6 Best beginner snowboard boots 2019 || Review and buying guide

best beginner snowboard boots 2019

6 best beginner snowboard boots 2019

As the saying goes, good horses are equipped with good saddles. Snowboard boots are the most important items that are directly in contact with your feet and are directly connected to the holder. The only criterion for choosing snow boots is comfort. The feeling you wear is more important than all the parameters, so be sure to try it yourself! In this article we will discuss best beginner snowboard boots in full detail, also we will help you in buyers guide and FAQ questions.

Types of Snowboard shoes

At present, there are two types of mainstream snowboard shoes: two-piece and three-piece. The traditional two-piece snow shoes are well wrapped, the power can be better communicated to the snowboard, and the handling is better, suitable for the snow friends who pursue the speed experience. The three-piece snowshoe makes the hardness adjustment more flexible, and it is more comfortable and easy to wear. It is suitable for free-style leisure sliding.


There are also some details to choose from when choosing a pair of snowshoes. The first is the most important Last Shape. In general, the narrower the shoe last, the better the feel will be, but the less comfortable it will be. Specifically, you can use a professional tool to measure the width of the foot, and then choose the appropriate width of the last. Although the same nominal width of 98mm, different brands will be different, so be sure to try on yourself.


Secondly, the boots are closely related to comfort. A good pair of inner boots is very important. The comfort warmth and shaping ability are the standards. There is also a shoe shell, in addition to the main style is still different in hardness. Two-piece competitive shoes, in order to maintain a perfect package, the shoe material is very hard, and requires a certain degree of flexibility, so competitive shoes are generally heavy. The three-piece shoe case does not require any flexibility, but is very lightweight and hard plastic, so the three-piece shoes are very light and comfortable to wear.


Finally, the shoe buckle is recommended to choose metal, and other additional features are better than nothing. lets check best 5 best beginner snowboard boots 2019


best beginner snowboard boots 2019
best beginner snowboard boots 2019

The legendary Superstar embodied in incredibly comfortable snowboard boots, designed not only to provide the rider with a high level of comfort, but also add a significant share of style to the overall snow bow. Recognizable Superstar-style molded rubber nose, upper strap, sleek 3 stripes on the side of the boot and classic lacing – Adidas The Superstar snowboard boots are ready to help you stay true to your style. And the shock-absorbing sole, tenacious tread and flexible boot design will provide all conditions for maximum comfort so that you can fully concentrate on dynamic riding.


  • Detachable upper strap that adds style and extra support
  • Soft insert in the area of ​​the bend of the boot, allows the boot to bend naturally and without creases, ensuring a correct fit along the leg without displacements during movement
  • Classic lacing
  • Classic Superstar Rubber Nose
  • The tenacious tread allows you to keep perfectly on icy areas while walking
  • EVA foam cushioned midsole
  • Hinge at the top of the cuff for easy donning
  • Upper Material: Durable faux leather.



Burton MOTO snowboard boots

best beginner snowboard boots 2019
best beginner snowboard boots 2019

The guys at Burton are choosing different methods. “Quality” and “cool technology” have long been synonymous with this brand. Moto model is perfect for conquerors of street, edges and railings. If this is your first time on the board, pay attention to this model. Soft and comfortable Moto boots will serve you faithfully for more than one season. The Burton MOTO is THE best seller among snowboard boots. Lighter and warmer than most of them and comfortable to wear from day one. Above all, it offers you comfort and is easy to handle at a good price. With its straightforward lacing system, the MOTO saves you a lot of time between cabin and lift. Your feet will be pampered with the Total Comfort design, and every shock is dampened by the DynoLite outsole.


  • Snow-proof internal gusset keeps your feet dry.
  • DynoLITE Outsole provides superior cushioning
  • Highly shock-absorbent Level 1 Molded EVA Footbed.
  • NEW ImprintTM 1+ Liner with Integrated Lacing, offering new comfort fit
  • DynoLITE Outsole with Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil
  • 1: 1 Soft Flex Tongue
  • Response: 3




 Salomon Faction Snowboard boots

faction boot


This model of boots for the snowboard of the famous Salomon brand is available on the market in 2 versions – Boa and Speed ​​Lace. They are aimed at beginner snowboarders and intermediate enthusiasts. However, unlike other models of board shoes, which are available in the manufacturer’s line, these boots do not use the usual Quicklock lacing system. The latches are located in the lower part and along the entire tongue. This lacing allows for optimal fit and perfect fit of the shoes under the foot. They support very well, especially around the heel.


Training in Salomon Faction boots helps a novice athlete to develop very quickly and master the technical wisdom of snowboarding. They are easy to balance, because the versions of Boa and Speed ​​Lace are quite flexible (hardness level 4). The board at Salomon Faction is surprisingly obedient. In addition, you can not be afraid that, falling during the downhills, quickly bring these boots into disrepair – the outer part is made of high-strength and extremely durable synthetic leather. They breathe well and are able to adapt to the shape of the legs and remember it.


  • Classic foam located in the sensitive areas of the foot.
  • ptimal for a rider looking to progress and have a forgiving feel at their feet.
  • When the best lacing systems meet to offer precise, quick and easy tightening for maximized security and hold.
  • Thermo-moldable Liner: Custom Fit foam
  • Internal Lacing System: Quick-Pull






Vans ENCORE Black Snowboard boots best beginner snowboard boots 2019


These shoes will attract attention not only with external characteristics, but also with technical capabilities. The density of the inner boot is double and can be thermoformed in a matter of minutes, while providing comfort for the legs during active training. Its frame has an unusual oblique shape, which helps to more securely fix the ankle. To avoid the effect of suture pressure, the hidden joints of the inside are made soft using a special material.


The sole of the boot is light and durable (Reverse Waffle Outsole). The waffle tread is responsible for grip and stability. The plantar profile is underestimated, which makes it easier to feel the board.


The insole perfectly takes on impacts when landing, removes excess vibration.



  • The reliable Trifit X-Liner internal boot with thermoforming, in which the placement of shock-absorbing inserts is thoughtfully low, there is an additional oblique fixation on the lower leg;
  • The sole fully meets the requirements and perfectly fulfills its intended purpose: traction, anti-slip system, shock-absorbing stability;
  • V2 Footbed insole technology provides good support for the foot; there are additional inserts for cushioning;
  • There is antibacterial protection and perforation responsible for air circulation




Snowboard boots BURTON INVADER

 snowboard boots

These boots are suitable not only for beginners, but for progressive riders. Sufficiently soft boots with a flexible tongue will provide maximum freedom of movement while riding and performing tricks. An EVA foam footbed in combination with DYNOLITE anti-vibration inserts will allow the foot to feel great even during hard landings.

Comfortable, non-rigid boots for beginner snowboarders. The inside is excellent in retaining heat, and with the help of thermoforming you can achieve an ideal fit on the foot. The 3D tongue comfortably wraps around the foot and prevents snow from entering the boot. Traditional lacing. An EVA foam shock-absorbing outsole provides excellent vibration damping.


  • TOTAL COMFORT CONSTRUCTION: these boots are designed to be comfortable to wear from day one without additional fitting
  • SHRINKAGE ™ FOOTPRINT REDUCTION technology: reduced footprint size, thereby reducing overall boot weight
  • SNOW-PROOF INTERNAL GUSSET technology protects against moisture and snow entering the boot
  • EVA foam absorbing insole
  • Traditional lacing
  • Soft and flexible tongue
  • DYNOLITE OUTSOLE outsole provides excellent cushioning and is 20% lighter than the previous version.
  • Imprint 1 interior with integrated lacing
  • Hardness: 2


K2 RAIDER Snowboard boots

k2 rider

This model has been produced for many years, and its popularity is only growing. Thanks to the Comfort-Foam 3D Intuition internal boot, these boots give the advanced rider maximum mobility and excellent arch support. The Boa system for lacing the outer boot will pleasantly surprise you with its simplicity and reliability.

Low weight, responsiveness, reliability and comfort – without exaggeration, it’s all about the Raider model. BOA lacing for quick closure and boot adjustment on the go, Intuition thermoformed interior for a perfect fit. Rubber Light soles with Harshmellow technology are designed to improve the feel of the board, reduce the risk of injury and reduce fatigue.


  • Pretty good traction.
  • It’s quick to lace up and take off, easy to adjustable.
  • K2 is pretty good at eliminating pressure points with single BOA boots.



Frequently asked questions

Does a beginner need their own snowboard?

As a rule, beginners who choose their first snowboard need not only a board, but also a full set of clothes and equipment for a trip to the mountains. Of course, when the budget is limited, you have to save on something. And at this stage, many beginners make a common mistake, incorrectly determining priorities.

Snowboarding is primarily associated with the board, so most people try to invest in it. But they save on boots and good clothes, which are much more responsible for comfortable riding than the snowboard itself. And protection – shorts, a mask and, most importantly, a helmet – sometimes they don’t buy at all, risking their own safety on the slope.

How do I choose snowboard boots?

The purchase of the first snowboard kit should begin with the boots, because the choice of the right boots is the key to successful skiing. The pleasure of the skiing process, the improvement of technology, and even the safety of a snowboarder depend on them in many ways.

When choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to several main criteria:

  1.  Rigidity
  2.  Lacing
  3.  Inner boot and insole
  4.  The size
  5.  Trying in a store
  6.  Thermoforming capability


What level of flexion do I choose for my boots?

Among snow practitioners, we usually talk a lot about the flexion or stiffness of the material. What does this have to do with boots? Or put more directly, how easy it is to fold the boots. When you turn with a snowboard, you should be able to bend your knees towards the tips of your feet, so that the stiffness will determine what it costs you to do this movement. We have classified the boots on a three-level scale (soft, medium and hard). Most manufacturers classify their boots on a scale ranging from 1 to 10, so we have also included numerical values.

Soft boots

Snow boots with a softer flex are more permissive with the legs. These boots require less energy to spin and do not hurt your shins. Beginners will appreciate these boots because they are easier to fold and make turns easier. This permissiveness of the soft boots also helps in freestyle and jib to make it easier to land on modules or iron jumps.

Medium hardness: flex from 4 to 7

Medium flex boots are valid for many riders. An intermediate rider will love the greater support that these boots give him. A versatile rider will have greater versatility to ripate through all terrain, while a freestyle rider will get greater takeoffs in the jumps.

Hard: flex from 7 to 10

Some people are more hard. If you like to go all the way down the slopes and leave the trail of great turns in the snow, you will appreciate the greater control offered by these boots. In the same way, if you practice freeride in high mountains, these boots will give you the support you need at all times. Splitboard boots are hard to facilitate climbing.


How much should I spend on snowboard boots?

Prices for snowboard boots range from about $ 140 to $ 300, but some models can cost more. Pay attention to the fact that, although at a discount center you can buy shoes much cheaper, their quality usually leaves much to be desired.


If you can afford to spend a little more on one element of sports equipment, let it be boots. Indeed, regardless of your level of training, you will notice a difference in the quality of boots and bindings in any case. Save some money on the board and buy yourself the perfect boots.

Is it possible to break a leg inside a boot if it is incorrectly fitted?


This question is more for doctors. Screw fractures inside amateur boots are possible if the boot is large in volume and the leg dangles there like a rose in a glass. If this happens, wait for trouble. Lack of fixation, lack of cushioning – as a result, you simply catch all the skating with the boot, and not ride, and try to fix the leg so that it is convenient to make turns.

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Are shorter snowboard better for beginners?

The width of the board (waist) depends on the length of the snowboard: the larger it is, the wider the waist. The width affects the maneuverability of the board: the narrower the snowboard’s waist, the easier it will be to turn over; For different manufacturers, this parameter is different, but generally not significant. When choosing the width of the board there is a simple rule: the boot should not protrude beyond the edge of the snowboard by more than 2-3 cm, otherwise when cornering you will cling to the snow. Too wide a waist is also bad, in which case you will have to put more effort into the hem.

best place to buy snowboard boots?

You can buy snowboard boots from any top snowboard boots business website but if you are looking for discount and cant trust other sites then amazon or shopify are the best options

What setting and features should I look for?

Now that we know the main features, let’s take a look at the essentials of snow boots design. How I should have a boot, compatibility with fixings and special features.

Fitting a snow boot

How should I have a boot? This question is often recurring. We do not want you to suffer pain in your feet when you go to the mountain. Therefore, measure your feet well. Snow boots come in US or Mondopoint size (cm). To know your Mondopoint size, you should measure your foot longer, in centimeters, with your heel against a hard surface. Consider that your usual European size (EU) may be different in a snow boot. When you try on a boot for the first time, you will feel it tight. Do not panic! The ankle boots are made of a foam that will wear out over time.

Compatibility with the table and fixings

It is vital that the boots and fasteners fit. Otherwise, you will not be able to turn with the table. Use the size charts in our web store to see what size of bindings is good for your boots. If you have a boot number 44 or more, you will need a wider board. You must measure the length of your boots and compare it with the skate width (waist width) contained in the characteristics of each table. If the measurement is the same or greater than the width of the table, you should try the version with the greatest width (wide).

Snow boots ankle boots

Each snow boot carries a booty; What is special about it? The booty acts as a soft barrier between the hard part of the boot and the feet. Thus, we can see that they fulfill two very important functions. First, they keep your feet warm in the boot. Second, the booty provides a padded foot environment and offers comfort in the boot. These two functions are achieved thanks to the foam. This foam catches the air and acts as an insulator. The foam that the snow boots wear is usually thermoformable, so it will adapt to your foot to offer you a comfortable and warm fit.


Freestyle and jib boots have an additional cushioning system. When you throw the park jumps, your body is exposed to additional force on the landings. The cushioning system located on the heel of the snow boots softens the landings. Depending on the brand, you can carry a mixture of soft EVA foam, an air chamber or a combination of various materials.



The last element when choosing shoes is the choice of binding. Most manufacturers release individual models in several versions of the binding, thanks to the check everyone can choose their favorite.


Traditional laces

Many people consider traditional laces as the best solution, because we are able to tighten the laces to your preferences anywhere. An additional advantage is the ease of repair or replacement in the event of an interruption. The only downside is the considerable contribution of strength to the bonding, which women or young children may not cope with.


BOA system

Quick binding system consisting of a steel cable, wound using a BOA mechanism (cable pulling knob). The steel cord additionally stiffens the shoe when tightly tied.


Single Zone BOA

The system consists of one rope and one winding mechanism. A very good solution for women or small children who have problems with proper removal of traditional laces. The entire tying system of the shoe is based on turning the knob, which pulls the rope from the entire shoe. The only downside of a single BOA system is excessive cable pull from the upper zone of the shoe. We can often encounter a situation in which the top is strongly compressed and the bottom loose. The best way to tie your shoe correctly in this case is through systematic vertical bends when pulling the line.


Dual zone BOA

The system is only used in harder shoe models. It is based on the same principle of operation as single BOA, it is only divided into 2 zones. The knob on the tongue is responsible for pulling the lines located on the upper part of the shoe, and the knob on the side is responsible for pulling the bottom zone. This is an ideal solution, thanks to which you can separately adjust the power of holding the bottom of the shoe and affect the hardness of the shoe when adjusting the upper zone.


Fast tying system for snowboard boots

One of the newer solutions when tying snowboard boots, which is based on a special cord clamp at the upper zone of the shoe. The system is characterized by high strength of the line (sailing braid) and very fast binding that does not require a lot of effort. In the event of a breakdown, we are able to tie our own hands for the time of descent from the slope and we can easily replace the entire rope ourselves.


One – zone tying  system for snowboard boots

The system has one cable binding the outer shell of the shoe. It is mainly used in basic models of snowboard boots. A system very analogous to a single BOA.


Two-zone  binding system for snowboard boots

The system with the use of braided rope, divided into two parts. Separately, we adjust the clamping power of the lower zone, thanks to which we perfectly match the holding of our heel in the kennel and the upper zone responsible for changing the hardness of the shoe. It is a low-risk system that can always be tied up or replaced in the event of a crisis without using specialized tools. The perfect solution for women and young children who are not always able to properly tighten traditional laces.


If you managed to find the right shoe and tying system, order the equipment and wait for delivery. Remember that to check if the size is right, you should try on the shoe correctly, i.e. first of all tie up all systems and take a snowboard position. If the shoe adheres well and you don’t feel pressure in your toes, the size is right. You will learn about the correct procedure of trying on snowboard boots from our article