Cheap and best gaming Headsets 2019[ Fair review]


Whether you’re looking to hear enemies coming in Fortnite or want to get deep in the brutal world of PubG. Finding the best gaming headset is elementary for any serious gamer in the gaming world .We’re going to check out the top 5 cheap and Best gaming headsets in the market for this year.we have test multiple models of different brands in different price range . Then we made this list based on our personal opinion. And we try to list them based on their price quality durability and more.

Hyper X cloud core :

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset - Durable Aluminum Frame - 53MM DriversCheap and best gaming Headsets 2019[ Fair review] 1

 In Our list of cheap and best gaming headsets the number fifth is Hyperx cloud core .The hyperx cloud core is an extremely affordable high quality stereo headset that’s incredibly comfortable. It features a remarkably lightweight yet firm frame and soft memory foam ear cushions with a delicate grip. Aesthetically speaking this particular headset is designed to be comfortable while being fully functional. The padded headband protects your head and the leather memory foam ear pads mold according to the shape of your ear.

In order to enhance your comfort. They aren’t that large and i can’t say that the size is great .So you can take them with you wherever you go. When we talk about performance this particular model comes with superior audio performance. The hyperx cloud core is hifi capable with 53 millimeter drivers . It delivers great performance as the award-winning hyperx cloud headset with crystal-clear low, mid and high tones. While the audio is great control of it could be a little better. The absence of EQ controls or presets means no customization. The limited control box only has settings for pause play ,volume control and voice muting .None of which have clear setting indicators.

    Moreover you can connect the headset to your device through a single three-ring 3.5 millimeter jack. Or through the provider 2 meter long extension cord . which offers dual 3.5 millimeter jacks for sound and microphone.This headset is devoid of the usb and 7.1 virtual surround experience that the cloud 2 offers. As for the microphone it transmits clear chat audio and like the rest of this headset setting it up is easy. It’s not necessarily something you want to use for recording of podcast but it delivers clean pop free speech from wherever you position it’s flexible six-inch arm.

It also stores nicely in a portable mesh bag included in the hyperx cloud box as do the spare ear cups, wire splitter cable, airplane adapter and other wires. In addition the drivers and the cloud core offer a frequency response of 15 hertz to 25 kilohertz. An impedance of 60 ohms and a maximum output power of 150 milli watts.Generally when you combine all these features into one piece you’ll realize that despite the price this headset is a great.Overall if you want to enhance your gaming and listening experience the hyperx cloud core is the one for you.

Positive feedback by user

Jose M says : I play video games daily for extended periods of time. I’m very satisfied with the quality of sound and I can wear them comfortably for hours at a time. My friends say the clarity of my voice is crystal clear which I was happy to hear. I can hear the faint footsteps of nearby enemy players which was definitely a plus! The length of the cord is perfect for playing with a controller as you don’t have excess cord dragging around as you play.

I want to give a warning that this headset doesn’t have a mute option and you have to remove the detachable mic if you want to go silent, which isn’t as smooth and convenient as you’d expect. You’re gonna have to take the headset off to set the microphone back in properly. If you tend to play with your friends and hit mute often, or if you’re playing with a group of strangers and you don’t want to be heard, keep this in mind as it may be very inconvenient.

I’m giving this five stars because although the mute option may be an issue, the quality of sound, the quality of the headphones, and the quality of my voice is top notch and well worth the purchase.


Negative feedback by user

Victoria Frey says:These worked great at first when we got them in November but now the microphone part has stopped working and because we are a few days outside of the 6 month window from when we ordered them there is no option on here to get in contact with the seller or a way to try and get a replacement microphone. For the amount of money we spend on these things it’s disappointing when they don’t even last a full year. I’m definitely disappointed.


  CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming HeadseCheap and best gaming Headsets 2019[ Fair review] 1

In our list of the cheap and best gaming headsets the number four is corsair void pro if you want a comfortable wireless headset with an energetic sound alongside a great microphone for all your communication needs the answer is the corsair void pro. From a design perspective this device is available in a range of colors so you have the possibility to choose whichever fits your setup. The best it comes in both wired and wireless versions. The build material is mainly plastic but it also features metal pillars that make the corsair void pro rgb feel like a durable headset that won’t break easily.

It has padding on the ear cups and on the bound that goes over the top of your head.So that makes this a very comfortable headset to wear. On the left side there’s a mic arm that can be lowered and raised to turn the mic on and off. You’ll also find a button for muting the mic on the same side. A power button for switching the headset on and a micro usb port for charging the headset.Regarding performance the most important factor when it comes to headsets is the sound quality. This unit is pretty well balanced with non gaming media such as music coming through well.

Of course it is primarily a gaming headset so the EQ presets are all aimed at gaming except for one that’s for movies. Gaming wise this device performs brilliantly and it delivers immersive audio with wide range and accuracy.The frequency response moves from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. RGB lighting control and cu software enabled virtually unlimited color options and syncing with other corsair rgb devices. The uni directional microphone comes as a very useful addition with a frequency response from a hundred hertz to 10 kilohertz. It cancels ambient noise so while playing you can talk strategy with perfect clarity.

Furthermore this time corsair managed to pack a very good battery life on this headset.It can handle up to 16 hours usage which is a great feature because no one wants their headset to shut off while they’re in the middle of their game. Of course the 16 hour battery life is an estimate and it can change based on how you use the headset. Generally this is a flexible gaming headset that offers players an affordable wireless solution. To conclude you should consider this device because it provides exceptional comfort, epic audio performance and legendary course edge durability to deliver the ultimate gaming experience


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black Cheap and best gaming Headsets 2019[ Fair review] 1

Next in cheap and best gaming headsets we have the audio technica ath m50x the audio technica ath m50x are great sounding closed back headphones for critical listening. They have an exceptional reproduction of the bass mid and treble range and they feel sturdy and durable enough to last you for a while. From a design perspective this is a pretty sturdy pair of headphones and it’s available in many color editions like black blue red white and gunmetal so you have many alternatives to choose from. The entire build is plastic and it’s combined the lightweight plastic with the plush padding to make these comfortable to wear for long listening.

Sessions this device houses three cables which use the twist to lock mechanism one is for portable use and there are both coiled and straight longer cables for home listening.

When it comes to performance this model offers sound that i think will appeal to an extremely wide audience.They offer the bass power the low end beefiness that virtually all headphones seem to aspire to these days. Match it with a control the expansiveness and the separation that stops it from clogging the sound up and you have the perfect headset. The bass response speaks at around 30 hertz and goes down to about 10 hertz. I know they might not look so great for gaming. But i decided to include them anyway in this list because trust me they are way better than those flashy gaming headsets that everyone seems to love. Yes these headphones don’t have a microphone but you can definitely afford to buy a separate mic and still get great value.

They can also be used for other things like dj, listening to music, watching movies etc. This means that if you buy these headphones you’ll have an all rounder headphone. Furthermore they also offer 90 grade swiveling for easy one ear monitoring and are collapsible for space giving portability.Circumaural design contours around the ears serve for good sound isolation in loud environments.They achieve about nine decibel of isolation which is moderate and means that the isolation could be better. What makes these headphones are great buy on the style, comfort and overall great sound. So I’m sure you won’t regret picking up a pair of these.

To conclude the audio technica ath m50x is a must-have device which will fulfill every customers desire. So you should definitely consider this product as your next purchase and you’ll secure for sure great headphones for listening to music and having a great gaming experience.

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HYPERX CLOUD 2 HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset - 7.1 Surround SoundCheap and best gaming Headsets 2019[ Fair review] 1

In best gaming headsets we have at number two it’s the hyperx cloud 2. The hyperx cloud 2 can be considered as one of my all-time favorite gaming headset because it does an outstanding job of perfectly balancing performance and price. This device is incredibly comfortable to wear even for exceptionally extended gaming sessions and it delivers and transmits very clear sound. Aesthetically speaking these headphones are stylish looking gaming headphones which included attachable microphone so that means they’re also suitable for outdoor use. They’re mainly designed for gamers but you can also use them for listening to music. The cloud 2 has a decent control scheme especially for gaming.

They have a dedicated inline remote cable with a usb connection that gives you control over the volume and mic level as well as a surround sound button. They also have a mute switch on the side of the inline remote to completely disable the mic. The buttons are decently responsive although a little flat.

 Regarding performance this particular model could be the most comfortable gaming headset you’ve ever want. Thanks to its feathery construction and memory foam ear cups and headband. As for the sound quality the sound is powerful and detailed with 53 millimeter drivers providing plenty of punch in the low end while also being sprightly at the high end. This headset is most suit to video games but it’s impressive in movies and music too. One of the key features of the headset is its 7.1 channel virtual surround sound which is available on pc and mac through the usb sound card.

 The sound card takes any multi-channel source such as a game or a movie and remixes it for the headset stereo speakers. The microphone is very good for example in quiet environments speech recorded or transmitted with this mic will sound full detail and natural but lacking slightly in airiness and brilliance. In noisy situations the hyperx performed great and are capable of separating speech from noise in the most demanding environments such as the subway station and gaming competitions. Additionally it’s a multi-platform headset compatible with inline audio controls on pc ps4 xbox 1 and other platforms with a 3.5 millimeter port. Overall these unique features make the hyperx cloud 2 a perfect choice if you want an unforgettable listening experience.

STEELSERIES ARCTIS 7SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:XCheap and best gaming Headsets 2019[ Fair review] 1

 On top of the list of the best gaming headsets at number 1st it’s the steelseries arctis 7 the steelseries arctis 7 sets the standard for what a wireless gaming headset should be functional versatile and practical. It’s a luxury gaming headset for play station Xbox and PC gamers who want a reliable set of cans that can truly do justice to games. Design-wise the headset makes a fine first impression it comes both in black and white color. It’s sleek and sophisticated with an elegant streamlined appearance and an absolutely foolproof adjustable headband. The material used for this headset is very high quality.

The frame is made up of an aluminium top piece that’s connected to the ear cups via a plastic hinge that allows for 90-degree rotation. The ear cups are coated in a soft touch matte finish making the entire headset feel great on the head. The right ear cup houses a power button and a chat volume slider. A regular volume slider resides on the left ear cup along with a micro usb port for charging and a propriety port that can connect to a 3.5 millimeter audio jack for mobile listening.

                The audio quality is even more impressive when it comes to gaming in music it’s the most natural sounding headset you’ve come across.The cans have a beautiful sense of rhythm with clear vocals. Equipped with dts headphone x the headset is also able to recreate a surround sound signal through the stereo drivers when using a gaming pc.It opens up the soundstage a little but don’t expect to hear the footsteps of players creeping behind you. The headphone frequency response is 20 to 20,000 hertz. Arctis 7 is a wireless headset.

You just have to plug in a wireless amplifier to usb port on your computer. Pair that amplifier with the headset and that’s it. The wireless is crystal clear and works from up to about 30 feet. More over the microphone is of a suitable caliber recordings are picked up cleanly without a significant sense of noise problem .  Microphone frequency response is 100 to 10,000 hertz. Another great indicator that’ll make you love this headset is the battery life. Which can handle up to 24 hours of game play something that can’t be accomplished by most headsets? overall if you want an outstanding piece of audio equipment this is the one for you.

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