How to shave with an electric razor or shaver: [ Details guide]

shave with an electric razor or shaver

How to shave with an electric razor or shaver


It is usually an easy procedure to shave using an electric razor. However, you might be unaware about how to use one if you are new to electric shavers. You should even doubt whether they are correct for you or not. These guides will help you determine whether with an electric razor you are ready to make the transition to shaving and teach you how to keep the process quick.



Choose a Razor of Decent

shave with an electric razor or shaver

There are several distinct styles of electric shavers available. They vary in price and each comes with a range of characteristics. The two common head types are foil razors and rotary razors. Foil razors have travelling blades in one or three straight rows, while rotary razors have three revolving circular blades. There are razors that are specially built to keep and dispense shaving cream and water for dense hair, razors with self-cleaning devices, and even electronic shavers. Based on your preferences, your budget, and your hair style, the razor you want will differ.

2 Get Your Face set


Washing the face before using an electric shaver is helpful. The hot water clears the pores and softens the follicles of the scalp. By making the hair stay straight, pre-shave cleansers will offer you an even better shave. Shaving will even help you have a near shave right after showering. Make sure to dry it completely after washing your hands, unless you have a waterproof razor. With shaving cream, water, and other things, certain electric razors may be used, just be sure to closely check the manufacturer’s directions before doing it with your electric razor. Applying a lotion or cream pre-shave will help to extract excess oil from your face for an

3 Find a strategy that works for you for shaving


It seems that shaving against hair growth produces a closer shave, but also raises the risk of razor burn. If you have delicate skin, or are using an electric shaver for the first time, shaving your hair might be a smart idea. With differing skin types, everybody is different, so try a few approaches to find the one that is perfect for you.

4 Hydrate


Applying post-shave aftershave or moisturizer may help to hydrate and protect the face. There are also aftershave items that, for longer lasting smoothness, aid slow hair development. To make your aftershave your own, you might suggest buying a product from your favourite cologne company.


Tips on Grooming


Keeping the blades of your electric razor clean will help prolong the shaver’s life and consistently give you a close shave as well. There are self-cleaning shavers available as well.

To get used to shaving using an electric razor, you might notice that your skin requires an adjustment time. Do not give up entirely on electrical shaving; take a little longer to see how it fits you.

To ensure you have a decent shave and prevent facial pain, replace dull blades and thin screens roughly last year.




How to get a closer shave with an electric razor

shave with an electric razor or shaver

Phase 1–Step 1

Made sure you are charged and ready to go for your shaver.


Phase 2 — Step 2

Before shaving your face, attempt to clean, because after bathing, the skin appears to be slightly swollen.


Phase 3 — Step 3

You should cut your stubble beard for a couple days without shaving, such as after the holiday, before you shower.


Phase 4 — Step 4

Now, turn on the Braun shaver. Before you shave extra delicate places or those that need a tighter shave, spread the skin with your free side. It guarantees a seamless slide over the skin.


Phase 5 — Step 5

Keep the shaver to the skin at a right angle (90 °) and shave towards the direction of beard growth. Bear in mind, though, that stopping over and over again in the same places improves the likelihood of not getting skin discomfort.


Phase 6 — Step 6

Keep up the pressure to shave as best as possible. No reason to push as hard on a manual razor as you do.

Phase 7 — Step 7

Regularly scrub the shaver. You will be able to use the Braun cleaning hub, which automatically cleans and lubricates the shaver at the click of a button, depending on the model.

Finally, finally,

As wear bits, we suggest that you repair the cutting parts after 18 months. Don’t try too hard to stay with it!



How to shave your head with electric razor

Step 1

Soften the hair and cut it.

The easiest way to shave your hair is to shave during or shortly afterward so it makes it easy to remove those bristly hairs. With a trimmer such as the All Purpose Gillette STYLER, you can need to first give your hair a short cut. Feel your scalp for bumps and moles before shaving.

Phase 2 — Step 2


Shaving Gel Attach

This would further help smooth the scalp, increase the glide of the razor, and further protect the skin from discomfort. From start to finish, Gillette shave gels and foams help offer you a flawless shave.

Phase 3 — Step 3

Stop Blades with Dull

Lubrastrips are tested before shaving. It might be time to replace the blades if they appear faded or the blades sound dull. Find out the replacement blades for Gillette or subscribe to your favourite blade so that you never run out!

Phase 4 — Step 4

Gentle strokes Shave With Light

Shave utilising even pressure with soft, straight strokes. Try turning course and moving toward the grain for the second pass, operating in a pattern that is easy for you.

Phase 5 — Step 5

Shave Contours Along

The Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Shield Razor Handles Flexball Technology allows the blades to quickly pivot around the contours of your scalp. To further protect them from getting nicked, fold your ears back while you operate with them.

Phase 6 — Step 6

Blades of Rinse Also

Run the blades softly every few strokes under the faucet, both on the back and front sides of the blades, and then shake off the excess water gently. Do not tap the razor against the sink or wipe against a towel; by influencing the delicate arrangement of the blade parts, these practises will decrease the life of the razor. To extract built-up shaving wax, dirt, and dead skin, rinsing the blades under running water works.

Phase 7 — Step 7

Shaving Cream Reapply

Reapply shave gel to help stop razor burn and discomfort before re-shaving any region.

Phase 8 — Step 8

Off towel

Using cold water to clean your head, then dry off.

Phase 9 — Step 9


Moisturizing with an aftershave lotion directly after shaving tends to soothe just-shaved skin; moisturising helps keep your hair smooth and hydrated as part of your regular shaving routine.

How to shave with an electric razor without irritation

shave with an electric razor or shaver

  1. Don’t hurry, get your face primed,


An impressive way to exploit the skin is to hurry into a shave. By prepping the field, you can assign a fair amount of time. You should prepare the face by washing it, using the face as an illustration in this essay.


To further smooth the scalp, dermatologists suggest using facial cleansers; they argue that soap can be harsh and can strip out the oils that soften the hair. Keep the facial cleanser for a few minutes on your face, then wipe it off.

  1. Using Cream for Shaving


To have a smooth shave and skin afterwards, it is important to use shaving cream. Dermatologists say that you can use shaving creams branded for delicate skin, based on your skin response. Using a brush for full impact, lather your face with it, and let it rest for 2 or 3 minutes to soften the hair on your face, making it simple to shave with one sweep.

  1. Healthy Electric Shaver Use


Probably the most significant tip concerns the sort of shaver you choose. I realise you may have worked out the right shaver that fits for you by now. Often, experts advocate utilising single blade sharp razors when you are new to the shaving room. Some men prefer single razors, while some favour double razors; it is essential to be sharp and clean.


It can keep you going across it many times with a blunt blade, triggering skin pain, sloppy grooming, and bumps. But be sure you have an electronic blade that is sharp.

  1. Dust the razor for energy


Always guarantee that you are in outstanding and safe shape for your electric shaver. A successful shaving experience begins with a clean shaver. Also, it is important to adjust your blades periodically to maintain your razor in excellent shape. That is why experts prefer using affordable single blades instead of multiples that would be pricey and less prone to adjust them.

  1. The Treatment for Heat and Cold


Shaving in the bathroom or after a shower is advised by certain experts; this is to maintain the skin moist, allowing for a nice shave. This is why, before a shave, certain barbers prepare the skin with moisturised hot towels.


Rinse the skin with cool water following a shave to minimise inflammation. As cold water eliminates inflammation, this is similar to compressing an injury with ice. In order to maintain the skin dehydrated to prevent discomfort, you might also use a moisturiser or other skin-friendly aftershave.

  1. Go to the Grain With


This is a rule of thumb; the grain still goes with it when shaving. This ensures you can run the razor in the direction in which the hair rises. Irritation, aftershave itch, and razor burn may be induced by moving against the direction, but certain people tend to go against the grain because it gives them a better shave. However, if you obey the above measures and sufficiently soften the scalp, by going with the grain, you can get a near shave.

  1. Treat yourself and have the expert contact occasionally


Recently, it has become popular for males to professionally have their shaves finished. Saving them the time and money they have to do it. Additional skin-friendly incentives such as face massage and sanitised heated towel therapies are often provided by certain practitioners. Even you should pamper yourself and have a shave done properly.


Cleaning the electric shaver during usage is one of the most crucial tips. This preserves the shaver for the next usage safe and in good shape. If you use it next, discarding the razor without using it might make it more difficult to clean and even dangerous for your skin.



How to shave your pubic area with an electric razor

shave with an electric razor or shaver

Using an electric razor, how to clean the pubic hair


To get the best possible experience and the smoothest possible shave, the equipment and approach you use to shave your pubic and perineal region are important. The easiest way to extract pubic hair is by substance and procedure, from the foam to the blade to the path of the shave.

Select the best razor


Although the trick can be performed by most razors, consider the region. It makes sense to select a razor specially made for sensitive skin, since the pubic region is one of the most vulnerable areas on your body. While labels don’t inherently matter, choosing one that is more appropriate for vulnerable areas with blades does. Often, make sure that is one you can use specifically along your bikini line while selecting a razor. This tends to protect any virus from being feasible. Hold the pubic hair razor apart from other razors in a separate location so that you don’t use it unintentionally on other body sections.

Apply foam for shaving


A good shaving cream or foam will help make it much smoother to shave your bikini spot. For a nice lather, pick an unscented version (the aroma of others can irritate sensitive skin) with good foaming action. Like a scissors, as opposed to facial hair, choose a foam, cream, or gel meant for pubic hair or more delicate skin. To search for some sensitivity, before using the foam, try it out on another part of the body in a small region. They are sometimes gentler than men’s and can be found in fragrance-free models, but you still don’t need to use women’s shaving cream.

Shave in the desired direction


This causes pubic hair to be cut in the correct direction. This means going in the direction of hair development, in addition to going slow. Then shave in an upward motion if all the hair is pointed up. Using this decreases the possibility of agitation, injuries, or razor burn. You can go from side to side as well, helping your skin get used to a razor in that region.

The risk of pain, bruises, or razor burning is minimized by shaving in the correct way.


One of the secrets to shaving well is to note that more is less. You run the risk of bumps and inflammation as you over shave. And if you’re new to shaving your pubic hair, spread out your shavings so that you can get used to shaving your pubic hair.

If required, stretch your skin


Stretched skin is equivalent to smooth skin, and flat skin provides a greater ability for the razor to function properly. Keep the skin taut just above the place you are shaving with your free side. Shift your hand as you go, moving as close to the place you’re shaving as possible.


Downward strokes work well in this field if you want to shave your ass. Using your free side, keeping the skin taut will also aid here. As your ass is normally a little less responsive than your pussy, if desired, you can run the razor down a second time. Simply be gentle.

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Take note of the place that is shaved


You rasped. Yet you’ve got shaving cuts and bumps right now. And how are you getting rid of the pubic area’s razor bumps? Aftercare shaving is as critical as the prep work beforehand, perhaps more so, in reality. To ensure the smoothest possible shave, the following are some moves.


Only exfoliate. More dead skin cells may have been stirred up by shaving. This is removed by exfoliating and assists with embedded pubic hair. Just make sure you don’t have any exfoliating chemicals near your vagina, and stop using fragranced products, as freshly shaved skin can be irritated. In order to maintain your pubic region smooth, you can begin exfoliating regularly.

Hydrate. Some type of oil or lotion that is unscented would do. The skin and hair follicles are moisturised, holding itchy bumps at bay. Using a salicylic acid cream specially formulated for razor discomfort prior to moisturising, if you like.

Huh. Tweeze. It is easy to softly tweeze some remaining excess hair. Prior to or after moisturising, something should be achieved.

Choose underwear that is loose, not tight. Cotton underwear allows you breathe in the environment which helps to relieve discomfort.

Watch for bumps or pain post-shaving. Using an over-the-counter cream, you should attempt to combat irritation if you produce pimples on your pubic/perineal region after shaving.


Possible chance of the pubic hair getting shaved


Although shaving per se is not harmful, it may present potential risks. With a little common sense and care, you should stop these ones.


You’re not lonely if you’ve damaged yourself by shaving your pubic section. About 25 percent of people who shave their pubic region daily get injured, and some of them wind up having to go to the emergency room. A cut can even placed you at risk of a bacterial infection, but very few cuts end up being serious. Prepping and aftercare will help guarantee a cleaner shave and save you from scratches, bruises, and discomfort, perhaps.


Finally, you should consider waxing, either at home or with a practitioner, whether you like to shave pubic hair without shaving.



Women shave their pubic hair for a variety of purposes. Never feel compelled to cut or remove any of your hair, regardless of the reasons. If that’s what makes you happy, break it off, just remember to do it for you.

How to shave your legs with an electric razor

shave with an electric razor or shaver


Get your legs shaved. You ought to moisturise your hair and stay straight, ready to be mowed down.

Shave Your Legs Stage 1


Let sure it’s smooth and tidy for your shaver. Dirty shavers do not cut as well, and can pull hair, leaving red marks along with some “ouchies” and expletives. Using a new shaver at all times .[7]

Picture entitled Stage 2, Shaving Your Legs


Gently push the shaver into the thigh.[8] Making sure that all the heads hit the leg together. With minimum wear, this will provide you with the closest shave.


You don’t need to add a lot of pressure when shaving, let the shaver slide over your skin with only a gentle contact. You can flatten the hair if you apply too much friction, which results in an uneven, stubbly shave. Often, it would render the blades dull sooner.

A soft contact allows it simpler to shave and helps eliminate potential skin discomfort.


Picture entitled Stage 13, Shaving Your Legs


Hold the razor flat on the thigh. Keeping it at an angle could contribute to discomfort of the skin and stubble.

How to shave your face with an electric razor

shave with an electric razor or shaver

Step 1: Have Your Face Set


Phase 1: Get an acceptable razor


Your coarseness of the beard fur, the condition of your face, and your tastes rely on the sufficient razor.

A conventional multi-blade razor tends to be an ideal choice for you if you have a thick beard and delicate skin. It is useful for both skin and hair styles.


Phase 2: Hold the razor clean and sharp.


Hygiene will protect your skin from getting contaminated, especially if you accidentally cut your skin. Even, for a complete blaze, planning a sharp razor will help you escape some discomfort. You can use cool and sterile water to rinse your razor before shaving, since hot water will render the flame duller.


Phase 3: With a cleanser, wash your face in warm water.


Before each shave, washing your face will help cleanse and calm your skin so that your pores will open up and reduce the chance of razor bumps or embedded fur.


Phase 4: Have your skin scrubbed


A lot of people can neglect or know nothing about this move, but because of the removal of excess dead skin cells, it may function well for your smooth shave.

Using a soft and safe face wash with exfoliants and see how successful it is. This won’t let you down when it comes to minimising frustration.


Move 5: Use Pre-shaving Oil Apply


Whenever you do a shaving, redness or shaving bumps are principal issues. To prepare your skin, then make use of your pre-shaving spray. For a great close shave, it will smooth your hair and moisturise your face.


Phase 6: Apply shaving cream using a brush


It can seem odd to use a brush to spread the shaving cream relative to conventional methods of shaving. But, if necessary, consider this approach and see the advantages.


You will raise the hair up and away from the face by applying the cream in an upward motion. As a consequence, with a closer shave, the skin is softer. We strongly suggest that you use shaving cream made with all-natural oils to keep the skin safe and comfortable.

Section 2: Grooming

shave with an electric razor or shaver

Move 1: Pull firmly on your skin


You have to create a perfect surface for the razor to glide over, of course. So, at hard-to-shave corners, including places below your nose, mouth, and jawline, use your free hand to hold your skin close.


Stage 2: With the grain, shave


Remember to head in one direction for a smoother shave, which will make the hair hold up against the grain. Move your palm over your forehead, in other terms, and hold your razor going that direction. This procedure will reduce the possibility of incarnated hair or red bumps under the skin.

Section 3: After the Shave


Phase 1: Clean your blades and your face


You require cool water after shaving to wash away particles and tighten your pores to prevent bacteria.


Do not neglect to rinse the flame, too. Switch on the water tap, especially on your multi-blade razor, and free up clogged hair. With sharp razors, your next shave would be faster and more successful thanks to this measure.


Stage 2: Add aftershave lotion without alcohol


You should allow use of a decent solution such as an alum block to avoid discomfort if you don’t want to invest a tonne of budget on shaving.


Then, add a tiny amount of aftershave lotion or balm without alcohol to maintain the skin calm and moisturised. For the forehead, it even provides a defensive coating.

Ultimate Phrases

We have gone through all the appropriate measures for a shave that you deserve. I hope your frustration can be moved away by these suggestions. Not many people know how to get a shave correct. After each shave, it’s irritating to get redness or razor bumps. Often, does your hair shaving share any parallels with your face shaving?

Which electric razor gives the closest shave

We would strongly recommend the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver if you are searching for which electric razor offers you the closest shave, this razor features an activeLift trimmer that catches flat-lying hairs in trouble areas and the OptiFoil cuts hair as short as 0.05 mm for great closeness

What electric razor gives the closest shave

the 2nd best option for electric razor gives the closest shave is Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver If you visit debate sites such as Quora, Reddit, and many others regularly, you would certainly have come across people looking for help with the right electric shaving razors. Yeah, on the street there are several razors and they can only go and choose some, but don’t we all want a near and convenient shave? This is why most people ask for assistance to get the excellent shaving razors, single or many. What electric razor, then, does the closest shave give?

Braun tries to stretch the boundaries and to come up with more sophisticated razors for shaving. In addition to offering a super near shave, Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver is fitted with an active cooling technology that chills the scalp, guaranteeing irritation-free shaving. The two blades on it successfully travel in backward motion to clip both long and short hairs in reverse motion. Hope you’ve got the response to your question on what the right electric razor for a near shave is.


Do you use shaving cream with an electric razor

You don’t need shaving cream or gel if you have an electric razor, and try to do it while you’re fresh, meaning never in the bathroom or the toilet or with water coming out of the drain. Traditional razors provide you with a tight, smooth shave


side effects of electric shaver

Skin Irritation-The Issue


It is something both of us are acquainted with. And most of us have come to recognise and accept “man up”. So what’s the root cause of irritated skin?


The touch between your skin and the contact point of the razor (whether it’s a series of oval blades or a metal foil housing sharp blades) everything boils down to it.


It is likely that sections of the skin are pressed into the tiny holes where the hair is cut off if you use any form of razor, and they themselves are often struck!


This results in a slight abrasion of the layers of the outer surface. And then it relates to the following side effects:


Elevated blood supply and redness of the face

“Sensations warm or “burning

Tightness of skin

Dryness Over

Itchiness, Itchiness



And it isn’t all that. Bear in mind that electronic shavers do not shield you from nicks and cuts when shaving (as with traditional razors). So, regardless of the kind of instrument that generates them, it is essential to seal razor cuts immediately. Or else you would be vulnerable to inflammation of the eyes.








Best electric shaver for neck [ 2021 reviews ]

Best electric shaver for neck


Best electric shaver for neck

For many guys, the neck region has always been the nemesis of a decent shave, including yours.

The neck area plays a significant role in the negative side of shaving more frequently than not: rashes, razor burning, embedded fur, annoyance.

Another dimension to the dilemma is introduced by electric shavers: persistent, stray hairs that are left behind even after many passes.

And it can create much more pain and frustration by running over and over the same place.

Therefore, we’ll take a close look at what makes some electric shavers better for shaving the neck than others in this post.

Is it appropriate to have a multifunction shaver that is different or better for the neck?

I guess you shouldn’t get a separate neck shaver. The skin is so delicate that you need to take care of that, as described. But yes, if you have the right multifunction shaver that doesn’t annoy the region of your neck then you can get a smooth shave quickly.

Philips Norelco SP9820/87 Shaver 9000 review best electric shaver for neck


Best electric shaver for neck
Best electric shaver for neck
  • With thousands of nano particles that cut hair with the utmost accuracy, NanoTech precision blades are reinforced, providing an incredibly close shave at the skin level.
  • SkinComfort rings, which have a special protective covering such that the shaver glides effortlessly over the skin, are covered by shaving heads.
  • Shave off such a dense beard effortlessly. The BeardAdapt Sensor scans hair density 15 times a second and adapts the shaver to your hair automatically.
  • ContourDetect heads move in 8 ways, including grabbing hair in hard-to-reach places such as the neck and jawline, to follow each contour of the face.
  • The skin-friendly SmartClick precision trimmer completes your look.


Positive review of customer about this best electric shaver for neck

For nearly 50 years, I have used Norelco shavers. I still have the average models ordered. Not the worst, nor the best, though. I purchased a Chinese rip-off template about a year ago. For a year, it yielded an inferior but sufficient shave and then died. I wanted to purchase the real thing this time. I glanced at the line and determined this time not to be a cheapskate. I began at the top rather than the bottom of the rows.

For a shaver, $280? A what? Yeah, so! All the photographs showed the shaver accentuating its elegant slimness from an angle. The shaver’s hand contour was often thought to be one of its strongest qualities. I did pause. I eventually pressed the button. Maybe it’s time to do your hardest.

I found after the shaver arrived that the contour handle had actually been changed. I assaulted the three-day growth of the beard left after the loss of the bad imitation I had been using after an hour’s fee. A second later, he realised that all the shavers I’d ever owned were crippled.

Near, comfortable, simple, able to easily access all the nooks and contours. With a little trial and error, anything could be made to suit nicely into the compact shell. The intensity configuration, the battery minder, and all the carefully provided monitoring and protection features. This is the first thing I have bought in a long time that is engineered and built.

Negative review of customer about this best electric shaver for neck

I may have very thick hair on my face, but I never had an electric shaver that gave me a near shave. My previous electric razors were all less pricey than this one, but I was hoping this would give me a near shave, and after using an electric razor, my wife would actually let me get close.

This razor comfortably makes my facial hair relatively short, but it is as short as 16-24 hours AFTER shaving with a manual Gillette razor at best. I suppose if you’re a guy who enjoys the look of 5 o’clock stubble… It’s the length of the plastic material face mask that pulls uncomfortably.


Best electric razor for thick facial hair review 2021

best electric razor for thick facial hair


best electric razor for thick facial hair
best electric razor for thick facial hair

best electric razor for thick facial hair

There are four things you should remember before buying an electric shaver for thick facial hair: your budget, your beard thickness, your skin type and your shaving frequency (bear in mind that shaving makes your job simpler on a daily basis in the long run, the longer you wait for your shave, the longer it takes to clean your thick facial hair, and the tougher it is on your shaver and face).

Obviously, your objective is to get a quick, clean and smooth shave without discomfort and skin irritation.

There are some of the characteristics you can look for when ordering your electric shaver:

– Many sharp blades

– Quick to manoeuvre and agile

– non-slip grips for handles

—The Lightweight


With great skin convenience, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin rechargeable electric foil shaver/razor offers quicker shaving. The 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements conform to each facial contour and in the first stroke the advanced micro grip catches more hair (vs Braun Series 3).

For performance and skin comfort, 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements
In each stroke, specialist MicroComb catches more hair (vs Braun Series 3)
Clean and Charging station hygienically cleans 2 rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries for a shaver like fresh every day.
Built and engineered by Braun in Germany
Trimmer, shaver, bag, cleaning fluid, AA battery, cleaning station, brush

features of best electric razor for thick facial hair

  1. For performance and skin comfort, 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements
  2. In each stroke, specialist MicroComb catches more hair (vs Braun Series 3)
  3. Clean and Charging station hygienically cleans 2 rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries for a shaver like fresh every day.

Positive review of customer about this best electric razor for thick facial hair

This is a magnificent shaver. I am a senior, and for decades I have used Norelco. I felt recently that the standard had fallen – battery glitches, bad shaves, etc. Probably, because of the batteries, I threw two, one not even a year old, down. I bought a Braun for the first time. In my view, the ergonomics are outstanding, washing is a breeze, and shaving efficiency is just as decent as you can find, just not up to a standard razor for others.

Since I haven’t had the battery long enough, I can’t score it. Before purchasing this shaver, I did a lot of testing, but I believe I made an outstanding decision. In Germany, mine was made; in China, the charging dock, brush, and travel pouch.

negative review of customer about this best electric razor for thick facial hair

My old electric razor had glitches, so I got this one on a Prime Day Sale to fix it. It looks fantastic, it sounds great love… except it just DOES NOT GIVE ME A CLOSE SHAVE. Not even as fine as my old one anywhere. So, it’s almost meaningless.

Braun series 5 review || braun series 5 5090cc review

51 Braun series 5 review

Braun series 5 review, braun series 5 5090cc review

1 Braun series 5 review braun series 5 5090cc reviewDell Inspiron 24 3000 Review


Pros & Cons

  • Electric shaver with sensitive skin technology for optimum efficiency and excellent skin comfort.
  • AutoSensing engine for effective shaving in every stroke, even with thick beards.
  • 8-Direction Comfort flex head for continuous contact with the skin, including in challenging areas
  • 100% waterproof for a relaxing shave with spray, foam, gel or even under a shower.
  • Clean & Charge Station hygienically wipes, lubricates and dries shaver

  • Current shaver foundation has been revamped and is less user friendly.


Today, the market is packed with a multitude of shavers and trimmers that challenge each other wisely. But when it comes to the Braun Series 5, we’ve come across some big changes in the shavers that mean business. Don’t be fooled by the smooth outlook as the computer inside this little beast has what it takes to make this shaver the crown jewel of all the shavers out there.


Cleanness and Demand ||

braun series 5 5090cc review

One of the most common features of the Braun Series 5090cc is the Clean and Charge Station. When you use your quality shaver, you normally have the right thing to do with the only four-acting, alcohol-based accessory that hygienically cleans when charging and lubricating. This particular Braun exclusive also instantly opts for a cleaning device.

If you want to add to your Series 5 experience, you might also want to be able to invest in the Braun Expending Renew 3 kit, including cartridges, refills, replacement cleaners, and cleaning remedies. The company also provides a full range of spare parts for its foil brain shavers, including the Set 5 52s replacement foil and trimmer head, as well as the Thoroughly Clean & Refresh Refills.

Loading Station

I feel proud to let you know about this shaver, because it’s four in one for the consumers. It is good for washing, lubricating and charging, and you can choose for the next time.

Power Drive Fresh

51 Braun series 5 review

If you’re looking for quick high-speed shaving, you can opt for this Braun 5 sequence, which has a 20% more powerful engine than other shavers. Its strong motor also helps you to clean your densest beard with a near shave.


This Braun Shaver is special in its own way, made in Germany with a laboratory tested that can last seven years. It’s flexible and effective for your skin.

Active Lifting

You can trim the beard in the way you want by Active Lift. As you know, flat lying hair can’t be easily cut with a general shaver. When it comes to Active Lift shaver, it can reach the position of your mouth where other shavers can’t reach easily.

Battery with Lithium Ion

Driven by a 3.6-volt lithium ion battery that takes an hour to fully charge with an optional 5-minute fast charge. It gives you 45 minutes of full-time running time. Being a dry shaver, you can plug the charger directly and use the shaver. This is perfect for people who drive a lot so you don’t have to take the cleaning station all the time.


Why is it shaving so good

51 Braun series 5 review

Fitted with three blade foil parts, each with its own suspension mechanism, giving you a very smooth operation. Suitable only for dry use. The shaver head design is typical of Braun, with two outer foils and octagonal perforations and one middle trimmer.

The outer two foils grab and cut certain short hairs close to the skin while the ActiLift Trimmer is capable of catching the flat and long hairs that grow in various directions on the face.


Flexi Shaving Head and Multi Headlock

51 Braun series 5 review

With separate motions, all three cutting elements keep the skin in continuous contact. Braun is calling this, FlexMotion Tec with MicroMotion. The autonomous movement of the cutting elements helps you to follow the contours of your face at 40 degrees back and forth without any trouble and the entire shaving head pivots. This makes it easier for you to shave places like the neck area.

You can lock your head at 5 different angles for more precise cutting. All this can be achieved by simply moving the head to a different location using the head lock switch, which is located in front of the electric shaver.



In two of the places, the middle trimmer and the two foils can also be withdrawn, so you have just one foil protruding, which is again really useful when you shave very tricky areas like the one under your nose.