Enacfire e20 review- Enacfire e20 wireless earbuds review


Enacfire e20 wireless earbuds review

In fact, the Enacfire E20 is difficult to downgrade as one thing. And they were made flexible in more than one sense of the word. These earbuds have features for athletics and sitting on the ass in front of your home’s TV screen.

Perhaps most importantly, the E20 claims to have a battery life of more than 100 hours. If that is true, these earbuds would be the best in class for that particular category. Now, of course, that’s AFTER, you’re going to take the charging case into account. But that’s a lot of battery life, though.




Pros & Cons

  • Nice fit and design
  • Easily connectable with phone

  • In-ear design is nicely fitted

  • No volume adaptation mechanism

Audio quality

Okay, with the battery out of the way, there are indeed a few points worth mentioning about the Enacfire E20 that are not terribly negative. For example, they managed to work quite well with wireless connectivity. Even when we reached the maximum distance limits for its wireless connections, there were no sync problems between buds.


True wireless earbuds, like the Enacfire E20, tend to sound very similar. In particular, this range of prices. It’s just a format restriction, for the moment. It’s hard to make small earbuds sound nice before you cut the wires.

ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds with Extra Deep Bass, IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones, in Ear Built in Mic Bluetooth Earbuds, Touch Control Headset with Type-C Fast Charge

Looks and build quality

The design of the Enacfire E20 is very simple, with high quality earbuds. Unlike the E18 or the E19, the Enacfire E20 is a little larger, but the design makes the earpiece comfortable. However, compared to the E18, the quality of the construction of the E20 is still lacking and could be improved.


The look of the earbuds is great, it has a curvy, matt black case and a silver end cap, which also functions as a button. As I said before, the design is pretty basic and has no Enacfire logo or graphics. This is the right earbud for someone who loves a minimalist design.


Considering the earbuds of Enacfire, many come with a simple design and a high quality of construction. Frankly, I can say the same thing about the Enacfire E20s building standard. Despite the low price, this earbud doesn’t feel cheap or weak. Although we haven’t done crash tests like the E18, we’re pretty confident that the earbud can survive a nasty fall.

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Battery Life

True wireless earbuds are all provided with a battery-installed charging case. If necessary, the charge case will give the earbud a surcharge. The Enacfire E20 has an integrated 2600mah battery charger. While the recharge case packs enough power to recharge your earbuds several times, the earbuds pack the power you need to continue your listening experience for more than 3 hours.

In contrast to the compact case that comes with the Enacfire E18, the charge is larger. The recharge case, however, looks stylish and works just as Enacfire says. The only thing to be disappointed would be a short loading cable, which means that it is very difficult to plug the loading case in most places.

An Overview On ENACFIRE Headphones

Long-wired headphones are a thing of the past. When you work out, you get in the way, and they’re just not attractive. Instead, wireless earbuds give you a way to enjoy your favourite songs while you’re still sitting in a bookshop or cycling around town. If you have a new pair of earbuds on the market, consider ENACFIRE wireless headphones.


All ENACFIRE earbuds have a waterproof design. They’re sweat-resistant when they’re working in the gym, and they’re holding on when they’re camping along the lake. You can use them safely by the pool, by the beach or by the fishing boat.


The ENACFIRE earbuds also come with their own case. Headphones can be used for a total of eight continuous hours when fully charged. It’s time to take a long flight or a difficult walk up the mountain.

ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds with Extra Deep Bass, IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones, in Ear Built in Mic Bluetooth Earbuds, Touch Control Headset with Type-C Fast Charge

Audio quality is of the utmost importance for ENACFIRE and therefore the earbuds are made with integrated apt-X technology. This means that the headphones can transmit free and original soundtracks without any distortion. They also have a latency of less than 3% when the industry standard is between 7 and 10%.


Nothing is worse than trying a film, but being distracted by all the noise of the background. ENACFIRE takes care of this by using noise cancellation technology to make its earbuds. Background noise is successfully filtered out so that you can listen closely to your music or call a friend.


Of course, customers would appreciate the ergonomics and supportive fit of the ENACFIRE earbud. The earbuds themselves are less than 6 grammes lightweight. They also have a seal attachment that holds the earbuds, even if you’re busy.


The ENACFIRE F1 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds is the way to move your wireless audio to the next level. This set is made of a touch sensor. Not only do these earbuds reduce your ear tension, they also allow you to pause and play your music by doubling the right earbud. You can turn the voice assistant on if you tap the left earbud twice. If either earbud is touched carefully for 2 full seconds, you can change the song you’re hearing.



ENACFIRE E20 Enacfire E20 Wireless Earbuds do not technically meet the requirement to provide a battery life of more than 100 hours. Not at least when you’re using realistic volume configurations. However, this battery is almost the best in the class.


Another thing to remember is that, given the respectable size of the charging case, the 4-hour capacity of each earboud is shockingly average. You would want to look at the true Falwedi Wireless Earbuds if you cared less about the size of the battery and more about the size of the earbud. They’ve got about twice the size of the E20 earbud battery.


As far as audio is concerned, the E20 is approximately as strong as you can expect at this price point. That’s what you’d expect from the mainstream brand. Unfortunately, their comfort options are a bit lazy. But dollars for people who are particularly looking for high battery capacity? The E20 is worth the salt.

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