12 Rules for life Summary || an antidote to chaos by Jordan Peterson

12 rules for life summary

12 rules for life an antidote to chaos by Jordan Peterson Summary


12 rules for life summary Jordan Peterson

We live in an era of considerable uncertainty about the future, numerous social and political disputes, and an unprecedented flow of history data. With social networking as a catalyst and enabler, ideological divisions are widening, individuals are drifting apart, and a continuous noise seems to want to get everything out of focus, plunging each individual into a data whirlwind that is more disruptive than helping them get on with their life.


 About the author Jordan Peterson 12 rules for life summary

It is an era of continually revising professional paradigms, slowly pulverizing social structures and splitting into irreconcilable sections. And organizations what should be an increasingly linked society, a global village. Security has been lost in the midst of all this. Dreams and ideals have become confused, and trouble has emerged in the life of the individuals most worried and aware. In the face of so many challenges, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a renowned Canadian psychologist, and professor of 56 years launched the book 12 Rules for Life-An Antidote to Chaos, which sold over one million copies in early 2018.

The chaos the author has indicated in the title is not a vague concept to define existential distress. In each chapter, he describes separate conditions that lead to chaos among the most influential people on the brink of the cliff. A person who discovers a spouse’s betrayal, someone confronted with death or severe illness in the family. Dislike or hopelessness about career paths, parents who are unsure about enabling their children to explore life’s hardness, or someone who feels negative everywhere.

These views can influence a young or old individual, both sexes and insert into any social or professional fact, which in each situation causes distinct rates of pain. The range of methods is quite precise in defining conditions of hopelessness, revolt, and anxiety, rather than falling into generalities and relativism, enabling for unique identification.


Dr. Peterson, as a clinical psychologist with centuries of experience and multidisciplinary interests, has been able to synthesize a sequence of ideas into twelve guidelines that he believes essential for a powerful, autonomous and balanced approach towards life. It’s tough for someone not to be interested in all the laws when you begin reading each one because they involve very scientific ideas. Thus, Jordan Peterson’s specific twelve rules went to write his job as follows:

12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson  || 12 rules for life summary

The book “12 Rules for Life,” as it lists 12 rules for a more meaningful life, can assist alter your life, or rather your attitude towards life.


The book provides an antidote to the chaos and issues of our lives by mixing lessons from the oldest tales and myths of humanity with vivid examples of his clinical practice and private life.

It focuses on the famous phrase: “You may not be able to prevent an issue, but you may be able to modify the manner you handle it!”Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, who is also a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, is the author of the 12 Rules for Life book and teaches mythology to doctors, lawyers, and business people.


We have provided you with an overview of each rule and how to apply it in your lives. Come on?

RULE 1 – Upright back and back shoulders

12 rules for life summary
12 rules for life summary

What the author recommends is to straighten your spine and lift your head. This is the situation that the reader wants to achieve. And indeed, many studies show that you automatically increase your trust and self-esteem just by correcting your posture.

He uses as an example lobster in this rule, an animal with a hierarchical social structure. The lobster is shrunken when you lose a fight; and when it wins, your body expands. She passes a dominant image to the other lobsters as she grows in size, and this also causes her to win the next clashes only through her winning stance.

It is a physiological process that also occurs in psychology, and the human body and even uses the same hormones in us as well as in lobsters. Our position is proof of our ability. So the first rule, especially in chaos, is to stand firm, upright.


Rule 2 – Take Care of Yourself as You Would Care for Someone Under Your Responsibility

12 rules for life summary
12 Rules for life summary

I’m sure you’d take care of her as best you could if your mother were sick. Without medicine and all the attention, he wouldn’t leave her. But what would you be so careful if you were ill?

What usually happens is that we are very dear to the people we love, so we do all we can to keep them healthy and happy, for instance, if you love your kids, you probably won’t let them eat a lot of crap. If you know your friend wants to lose weight, I bet he’ll be encouraged to practice even if he doesn’t want to, right? And because you care about their health and well-being, you do that!

And why are we not taking care of ourselves the same way we care about that particular member of the family, a dear friend or even our pet?

Imagine how different your life would be if you were treated with the same love that treats the people you love!


Rule 3 – Be friends with people who want the best for you

12 Rules for life summary
12 Rules for life summary

I know this rule is obvious, but I also know that a lot of people don’t follow it.

And do you know who your real friends are? Let’s take an example: you’ve only realized your dream of buying a home! Wow, that’s great. At least congratulations are what you want to hear. But instead, your “friend” ends up criticizing, even without realizing it, such as “ah but now you have to save money for the furniture” or “pity it’s not in the neighborhood, right?” Yeah, better review your friendships and surround yourself with people who want your kind. Remember: accompanied only better than badly!

Rule 4 – Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not Who Someone Else Is Today
12 Rules for life summary
12 Rules for life summary


Every person has a different life, different difficulties, and therefore, different outcomes. So why are you still insisting on comparing with each other?

The author tells one truth: “There will always be someone who will make you feel incompetent, no matter how good you are at something. “Compare with yourself only, and if you realize you’re better than yesterday, know that you’re on the right track. Be YOUR best version and stop looking sideways.



Rule 5 – Don’t Let Your Children Do Something That Makes You Stop Liking Them
12 Rules for life summary
12 Rules for life summary

Many may find this rule only useful to parents, but it’s not true. It fits everybody, and I’m going to tell you why. If you’ve got a kid and he’s doing something you don’t like, don’t ignore him. Explain the situation and why it’s not supposed to. For everything, the conversation is the best solution. And if you don’t solve this little problem today, know that it can intensify your child in relationships and his profession in the future and even disrupt it.

And make a compliment when he does something right or something useful. Take the opportunity to compliment her instead of shopping for gifts and spoiling the child. Do this also with your friends, family, and colleagues. If you noticed something beautiful was done by the person, tell them. A good compliment, of course, sincere, makes you feel good with the person.


Rule 6 – Leave Your Home in Perfect Order Before Criticizing the World

12 Rules for life summary
12 rules for life an antidote to chaos

It’s effortless to criticize people. But have you ever looked at your faults in the mirror? Isn’t what you criticize about the other, what’s inside of you? Well, the tip of the author is precise: leave your home in perfect order before leaving to criticize the world. That is, there’s nothing you can criticize that you’re not doing yourself. An example is those who say they take care of the environment, but in reality, they don’t even care about their waste recycling.

Stop thinking about what others are supposed to do, and begin to change your situation. What can you do to help the world improve your life? Comprehend that small attitudes yield great results, so do a self-analysis and try to be a better person before you go judgmental.

Rule 7 – Seek the Meaningful, Not the Convenient

12 rules for life an antidote to chaos
12 rules for life an antidote to chaos


Most of us are guilty of this, as we often try to do what’s more comfortable, or what brings us the quickest outcomes.

Author Viktor Frankl says in the book “Man Searching for a Direction” that the human being is moved to what only has meaning to him. And yes, usually we’re looking for what’s best for us, not for others or the world. In the short term, instead of thinking upfront, we believe. In this rule, what the author means is that you begin to think long-term and try to do what is going to really have some meaning in your life, not just go the easy or the fast way.

Rule 8 – Tell the truth. Or at least, don’t lie.

12 rules for life an antidote to chaos
12 rules for life summary

Society would work much better if everyone were honest and sincere. For example, if you’re in a relationship where you’re not telling each other the truth with your partner, this relationship is virtually meaningless and without trust. What’s the point of keeping such a thing? Or why would you have a friend you don’t trust, even with your friendships? You certainly wouldn’t tell him anything if you know he’s unreliable. So again, what is the point of keeping a friendship like this? People are lying to conquer things and people, but how can they maintain this lie then?

Another thing that happens is that for fear of the reaction of the other person, many people can not say “NO.” Ever thought you might just be stuck because you couldn’t tell the truth? Follow the tip of the author and speak the truth, or at least don’t lie and understand the need for the “NO.”


Rule 9 – Assume the person you are talking to may know something you do not know.
12 rules for life pdf
12 rules for life summary


See if you’ve been through this: you’re talking to a friend and realizing that he’s not really paying attention, so he keeps asking you to repeat, or worse, try changing the subject, cutting you off and talking about his life. Or you’re a friend of yours, and you end up not paying attention to your friend’s talk.

The other person is much more comfortable sharing information with you if you pay attention, making you learn new things and preserving your friendship, of course. And according to the author, it’s probably not paying attention if you find the conversation annoying. The conversation becomes much more enjoyable when you understand that the person you’re talking to knows something you don’t know yet!

Rule 10 – Be precise in what you say


12 rules for life summary by Jordan Peterson
12 rules for life summary Jordan Peterson

Know that you’ll be much more successful in your relationships, friendships, and even in your professional life if you adopt this next rule and combine it with rule number 8. Decide what you want and be precise about what you’re saying. Don’t say you want to please the people around you. Here’s an example: if you’re in a relationship and you don’t tell the person what you really want, that person’s never going to know so they can’t change or help. Know what you want and be precise about what you and others are asking yourself!


Rule 11 – Do Not Disturb Children When They Are Skateboarding

12 rules for life audiobook
12 rules for life audiobook

The author says you should let kids play, challenge themselves, and discover new stuff. Of course, if they do something hazardous, you should avoid them, but otherwise, first, analyze the situation.

Do you know, for example, when they play who jumps higher? Well, they’re fighting deep down, competing with each other, and getting better. Or do not disturb when they’re skateboarding thinking it’s dangerous. It’s not just a joke; it’s a challenge for itself. If they practice it because they want to improve it and that’s part of their development!


Rule 12 – Pet, a cat when you meet one on the street

12 rules for life audiobook
12 rules for life audiobook


Maybe this rule is the most important and can make many things change your mind. It’s about enjoying life’s beauty, even on tough days. Little things, especially those related to nature, are the most important. A dear person is in the hospital, for instance, and you’re sad to visit her. That’s normal because it’s a hard time. But if, along the way, you see a cat or dog, stop and pet it. Or if you know another flower or a beautiful tree, stop to enjoy it. These small gestures and the simplest things can shine a hard time.

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Well, that was a summary of the 12 rules for the life of Jordan Peterson, and if you liked it and want to read a full book in detail. Just click the Amazon link and buy now. Have a nice time.

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