Fastest Inkjet Printer for Speedy Printing

the most popular inkjet printers are ultra-fast models that can quickly and seamlessly print documents, photos, and other visuals onto paper or surfaces. No one wants to spend hours at a printing shop anymore – especially busy office workers. These speedy devices offer an affordable solution for anyone needing prints in record time.

Inkjet printers are a favored choice for most shoppers due to their portability, size, speed, and durability. Additionally, they cost significantly less than laser printers.

If you are searching for the best fastest inkjet  printer, this article is a must-read. I will overview seven available top models and break them into several categories, such as all-in-one, color, photo, etc. In addition to that, I’ll also include a comprehensive buying guide so you can acquire more knowledge about each model’s features. So don’t hesitate – give it a read now.


1. HP Officejet Pro 8025 Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer offers a user-friendly, self-healing Dual-Band WiFI system that detects and instantly fixes any internet issues. Print your documents in an instant with this comprehensive feature. You can also link the device to any desktop via a secure Ethernet connection. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems alike.

With the HP Smart app, you can take your printing capabilities wherever life takes you. Beyond that, ink levels are easily monitored and managed so that you always know when it’s time to restock. Faxing, scanning, and copying documents is also a breeze. With its Smart Tasks, this software allows you to swiftly scan and print from various cloud services like Google Disk, OneDrive, Dropbox, and numerous others.

An added benefit of this product is the integrated security, which provides WiFi password protection and data encryption to keep your documents safe. Furthermore, its construction meets Energy Star standards for efficiency and sustainability. Boasting up to 15% recycled plastic, this machine is 18.11″ in length, 13.43″ wide, and 9.21″ tall – perfect for any area of your home.

This revolutionary all-in-one wireless inkjet printer will help you save time with its ultimate printing speed of up to 20 pages per minute in black and ten ppm for colored prints. With a large 2.65″ LCD color touchscreen, users can conveniently access the functions they need. With its auto document feeder of up to 35 sheets and an input tray that can store 225 pages, this printer is perfect for workplace use.

  • User-friendly, self-healing Dual-Band WiFI system
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Easily monitor and manage ink levels
  • Large 2.65″ LCD color touchscreen
  • Auto document feeder up to 35 sheets
  • Input tray that can store 225 pages
  • physical size may not be suitable for all workspaces

2. Brother MFC-J6930DW All-In-One Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

The Brother MFC-J6930DW is a reliable color inkjet printer that allows you to easily work wirelessly. With its 11″ by 17″ wide capacity and legal paper size, it offers the perfect combination of productivity and professional quality output – making it popular among business owners seeking an efficient way to improve office performance.

Although the HP 7740 may be more costly and harder to procure, features like auto duplexing and two large input trays are still reminiscent. Additionally, with its myriad functionalities, the MFC-J6930DW is heavier than the 7740—but this weight adds further value to your purchase.

Ultimately, I cherished this printer due to its multiple-paper capacity. The tray can store 500 legal sheets plus 100 multi-cards, envelopes and additional items. The Brother Fastest Printer could be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smart investment in your business. For graphic designers – fear not. It will provide remarkable visuals without having to compromise on quality.

  • Dual paper trays and up to 500 sheet capacity-
  • Auto duplex printing for double-sided documents-
  • Smartphone scanning with the
  • Heavy design can be difficult to move

3. Epson Stylus C88+ Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

This inkjet printer is exceptional and offers pigment-based inks that guarantee smudge, fade, and water resistance. This method allows you to create stunning images with an impressive resolution of 5760 x 1440 DPI. Moreover, the advanced DuraBRITE ink droplets measure only three picoliters in size – a minuscule amount sure to generate beautiful results.

Unlock the possibilities with this printer that can create images up to 8.5″ long and 14″ wide. BorderFree printing technology allows you to achieve breathtaking borderless prints in sizes 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10′, and 8.5″x 11″. Plus, it offers a convenient input tray capable of holding 120 sheets for quick access. Additionally, enjoy an impressive printing speed of 23 pages per minute (ppm) for black ink.

This speedy inkjet printer with a USB interface and parallel port is the perfect fit for both Mac and Windows operating systems, able to print up to 14 pages per minute (ppm). Its compact size of 18.1″ length x 9.5″ wide x 7.6″ high makes it easy to store as well as lightweight at only 10.14 pounds. And don’t forget our one-year limited warranty on all parts included in your purchase.

This set is equipped with black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges. Furthermore, a CD-ROM with software like ArcSoft Photo Impression and Epson Scan Assistant is also included to help you install drivers quickly. These features allow easy printing from the web or any Android or Apple mobile device. Imagine printing that important email directly off your phone– this product makes it possible.

  • Pigment-based inks guarantee smudge,
  • Prints up to 23 ppm for black ink
  • USB and parallel port compatible with both Mac and Windows OS
  • Compact size and lightweight for easy storage
  • Not compatible with laser jet printers

4. Canon PIXMA All-In-One Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

If you are looking for an efficient and space-saving wireless all-in-one inkjet printer, the Canon PIXMA TR72520 is unsurpassed in speed. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Cloud, and its five-color ink system makes this device a must-have for aspiring photographers and small businesses alike. Its capabilities are unparalleled in terms of producing top-notch graphics.

The Canon TR72520 is similar to other models, with a scanner and the ability to copy, fax, and use the Canon support app. But it also stands out thanks to its Bluetooth printing capabilities, allowing you to print photos from your mobile devices. Plus, this printer can switch between plain or back sheets giving you more control over what comes out. On top of all that, although both printers are part of the same family – while TR8520 supports memory cards, and ethernet connection-TR72520 lacks those features.

Enjoy hassle-free connection to the cloud and social media with this ultra-portable Canon inkjet printer, ensuring you can print your documents anywhere. A detailed preview of document printing means that you’ll never make mistakes again – customers love it for its speed, features, and convenience.

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Cloud.
  • Five-color ink system.
  • Bluetooth printing capabilities.
  • Ability to switch between plain and back sheets.
  • A detailed preview of document printing.
  • No memory card support.
  • Does not support an ethernet connection.

5. Brother MFC-J6530DW Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

The Brother MFC-J6530DW is the fastest inkjet printer available, and its unique 2.7″ large color touchscreen with streamlined functionality sets it apart from the rest. With this innovative technology at your fingertips, you can connect with Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, BOX, and OneNote. Plus, AirPrint allows you to print straight from your Apple device – now that’s convenient.

Unleash the potential of your Android device with Google Cloud Print and Brother’s iPrint & Scan app to manage printing, ink levels, and more. With WiFi direct, you can connect wirelessly – or opt for Ethernet or USB connection options.

This printer includes a 50-sheet capacity automated document feeder and an auto-duplex function that automatically turns pages to save you both time and money. With this model of printer, you’ll drastically reduce your paper waste while being able to get back on task quickly.

This high-quality inkjet photography printer boasts pigment-based ink that produces stunningly crisp images. Moreover, its input paper tray can handle up to 250 sheets of media from 11″ in length to 17″ wide. It reaches speeds of 22 pages per minute for black inks and 20 ppm for color inks. This is the perfect photo printing machine at 8.8″ long, 22.6″ wide, and 12″ tall.

  • 2.7″ large color touchscreen with streamline
  • 50-sheet capacity automated document feeder
  • AirPrint compatible for Apple devices
  • WiFi Direct, Ethernet and USB connection options
  • Limited paper size support
  • Manual duplex printing only

6. Canon iPF770 Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

Canon iPF770 is the top-of-the line inkjet printer for vinyl that you’ll find. Its commercial size (36″) guarantees a large enough printing surface, and its powerful printhead ensures an excellent output with even thinner than standard vinyl for cutting. Get ready to take your business up a notch.

The inkjet printer model is ideal for producing large projects such as posters, photographs, and panoramic pictures. This special machine has a unique function: automated printing with data barcoding technology integrated into its software. By using specific code on your computer connected to this particular model’s program, you can get quick and efficient results like never before.

This model prints projects with a precise barcode and features a media basket that prevents completed work from falling on the ground. And because of this, you can leave the machine unattended without worrying about harm coming to the results. Moreover, it boasts an efficient sub-ink tank arrangement that is both high yielding and easy to refill – making using this large-format inkjet printer so simple. In Economy mode, the machine can print A1 papers that are 23.39″ in length and 33.11″ in width within 25 seconds. Additionally, software solutions such as Prograf Print Utility, Poster Artist Lite, and the Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office are all included.

  • 36″ commercial-size printing surface
  • Automated printing with data barcoding technology
  • Media basket to prevent completed work from falling
  • High-yielding, easy-to-refill sub-ink tank
  • Expensive
  • It complicated the setup process.

7. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

Perfect for any professional, the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 offers you a full-featured all-in-one printer with an automatic document feeder. This versatile device allows for both wired and wireless connections and wide format printing of 11″ x 17″ prints – making it ideal for those seeking larger documents.

Regarding cost, paper capacity, and duty cycle, the HP 7740 is in line with the Brother MFC-J5720DW. Nonetheless, when we factor the printing rate into the equation (23ppm), you will find that the speed of the HP7740 surpasses its counterpart by a noticeable margin. Furthermore, this model contains a large 500-sheet capacity which produces a finishing product at an outstanding quality, thus outclassing other printers on offer from others such as MFC-J5720DW.

With this auto-duplex printer, you won’t have to spend a fortune on color laser printers. Its price is 50% less than its competitors, and it offers a multifunctional design that can fit anywhere in your office. Enjoy the speed of printing with an inkjet printer without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to expensive business printers – this one is perfect for anyone who values budget and quality simultaneously.

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  • Automatic document feeder for ease of use
  • Versatile connectivity for both wired and wireless connections
  • Wide-format printing of 11″ x 17″ prints
  • The fast printing rate of 23ppm
  • 50% less than other competitors
  • 500 sheet capacity
  • No color laser printers option

Overview of Factors to Consider When Buying a Fastest Inkjet Printer:

Fastest Inkjet Printer

Shopping for a printer with the quickest printing speed can be intimidating. To make sure you choose the best product to meet your needs, it is crucial to weigh factors such as print quality, networking capabilities, reliability, and durability. Considering each component will allow you to find a quick inkjet printer with all the features necessary for success.

Printing Speed:

Quick printing speed is an invaluable advantage, particularly for those who print frequently. Make sure to compare printers’ average printing speeds when making a purchase decision by referring to the manufacturer’s specifications.

It’s essential to evaluate the appropriate printing speed for your individual needs. For example, if you are only a student who prints out several sheets daily, slower speeds may not be a problem. However, if you are in business and require frequent printing jobs throughout the day, it is best to ensure that your printer can manage all of them efficiently.

Fastest Inkjet Printer

Print Quality:

When selecting a printer, it is critical to evaluate its print quality to ensure that the printed images are sharp and clear. This involves taking into account factors such as resolution, color accuracy, DPI (dots per inch), and the technology used for printing. Additionally, one must consider the lifetime of prints, which is important in determining their quality output.

Connectivity Options:

One of the most pivotal decisions while purchasing a printer is determining what connectivity it must offer. Wireless, mobile, and cloud printing are all essential features that should be considered before making your purchase. Other choices, such as USB and Ethernet, may also have to be considered depending on your requirements for the device.

Durability and Reliability:

Last but not least, it is essential to analyze the longevity and dependability of a printer. When evaluating a printer, its construction and design merit consideration; the brand’s reputation and customer reviews can also give you an idea of how well it will stand up to long-term use. Moreover, the availability of spare parts and after-sale support is essential for reducing the costs associated with upkeep and ownership over time.

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Fastest Inkjet Printer


What printers print the fastest?

Inkjet printers tend to be the fastest type of printer when it comes to printing speeds. Laser printers are generally slower and offer more consistent quality but are better suited for large-scale printing projects. The HP Officejet Pro 7740 is the world’s fastest inkjet printer and offers speeds of up to 23 pages per minute.

Do inkjet printers print fast?

Yes, inkjet printers can be very fast. Depending on the model and settings, an inkjet printer can print up to 23 pages per minute, which is very impressive. Additionally, inkjet printers are usually more affordable than laser printers and offer various features.

What is high-speed inkjet printing?

High-speed inkjet printing is a type of digital printing where the print head moves quickly over the paper, allowing for faster and more efficient prints. This type of printing is usually used for larger jobs, such as large posters or photographs. It also produces high-quality results with minimal waste.

Does a faster print speed affect quality?

No, a faster print speed does not necessarily affect the quality of the prints. However, it is important to ensure that the printer you are using can handle the speed you try to achieve to ensure consistent results. Additionally, it is important to read the manufacturer’s specifications carefully to determine the appropriate printing speed for your individual needs.

How do I make my printer print faster?

There are several ways to make your printer print faster. For example, you can reduce the complexity of your documents by simplifying or removing graphics and images, as these can slow down the printing process. Additionally, you can adjust your printer’s settings to increase the speed or reduce the quality of your prints. Finally, you can ensure that your printer is connected to a fast internet connection and is using the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance.


It is essential to consider all aspects of an inkjet printer before making your purchase, including the print speed, quality, and type of ink used. Additionally, a printer’s durability and reliability should be considered, as they can affect both the cost of ownership and its lifespan. Finally, it is important to consider the availability of spare parts and after-sale support, as this can make all the difference in how long your printer lasts. With all this in mind, you should be able to find the perfect inkjet printer for your needs.

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