.

To streamline and simplify the entire process, this top-of-the-line dye sublimation printer has been designed with multiple connectivity options. iPhones can be connected via WiFi, PCs or laptops through Ethernet & USB ports, and a voice command function is now available to print documents without physical interaction. This advanced level of operation makes it one of the best printers on the market for heat transfer applications.

  • Larger ink bottles
  • Wider sheet size range
  • Multiple means of connectivity
  • Often jams while scanning

2. Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 is an elite sublimation printer that effectively transfers heat onto various polymers. T-shirts, coasters, mugs, and phone covers can be effortlessly printed up to a size of 8.5” x 14”, enabling you to maximize your profits while producing high-quality goods. The extensive capabilities of the state-of-the-art SG400 make it one of the best dye sublimation printers available on today’s market.

As a sublimation product designer, you’re looking for two innovative features. The Creative Studio Online Designer is one of them—it functions with Sawgrass printers to create impressive designs without needing Photoshop or any other software. Take complete command of your print designs with the Sawgrass Print Manager, a color management software. This includes graphics programs like CreativeStudio, Adobe, and Corel. You can also have several color profiles for various substrates, personalize your color palettes and customize paper sizes.

Although there is a slight learning curve, Sawgrass’ website provides all the resources you need to get started quickly and efficiently. They exclusively use the SubliJet UHD 4-color ink set for hard and soft materials such as polyester or vinyl, giving off stunning prints.

  • Good for high-sublimation prints
  • The long warranty period and lifetime support
  • Energy-efficient and WiFi connectivity
  • Sawgrass inks are pretty expensive

3. Epson Workforce 7710 Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

The Epson Workforce 7710 is necessary for creating custom garments with heat press sublimation. This inkjet printer can be converted into an efficient dye sublimation printing machine and supports many types of ink, making it highly cost-effective. To get started, all you need is the conversion kit which will turn your regular printer into the perfect solution for creating stunning pieces of apparel.

Equipped with Epson’s time-honored PrecisionCore technology, this printer allows you to print a borderless maximum of 13 X 19-inch prints. For unfamiliar people, borderless printing is an effective way of producing large graphics without white margins on either side of your printed photos or documents.

From INKxpro to Ink Owl, LuckyInk to AOPANE Anti-UV, the Epson 7710 Printer offers a full palette of color printing with conversion kits and clean graphics transfers on the heat press. The extra wide 11″ x 17″ scan area makes it perfect for larger projects, while its wireless connectivity allows you to print easily from your phone or tablet. Investing in an Epson 7710 is a surefire way to improve your printing capabilities.

  • Easy-to-install software
  • Ink cartridges make this a very economical printer.
  • Known for excellent sublimation prints
  • Only one paper cassette

4. Epson Stylus C88 Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

The Epson C88+ Stylus may look like a basic printer, yet its functionality is anything but. Not only does it have several advantageous features that make it stand out from the competition, but it also makes it the ideal sublimation printer for heat transfers.

The vintage design of the Epson Stylus C88–this sublimation printer packs a powerful punch. Regarding heat transfer, this model is certainly one of the top-tier printers we’ve tested; you won’t find any shortcomings here. Epson has provided all features necessary for casual use or professional projects to guarantee optimum performance in every situation. The C88+ printer supports many print sizes, from 4 inches x 6 inches to 8 inches x 10 inches. Compared to the Epson ET 3760, this model is superior in its printing speed. It can print 23 pages per minute in black-and-white and 14 in color. These speeds make it a perfect fit for heat transfers. Additionally, with the ability to create borderless prints, you can conveniently produce sublimation prints.

This model features multiple USB port types, such as the regular USB and the faster-transferring USB 2.0 ports for easier connection, and it’s also equipped with DURABrite Ultra Pigment Inks that will bring your sublimation prints to life with its vivid colors.

  • Multiple print size options
  • DURABrite Ultra Pigment Inks
  • Low sound level
  • Offers editing software
  • Printhead overheats quickly

5. SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO VJ628 Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

The Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 was the company’s original sublimation printer, and its popularity skyrocketed in 2015. It remained their highest-selling product for five years until it was replaced by the more affordable Sawgrass 1000. Its success is credited to how cost-effective yet reliable this machinery is.

The Virtuoso VJ 628 might have an intimidating price tag, but its 8-color different ink system is well worth the investment. It’s a revolutionary sublimation, picture, dye, and interior signage machine that has set new industry standards for printers. Notably, it is the only printer offering vibrant pink and yellow hues as well – giving you even more opportunities to make your customers happy while charging them a bit extra.

This incredible printer comes with a two-year guarantee, complimentary access to the creative studio, and technical support, and boasts a 25″ printing area that eradicates section printing completely. Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to premium editing tools and themes through the print manager app and the creative studio. On top of all that goodness is its outstanding 1400 x1400 dpi resolution ensuring each project looks professional every time.

Not only is the ValueJet 628 compatible with RIP studio-like applications, but it also features built-in ICC (International Color Consortium) profiles, allowing for a greater range of substrates. In addition, its full bleed capability provides prints without edge margins – making creativity limitless.

  • Optimized prints
  • Eight color option availability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Piezoelectric print technology
  • Very expensive inks

6. Epson Artisan 1430 Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

Epson’s Artisan 1430 photo printer is the ideal choice for sublimation transfers and heat transfer printing. After the release of their C88+ model, this one stands above its competition with a built-in Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) setup, six color palettes, high-speed printing capabilities, and even WiFi connectivity. Discover why this remarkable piece of machinery has been making waves in your home or office for over a decade today.

The Artisan 1430 is reliable and produces top-notch results compared to the other printers on this list. With its 5760 x 1400 dpi resolution, it follows the trend, but what truly sets it apart are the additional hues like light magenta and light cyan that provide a superior finish on your final substrate.

The edge-to-edge prints and media size options ranging from an impressive 46 to 1319 inches provide a modern solution for any image transfer needs. With its unique configurable resolutions, you can optimize each pixel according to the substrate requirements while backed by reliable MicroPiezo inkjet technology. Let this revolutionary system transform headwear into the canvas with effortless precision.

  • Outstanding photo outputs
  • Vast connectivity options
  • Excellent quality for sublimation papers
  • Supports printing on recycled papers (eco-friendly)
  • Not very good with regular papers

7. Brother Mono-Laser Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

This Brother laser printer is a reliable and high-quality solution, enabling you to print up to 30 sheets per minute. With its duplex function, this printer saves your time and paper by printing on both sides of the page while avoiding any potential jams. Perfect for companies with large document production needs or those running against tight deadlines.

This printer is a godsend. It can churn out up to 250 sheets of paper on one tray, perfect for printing designs you want to transfer onto substrates. But the best part? You don’t have to worry about replacing or refilling ink – it already has an impressive capacity of 2600 pages when you need a new set.

The prints I received from Brother HL-L2320D were nothing less than remarkable – vibrant, vivid, and hot transfer-friendly. The laser printer provides accurate color reproduction with a resolution of 2600 x 2600 dpi. If you are searching for an efficient device with plenty of capability, this is your best bet.

  • Printing speed can go up to 30 ppm.
  • Local connectivity through USB 2.0 with high speed.
  • Double-sided printing.
  • Print technology is laser electrography.
  • No Bluetooth compatibility.

8. HP Laserjet Pro M452dw Sublimation Printer for Heat transfer:

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

The HP LaserJet Pro M452dw is an elite color printer ideal for heat transfer projects. It is fast and precise, and its smaller size allows you to easily move it from room to room. Moreover, the remarkable paper capacity reduces how often you need to refill the tray.

Boasting an impressive speed of up to 4 pages per minute, this printer is a marvel of efficiency. Not only will you be able to finish your print jobs faster than ever before, but you also won’t have to wait for one task to complete before starting the next.

This HP printer is the perfect size for any craft room corner, measuring 11.2 inches wide, 6.3 inches tall, and 8.5 inches deep — leaving little space unused. Create stunning heat transfer or sublimation designs in a small area with this device’s help. While its one-year limited hardware guarantee may be slightly shorter than others on the market, it is still sufficient to handle most possible issues your printer might face during usage.

No matter the hour, HP’s Customer Support team is always available 24/7 to provide you with phone and email contact information for the nearest authorized service facility. The only downside of this printer is that it lacks many software benefits or functionalities – wireless connectivity, USB ports, and Ethernet are your only options.

If you don’t need Bluetooth connectivity, no worries—this printer still has you covered. You can connect this device to your PC for a seamless printing experience.

  • It prints faster when it wakes up than its competitors
  • it provides the best protection
  • Multipage documents are processed quickly.
  • Printing requires a simple management system.
  • Displays pop-up messages for ink shortage

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How To Choose The Best Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer:

As you search for the optimal sublimation printer to transfer heat, consider these important characteristics to ensure that your decision is sound. With so many styles of printers available on the market today, we’ll highlight key elements here to help guide you in making an informed selection.

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

Friendliness to the User:

Whether it’s a business or personal endeavor, the features should be uncomplicated and straightforward to use. This will save you precious time while producing more consistent outcomes. Additionally, ergonomics are improved as materials may have to be reloaded every few hours; simple features make this process much simpler and hassle-free.

The sublimation process is quick and straightforward with Mimaki’s TS100-1600, the perfect entry-level printer for professionals. This powerful technology lets you set resolutions that suit any print run size.

Personalized Objects:

To get the best results, it is important to consider what type of material you want to print on. Dye sublimation is ideal for transferring printed images onto fabrics like vinyl or canvas. Extra-wide formats are also available with certain dye printers, such as Mimaki TS500P-3200, which can accommodate up to 129.9 inches in media width. If you’re looking for something a bit different and more durable, try experimenting with porcelain, polymers, aluminum-coated plastics, and glass – all materials our machines have no problem printing on.

Printing Time:

You must consider print speed as well as price. Depending on your needs, whether a few or thousands of transfers, the right printer must meet precision and productivity demands. Do not forget to research thoroughly — some models prioritize speed over accuracy.

From our entry-level TX300P Series to the most advanced Tiger-1800B MkIII, which can produce up to 4,144 square feet per hour. Our systems are designed with cutting-edge innovation, ensuring high-speed printing, increased productivity, and superior quality.

For superior-quality print output on textiles and fabrics, precision is essential. As the product may be cut or trimmed frequently, it’s critical to maintain accuracy for desirable results. With high-precision machines, sharp edges can be generated with minimum errors while delivering maximum resolution.

Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

Selecting Dye Sublimation Inks:

When using Mimaki’s products, you can choose from a variety of dye sublimation inks, reactive dye inks, textile pigment inks, and other ink types. However, if you choose to use third-party options instead, ensure they are compatible with your project and constructed with high-quality materials. Depending on what type of print job it is, various alternatives may be available. For instance, an aqueous sublimation ink might provide better results than solvent-type dyes when used on wider-head printers, while textiles tend to yield superior outcomes compared to hardware. Do your research carefully before deciding which kind will best suit your needs.

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions:       

What type of printer is utilized for heat transfers?

A sublimation or heat transfer printer is the ultimate printing solution for various materials. Unlike traditional printers, which use ink to create designs on paper and other surfaces, these specialized machines utilize unique inks that vaporize into gas under extreme temperatures and pressures – allowing the design to truly penetrate fabrics and color them as you wish. Sublimation printing has proven particularly useful when creating artwork on polyester components, ceramic objects, metal pieces, and plastic products – virtually any surface imaginable- all while utilizing dye sublimation technology.

What materials do I need to create my heat transfers?

To produce exquisite heat transfers of your design, you will require a sublimation printer, ink cartridges specifically designed for the process, archival-grade paper made for this purpose, a device to press the transfer onto fabrics (such as polyester or polymer-coated items), and lastly – something to print your masterpiece on.

What exactly is the distinction between sublimation and heat transfer paper?

Sublimation ink is a specialized type used in heat transfer printing, while heat transfer paper provides a smooth printing surface. As the two are combined, they create high-quality and long-lasting transfers onto clothing or other items. When heated, the sublimation ink turns into a gas, allowing it to be transferred onto fabrics through special papers. By utilizing this process effectively, you can make vibrant images that last.


Heat transfer printing is an effective way to produce custom designs on various materials. With Mimaki’s reliable printers, you can make high-quality prints quickly and accurately with minimal effort. Consider print speed and price when selecting the right printer for your project. Make sure to research all options available before deciding which ink type, paper, and device will produce the most desirable results. With a little practice, you can create beautiful heat transfers of your design in no time.

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