Enacfire A9 review – Enacfire a9 hybrid wireless earbuds Review

Enacfire A9 hybrid wireless earbuds Review

The gold standard for music listening is now wireless earbuds. They weren’t nearly as famous even 5 years ago as they are now. It’s easy to understand why, considering how much Bluetooth technology has advanced in recent years. Technology has advanced so much that there are now thousands of different makes and models to choose from. The Enacfire A9 true wireless earbuds are a new product from Enacfire that offers great sound, good ANC for stem-sytle buds, and a lot of features for a low price.




Top features of  Enacfire A9 hybrid wireless earbuds



[ANC Mode] Active Noise Cancellation


Every wireless earbud has a smart noise-detect microphone that picks up unwanted noise and filters it out until it enters the ear. The inward-facing microphones calculate sound 120 times per second to ensure that the right sound is being generated to combat it, which can effectively minimize outside noise by up to 80%.

Transparency mode with a twist

The A9 ANC true wireless earbuds have a special transparency mode that makes them more useful than other wireless headphones. This function is useful when you want to hear the ambient sound more clearly without having to pause or interrupt any music. You can easily switch between ANC and TRANSPARENCY mode with a single tap.

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Audio consistency of the bass

The Enacfire A9s have more bass than the Enacfire e60s, but they have comparable overall sound quality. In order to get better sound from the a9’s, you’ll need to get a good match with the eartips. These earbuds, in my view, have outstanding bass, mids, vocals, and highs, as well as a soundstage that is ideal for left/right listening and front/back detail heard in a 360-degree perspective.


Overall, the sound signature has strong bass, forward vocals, and highs; I would describe them as a bass + balanced earbud.

Light-weight & Personalized Design


You will not encounter any discomfort even after hours of wearing due to the use of nano-synthesis materials and ergonomics redesign, regardless of your ear shape. Furthermore, gym rats and cardio monsters will appreciate these IPX7 waterproof headsets, which allow them to enjoy their workouts without worrying about sweat and water.


A9 Bluetooth earbuds have four microphones and ENC noise cancellation technology [SPECIALLY FOR CALL], which enables them to pick up human voices between 100Hz and 3000Hz almost perfectly. Offer your customers the best hands-free phone call experience they’ve ever had.



The Bluetooth range is appropriate at 64 feet, and communication is secure within that range. It’s worth noting that the earbuds attach to your computer as soon as you open the case, which is convenient since they do so in a short period of time. The earbuds can be used in mono or stereo mode. In mono mode, it’s really easy to use. The mono mode is a true mono mode, which means that both left and right audio will be sent to the single earbud that is attached. These earbuds do not have a multi-point relation.

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A9 wireless bluetooth headphones have an extended playtime. With 32 hours of total playtime, you will accompany yourself on three long-haul flights across the continent, listening to hundreds of songs and watching numerous movies nonstop. Keep you away from the chaos along the way. The TYPE-C quick charge offers even faster charging and more compatibility options.


Final thoughts

The Enacfire a9 True Wireless Earbuds offer a slew of impressive features. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and easy to run. They also have excellent battery life and produce high-quality music right out of the box, with no tuning needed. The value they give is excellent – there’s no doubt that Enacfire fans will love these earbuds, and those looking for an airpod-like earbud with ANC will as well.

positive review of custumer about Enacfire A9 hybrid wireless earbuds

This one lacks aptx, which is surprising considering enacfire’s other offerings. The default latency, on the other hand, isn’t too bad. About 150 milliseconds at most. At this stage, I’m not aware of the lack of aptx for spoken word, but sudden impulse noises (such as gunshots in an action game) can seem slightly disjointed. I’ve previously contacted enacfire help and had no problems.

A answer usually takes a few days. Only bear in mind that it might be a week or two whether it’s Chinese New Year or another holiday season for them. The headphones are comfortable; I wish there was a bigger earbud than the smallest, but it more suits my tiny canals. Aside from the single white led that blinks while you charge it or when it’s charging a bud, the case is fine. I’d rather have a multi-light indicator for charging and no indication that the buds are being charged. The sound quality is excellent, the best you’ll find without aptx, and the drivers are noticeably better than the enacfire e60. It competes with the f1, but I believe this one wins out even without aptx or sbc.

Noise cancellation works, but it’s the same style from the late 2000s and early 2010s. It fits best with low-repeating tones. Those kinds of sounds, like on a plane or train. On such, it works. However, it is unsuccessful on general noises. Ambient pass through is available and, once again, it sort of works, but it’s not what I’d expect for $60.

It’s not up to the standard of a $150 pair, but it’s still available. For me, battery life isn’t a problem. Every two days, I charge the case for an hour, and i’ve never had any problems. With its crazy battery life, the enacfire f1 has this thing beat, but it comes with a large and bulky shell. This case is simply a pair of airpods with a silicone cover. It is, however, slick. As a result, a cover might be a good idea. Overall, I’m very pleased with them.

I enjoy enacfire’s work, particularly when they offer unique feature sets at reasonable prices. At this price, ambient pass through and anc are unheard of, and the earbud form is equally odd. It’s a cross between an airpods stick and an old-school Bluetooth headset, except it’s smaller. If you’re buying it specifically for anc and ambient mode, keep the box handy in case you need to return it. In those two places, you get half the functionality for half the price. The rest of it is awe-inspiring.

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