15 Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small Business

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printers are devices that print barcodes, text, and graphics on labels. They are used in small businesses and stores, and the main task is to speed up and simplify the performance of accounting operations. According to the principle of operation, they are divided into direct thermal printers and thermal transfer models. They are also industrial, office, portable.

The choice depends on the tasks of the buyer and the budget allocated for the purchase. Many models are relatively inexpensive, even a novice entrepreneur can afford them. This article will introduce you to the Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer for small Business. A selection of the best label printers to help you decide on a model for inventory, retail, and industrial use.

15 Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small Business Buying guide

5DX DX58

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small Business

At a very low cost for this type of device, the DX DX58 thermal label printer has excellent performance. It supports a standard character base, prints complex high-resolution images, and is compatible with Linux and Windows systems and commercial equipment. Suitable for use in extreme climatic conditions, automatically cuts off printed self-adhesive labels.

Users appreciate this model not only for its low cost, but also for its compact size, economical power consumption, and ease of operation. We are pleased with the quick replacement of thermal paper – it takes just a few seconds, which makes it indispensable in large retail outlets. This is also facilitated by a fairly high print speed – up to 90 mm per second. In general, this is a really good solution for any trading enterprise.

BIXOLON SLP-DX220 Shipping Label Printer

One of the main features of this model can be called high functionality. It is equipped with special sensors, some of which allow you to work with different types of tapes, others prevent damage to the thermal head. The advantages of the model include automatic recognition of the type of tape, ease of loading it, and the presence of a real-time clock.

There is an option to automatically cut the tape, users are given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of fonts, barcodes. The thermal printer comes with a proprietary Label Artist™ custom label design program. Many users are also pleased with the large amount of internal memory.

Toshiba B-EV4T-GS14-QM-R

The key advantages of the self-adhesive label printer are its compact size, ease of use and reliable, trouble-free operation. The instrument comes with a wide range of accessories. The thermal printer can easily fit even on a small desktop, which is convenient in confined spaces. It’s really small, but it’s one of those cases where compactness doesn’t come at the expense of functionality.

Excellent performance, high-speed USB interface, versatile internal software – this is only a small part of the advantages of the model. The print speed speaks for itself – up to 152 mm per second. It is in all respects a good option for use in the office, small businesses and shops. The only thing that can confuse the user is the lack of reviews.

Brother PT-P700 Shipping Label Printer

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small BusinessA small office option, made in a strict stylish design. It will fit perfectly into any commercial space and will help solve everyday problems. The desktop model works on the principle of thermal printing, complemented by a convenient barcode function. It can work both from the mains and from batteries, which expands the choice of installation location and eliminates unnecessary wires.

The print speed is quite high – 33 mm per second, the resolution is up to 180 dpi. Additional advantages – convenient USB interface, easy operation, light weight of only 710 grams, which is comparable to some portable models. There are no complaints about quick or frequent breakdowns, so the model can be called one of the best.

Dymo LabelManager 210D

The portable thermal label printer is small in size and does not take up much space on the desktop. A feature of the model is a large graphic screen on which the final result is visible. This allows you to make adjustments before you start printing. Entering information in Latin and Cyrillic. Switching the keyboard to another format is done by pressing one button. Functional control keys are located under the screen, additionally highlighted in color. You can print both uppercase and lowercase letters in two lines. The user can choose the direction of the font – vertical or horizontal. For the design of stickers, professional options are laid: five frame options, 7 text styles, 6 letter sizes. Work is possible with nylon, polyester tapes that are resistant to water, solar ultraviolet, temperature extremes and frost.

Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Shipping Label Printer  for small business

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small BusinessThis epson portable thermal transfer label printer is designed to work with ribbons from 6 to 18 mm wide. This allows the device to be used in retail chains, libraries and offices. The gadget is used for marking cards in the banking sector, when inventorying equipment. Supports 14 fonts and 5 character sizes. The memory stores 87 frames that help to personalize the label. Good graphics quality on standard, transparent, matte and black ribbons. Works with high strength consumables. Power supply – 6 AA batteries, information is displayed on the screen, which is equipped with a backlight. A manual cutter with a convenient key makes work easier. There is a transparent window to control the tape consumption.

Godex G500U

Designed to work with thermal transfer and thermal tapes. Shows good results when printing on nylon, fabric, polypropylene. The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic, which allows the printer to be used not only in the office, but also in a warehouse, on the trading floor. The standard resolution is 203 dpi, but if necessary, you can order a 300 dpi head. A slot in the chassis accepts custom-sized consumables. A roll holder for wide tapes is available as an option. Simplifies the work with tapes of different density dual sensor, which helps to avoid errors during output. Adapted to 1C programs of any version. A powerful processor is installed, the amount of memory is increased, which brings the model closer to industrial-class devices.

Brother PT-D450VP

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small BusinessCompact device with large graphic display. There is a backlight for viewing information in sunny weather. Compatible with personal computers and Apple technology, which can be used to design stickers. The manufacturer took care of the built-in templates for marking various items that can be edited by the user. The functionality allows you to work with tapes of increased strength, waterproof materials. To save energy, an automatic shutdown is provided. Connects to a household power outlet via an adapter or is powered by AA batteries. Trimming is done mechanically using the built-in cutter.

Jepod XP-470B

The printer is small in size, there are LAN and USB connectors for connecting to a PC. In a set the holder of a thermal paper in rolls. The width of the guides can be adjusted taking into account the characteristics of the consumable material. Prints 17 types of barcodes at 203 dpi resolution using direct thermal printing method. The speed of 127 mm/s allows you to perform a large amount of work during the day. The model is easy to maintain. No special skills are required to install the printer. The package includes a CD with drivers, the software is compatible with Windows, Linux systems. All settings and control are performed using a computer. The interface is informative, allows you to make adjustments, view stickers before printing.

TSC MB240 with LCD Touch Shipping Label Printer  for small businesses

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small BusinessDesigned for use in light industry enterprises. It is used for printing on self-adhesive tapes by thermal transfer method. Supports 27 1D and 8 2D barcodes. There is a small display for control and monitoring. To work with a computer, a convenient interface is provided, which has options for solving any production problems. In the manufacture of high-speed processors, updated firmware. An innovative head control technology has been developed for this model, which controls the heating time. This allows you to improve print quality, provide an increased level of security. USB, Ethernet interfaces are provided for communication with a PC; a wireless data transmission module can be installed.

Citizen CL-S700

High-speed model with vertical opening for quick access to consumables. Implemented direct and thermal transfer printing. Built-in ribbon control and positioning support ensure high image quality on small media. Can print on paper with a width of 50-178mm. Front access simplifies service. The speed of 250 mm/s is one of the best in its class. The LCD screen helps to set up the configuration, the backlight helps to read the data in poor lighting conditions. Functionality is provided by a paper sensor, a black mark sensor, a gap controller between labels. Access to the print head – using a metal mechanism.

Zebra ZD41022-D0E000EZ USB

Compact printer for printing self-adhesive labels with a maximum core diameter of 19 cm. It is controlled by a personal computer, to which it is connected via a USB port. Print quality 203 dpi allows you to work with stickers, receipts, product tags. The small sizes do convenient for a warehouse and office. High-speed printing allows you to increase productivity. Installation is simple and does not require special skills. The design simplifies maintenance, troubleshooting. Informative interface allows you to quickly type text, make adjustments to saved labels or templates. Compatible with 20 different barcode standards, supports programming languages ​​that the company’s old models worked with.

DBS Intelligent GI-2408T

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small BusinessDesigned for wholesalers, warehouses of manufacturing companies. Works on the principles of thermal transfer and direct printing. Demonstrates good results on paper of different weights. Equipped with a powerful processor, has 128 MB of RAM, which can be expanded. Print media is easy to load and set up. There is a USB host for standalone applications, and a standard PC keyboard can be connected to the device. Pre-installed emulations allow for easy integration into any production system. The manufacturer offers a wide range of programs for creating layouts. A speed of 203 mm/s helps solve complex tasks. Wired and wireless interfaces are provided for connecting to a computer.

Here are some areas where These Shipping Label Printer are actively used:

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Small BusinessLibraries. To save time, use to label books and library cards. This reduces the number of errors and ensures the smooth operation of the hall.

Assembly production. At present, auxiliary mini-equipment has taken a leading position here when checking the quality of the assembly. Automation gives the right to keep records of details and define them under a personal identifier, in this case human labor is minimized.

Boutiques. Most often, owners can afford to create a label not only with important information, but also apply various decorative elements to it. What defines the personal style of a boutique.

Warehouse complexes. The speed of the equipment ensures the systematic and prompt shipment of goods and its acceptance, and the audit has fewer errors made through the fault of a person.

Document processing. The mini printer can automatically read previously entered information or made payments, which does not require third-party resources and time.

Distribution and production. Manufacturers are given the opportunity to label their products in accordance with approved EAN-13 standards.

Post offices and services. The use of the bar coding method in this area allows you to make messages of letters, parcels and other resources without spending too much time.

Medical enterprises. One of the areas where the human factor can play a cruel joke on the resources owned by institutions. In order to avoid adverse consequences, the 2D barcode method has become widely used. In some clinics, all important information about the patient and his history is stored on bracelets equipped with a code.

Security systems. Passes with marked information give security, and restrict unauthorized access to dangerous areas.

Airports. The automatic system monitors the luggage and passengers present on the flight, or helps to identify dangerous items on board the aircraft, which makes it possible to take emergency measures in time.

Organizations. There is a publicly available technique – a conveyor built into a production line, which has similar parameters. Over time, enterprises specializing in a high level of productivity switched to the operation of thermal printers. They print tags, labels, labels for their products on their own.

Trade. The most extensive platform where the demand for the machine is huge. Multifunctional equipment is used for labeling goods, which reduces the cost of revisions. Provides general information about the availability or demand for a particular product. Facilitates the work of employees of the enterprise. Eliminates the possibility of making mistakes.

Equipment classification and parameters

Each model of the printer contains individual parameters and manufacturing technologies, among them stationary and manual, the execution of the product depends on the application or the desire of the owner.

Types of printers:

Mobile – compact, work without a stationary head PC, have a powerful battery that provides a long charge, often used in warehouse areas;

Stationary – the most budgetary, aimed at a range of 2 to 3 thousand copies, per shift;

Office – the number of printed units varies from 4 to 6 thousand;

Industrial – more often used in enterprises where from 25 to 30 thousand labels are required per shift;

Initial – small in size, easy to use, print up to 2 thousand markings and are often used in small retail outlets and branches;

High-performance – powerful and productive, print from 100,000 stickers.

Among other norms, it is important to know the printing technology, the durability of characters and the material for applying characters depend on this information.

There are two types:

Direct thermal.

This method allows savings on paint or ribbon (ink ribbon). Such a system works by heating a thermal tape that is sensitive to temperature changes. The head of the mechanism heats the tape, and thereby displays the desired image. True, such stickers are not durable, and any external influences contribute to their wear: moisture, UV rays, scratches. If you have to work in such conditions, it is better to choose another option.

Thermal transfer printing.

In this form, the printer uses an ink ribbon. The application method is similar to the first one, the paint is transferred to the sticker when heated. This implies the consumption of different colors and high quality, such a label is not affected by external factors, the raw materials are denser structures. Such stickers will not lose color for a long time, and the barcode can always be read.

Each mechanism has its own speed, which is indicated on the product upon purchase, measured in millimeters per second.

Equipments have different keyboard layouts, at the moment they use the Latin layout in English more often, over time, manufacturers plan to expand keyboard options.

All operating systems are suitable for work, detailed data will be described on the product box. An important factor is the resolution provided, which affects the quality of the printed sticker.

The dpi indicator will just make it possible to determine the quality of the source, the higher the dpi, the better and more clearly consumers will see the result. There are also resolutions 300dpi, 600dpi, 203dpi.

Connect to the head control equipment, any unit is possible, using the USB port, wi-fi are the most common ways, but there are others.

A certain device requires a personal approach to power, it can be C, AA, AAA batteries, mains or power storage.

How to choose a Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer for small business

The equipment is used in small shops and large trading companies, enterprises and offices. The scale of activities form their requirements for technology. When choosing, they take into account performance, quality and resolution, pay attention to the implemented technologies. When using different consumables, it is worth evaluating the equipment. Only taking into account these features, you can buy a device that can solve the tasks.
In large cities, “replacement funds” operate. They are needed when the label printer suddenly breaks down and production “stands up”. In order to receive a stable profit from sales and choose new equipment without haste, we advise you to contact a replacement fund.

Print resolution

The quality of the final image depends on the print resolution. The higher it is, the better the image will appear on the receipt, but it will take a little longer to print. For example, a device with a resolution of 203 dpi is enough to print a barcode, for a QR code – 300 dpi, for receipts with a small font, a higher resolution will be required.

Volume, print speed

High volume production requires high speed printing. For budget printers, this is 30 mm / s, more expensive ones print from 100 mm / s. It is worth analyzing the number of customers, and on this basis, select equipment.

Additional options also affect the speed of printing: for example, a useful feature is an auto cutter. It is not needed for those who are looking for cheaper equipment.

OS Compatibility

Before purchasing the device, we advise you to find out about its compatibility with popular operating systems – with Windows, Lunix and others. This is necessary in order to regulate the main characteristics of printing not from the equipment itself, but from the computer.

Label sizes and application

Generally accepted width standards range from 58-104 cm, where 58 cm are parameters for small and medium categories of printers, and 104 cm for large ones. The distribution of the work of labels depends on the method of printing technology, with this in mind, materials are produced with certain features: strength, color, shape, stickiness.

Accessories are up to you.

Here are the accessories that you should look at and purchase if they are not available:

  • Thermal transfer mechanism;
  • Paper separator;
  • Knife with storage for already cut paper;
  • Additional memory module (allows the use of application resources);
  • Label rewinder.

Benefits of using technology

According to buyers and owners, the use of technology has a number of advantages:

  • It acts as an identifier, the marking is entered into the commodity register,
  • which allows you to find the desired product by scanning.
  • Accuracy, information is read automatically, which reduces the chances of an error when entering or searching for the desired object.
  • Facilitation of the inventory process, when entering products into a common database.
  • Automation of the workflow, it takes less time than manual labor.
  • Systematization, allowing to ensure order when accounting for units.
  • And which label printer from those noted in the review did you like? Share your opinion in the comments to the article.

Conclusion :

The main purpose of best Shipping Label Printer is to print labels for small business, which are subsequently pasted onto the product packaging. The need for this may arise at any stage: production, transportation, storage in a warehouse, sale in a store. Hope this article helped you to clear your confusion about how to choose a printer so that it meets all the needs of your business.

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