Can You Use Pink Butcher Paper For Sublimation

For successful sublimation, the choice of paper is essential. Although other types of paper are available in this process, butcher paper – typically used to wrap meat – has become one of the most popular materials for sublimation. Have you ever wondered if sublimation is possible with pink butcher paper? In this article, we’re delving into the properties of use pink butcher paper for sublimation to understand its suitability for sublimation and provide a detailed guide on how it can be done.

What is exactly pink butcher paper?

Pink butcher paper, more commonly referred to as peach paper, is an incredibly strong and resilient uncoated material that has been utilized in the meat business for decades. Combining natural fibers with a food-grade dye during production creates this unique pink-tinted wrapping used to package meats and protect them from moisture damage. Its exceptional durability makes it ideal for the long-term storage of proteins while still preserving their freshness. Moreover, pink butcher paper has been applied in various areas, such as painting, craftsmanship, and packaging. Interestingly enough, this type of material was recently utilized for sublimation testing.

Can You Use Pink Butcher Paper For Sublimation

Can you use pink butcher paper for sublimation?

Pink butcher paper is the ideal material for sublimation. It delivers several advantages, such as its strength, durability, and water resistance properties, that make it perfect for printing projects. Plus, because it’s all-natural and uncoated, the dye can be easily absorbed onto the surface of pink butcher paper without needing a transfer or coating paper beforehand. All these features make Pink Butcher Paper an excellent choice when you want to quickly create high-quality prints with vibrant colors. Besides, the pink hue of this paper can bring a unique part to your sublimated products. Additionally, it is reasonably priced and easily accessible; hence making it an ideal choice for people starting with sublimation. Pink butcher paper has all you need.

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Can You Use Pink Butcher Paper For Sublimation

Using Pink Butcher Paper for Sublimation- Step-by-Step Guide:

Before utilizing pink butcher paper for sublimation, you must procure all necessary components. For this procedure, be sure to have at hand these items:

Pink butcher paper:

This is the primary substance utilized in the sublimation process. Pink butcher paper is a pink-colored paper commonly used for wrapping meats in a deli or butcher shop. It is a natural, uncoated paper that absorbs dye well and is reasonably priced and widely available.

Sublimation ink:

Sublimation ink is an essential element of the sublimation process, which uses heat to transfer ink onto surfaces. In this example, it will be deposited on pink butcher paper.

Sublimation printer:

Unleash your creativity with a sublimation printer. Perfect for printing vibrant images onto transfer paper, these devices can heat up to high temperatures and are designed specifically to handle specially formulated sublimation ink.

Heat press:

A heat press is a machine that transfers images onto pink butcher paper by combining intense pressure and extreme temperature. Using sublimation transfer paper, the heat press impresses intricate designs with precise detail into the paper’s surface.

Sublimation transfer paper:

Sublimation transfer paper is a revolutionary medium that enables you to create exquisite, long-lasting designs on various materials. This specialized printing paper features an engineered layer that captures ink and successfully transfers the result onto most surfaces with stunning clarity.

Can You Use Pink Butcher Paper For Sublimation

Sublimation process on pink butcher paper:

Prepare the Image:

To begin the sublimation process on pink butcher paper, creating or finding an image in JPEG or PNG format is imperative. You must flip the picture horizontally because when printing onto transfer paper later, you will need to do so again, and reversing it beforehand will guarantee your design appears accurately on the pink butcher paper. With these steps, you can confidently move forward, knowing your artwork looks perfect.

Print the Image:

After designing your image, you can put it on transfer paper using a sublimation printer. To ensure the print is accurate and sharp, adjust the printer to its appropriate settings for sublimation printing. It’s best to heed the manufacturer’s advice depending on what type of ink and paper are used to guarantee optimal results.

Place the Image on the Pink Butcher Paper:

Before proceeding to the next step, ensure you’ve accurately placed your printed image on the transfer paper and centered it properly. From there, confidently move on to transferring the design onto pink butcher paper for further development.

Heat Press the Image:

You’ll need to use a heat press to transfer your image onto the pink butcher paper. Set it according to the manufacturer’s recommended temperature and pressure for sublimation before placing the paper on top – with its printed side facing up. Once in place, activate the press and hold down until enough time has passed as specified by them.

Remove the Transfer Paper:

Once your heat press cycle is complete, you can easily peel away the transfer paper to reveal a stunning image printed on pink butcher paper.

Allow the Image to Cool:

Allow the printed image to rest for a few moments before touching it; this will ensure that your ink is securely settled and avoid smudging or streaking.

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Can You Use Pink Butcher Paper For Sublimation


Does pink butcher paper require a special coating for sublimation?

For the highest quality transfers, pink butcher paper requires a sublimation coating or transfer paper so the ink can be absorbed into its fibers. Without this crucial layer, your image may not have the same detailed results as you desire.

Can you use pink butcher paper for sublimation on the fabric?

For outstanding results when fabric sublimation is concerned, ensure the material being used can handle it, and a specialized sublimation coating or transfer paper bolsters that pink butcher paper.

Does it matter what color butcher paper to use?

Despite its diverse range of colors, the strength, durability, and moisture resistance of butcher paper remain unaffected. Similarly, sublimation printing is possible on any uncoated butcher paper that can absorb ink no matter their shades. Therefore, you may utilize different colors depending on your needs without worrying about these qualities or capabilities.


Pink butcher paper is an option for sublimation projects; however, a special transfer paper or coating may be necessary if you need the absolute best results. Pink butcher paper offers amazing strength and durability while preventing moisture damage. Still, it might not always be your top choice – weigh out your project’s pros and cons before making any decisions. Before devoting to a major task, it is essential to gauge the results by testing a small sample. Despite being an excellent choice for sublimation, pink butcher paper comes with certain risks, so extra care must be taken to deliver superior quality outcomes that meet your expectations.

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