Hp 4650 review – HP Officejet 4650 Wireless Printer Review 2021

Hp 4650 review – HP Officejet 4650 Wireless Printer Review 2021

HP is well-known for producing high-quality hardware, software, and other related services, and you’ve certainly come across plenty of their offerings while shopping for a new gadget. Today, we’ll take a look at the OfficeJet 4650, which is an all-in-one printer from HP.

This printer mixes an inexpensive price with a number of office-centric features that aren’t always seen in printers in this price range, but you’ll learn more about both of them in the parts that follow. The HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless Printer is a standout of the HP All-In-One printer range, with a number of simple and advanced features.



Primary  features

The HP 4650 Officejet is a multi-function, light-duty printer. This MFP printer features ADF (automatic document feeder) and faxing. You can use this printer to take productivity to another level.

With the use of this printer, you can take a print from a tablet and smartphone. It helps you to manage fax, copy, scan, and print tasks. If you want an efficient printer for your business, Hp 4650 Officejet can be a suitable choice.

Eligibility for HP Instant Ink

Instant Ink is compatible with this HP printer. Users must enrol their computer in an Instant Ink Plan for a fee depending on their monthly use to take advantage of the bid. HP Instant Ink, for example, begins at £1.99 a month for 50 pages of printing. If registered, the printer informs HP of ink quantities, and when it runs out, the firm sends new cartridges at no charge.

Display with Touchscreen

The printer has a 2.2″ high-resolution mono LCD with a touchscreen, so you can see the printing and other settings clearly. An LCD touchscreen simplifies your task by showing only the detail you need to see and allowing you to print in colour or black and white.

Copying Made Easy

Scanning several sheets in a stack is possible with the HP OfficeJet 4650. It functions similarly to an input tray, with the exception that it uses separate programming. The pages are scanned, printed, and then placed on the other end of this multifunction computer.

Flexible Paper Handling

6Hp 4652 Review

Paper handling may be flexible for the scanner. The ADF 35-sheet is suitable to handle legal-size pages. Feel free to use flatbed letter-size magazines or books. It is easy to print on legal-size papers. Different menu options are available with a touchscreen front panel.

The printer may not include an Ethernet connection choice. You can take the benefits of Wi-Fi to connect to your network. Make sure to connect this printer to the internet.  Feel free to use a touchscreen menu to print from printing apps of HP.

Scanning and Faxing Features Included

Scanning records and pictures is a must-have in today’s corporate world. Faxing, on the other hand, has declined in popularity as most companies now send documents to recipients by email. Many who do believe faxing to be an essential part of their business with their specific situations, on the other hand, use modern faxing, which uses scanning hardware to create a digital copy that is printed at the recipient’s computer. You can conveniently complete both copying, faxing, and printing activities with an HP multifunction printer instead of buying a separate computer.

Direct Wireless Printing


6Hp 4652 Review

6Hp 4652 Review

Wireless (WiFi) Direct Printing is the most recent technology that helps you to print from a mobile computer that is wirelessly attached to the printer and uses a specific interface to handle printing tasks. Since it is wireless, it does not require a physical network for access, allowing you to operate remotely from anywhere in the workplace or at home. In addition, wireless direct printing enables several users to bind to a single printer and complete their tasks.

Copier and Fax Machine of HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless Printer

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The HP 4650 inkjet can act as a fax and a printing machine. You can use it as a scanner and a copier. This fax machine has a capacity of 100 sheets in its input tray. It is suitable for light-duty use in the office.

As any inkjet, this printer is useful to play a double role in the home office and home printer. It is easy to switch between a photo paper and plain paper. Make sure to swap a paper each time before switching.

Printing on the Go

Mobile printing has developed itself as one of the most revolutionary software innovations to take with you everywhere, while manufacturers continue to strive to offer more convenience through technology. The HP OfficeJet 4650 is one of the finest all-in-one printers, making handheld printing simpler than ever before. With a tap on your smartphone or phone, you can handle all of your printing and scanning activities from anywhere in the house or office. The best part about printing from your mobile devices with this HP printer is that it is completely free.

The automated document feeder (ADF) sits atop the OfficeJet 4650, allowing you to load multipage documents for printing, scanning, or faxing. Since the scanner lid lacks supportive hinges, you’ll need vertical clearance. Documents appeared to get stuck on the front bevel of the scanner platen as I tried to slip them off. I taught how to pick them up or slide them down the left or right side of the counter.

The control panel on the OfficeJet 4650 is clear, with no dedicated buttons other than the Home and Back buttons to the left of the thin, monochrome touch screen. One unusual aspect is that a 2-inch-wide arm automatically swings away from the body to act as the output tray’s paper catch.

The 4650 is advertised as having an automated paper sensor, but every time I opened the paper tray, the LCD showed a message asking if I had loaded plain paper, post. If you don’t answer by pressing “OK,” the message will disappear after a few seconds.


Startup Time

The OfficeJet 4650 booted up in 15.6 seconds, but the first page of a print job took more than 40 seconds to appear. The Envy 5540, on the other hand, started off about 4 seconds quicker, though a duplicate took 10 seconds longer to arrive in the output tray. The Epson ET-2550, on the other hand, took just 6.2 seconds to boot up and 12.5 seconds to print a copy.

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Combination of Quality and Speed  of Hp 4650 Review

6Hp 4652 Review

The HP Officejet 4650 all-in-one printer is suitable for home office and small office. It can scan different documents quickly. This printer may scan different photographs and documents. With faster speed, it is suitable for different business applications.

It features Wi-Fi Direct that lacks in numerous other printers. The 4650 offers numerous advantages to small and large businesses.

Cloud Support for Mobile Printing

6Hp 4652 Review

You can get support for tablets or mobile printing through the cloud. With the help of the internet, the printer may get the advantage of the Wi-Fi access point. Feel free to take print outs from Google Chrome, Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Amazon Kindle.

Feel free to connect this 4650 to your computer through a USB cable instead of connecting to networks. The web apps and Wi-Fi Direct allows you to connect from mobile devices directly. You can print different templates stored in a printer, such as monthly or weekly calendar templates.

Friendly Setup of HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless Printer

6Hp 4652 Review

HP 4650 setup is easy for everyone. The printer is small and light enough for everyone to move. It weighs only 14 pounds and 7 ounces. Physical setup for MFP inkjet is standard. With easy instructions to start this printer, everyone finds it useful to utilize this machine.

Ink Cost and Yield

It’s also strange that an office-focused all-in-one printer doesn’t have lower defined ink costs than a competitive nonoffice model, particularly when printing text. The OfficeJet 4650, on the other hand, costs 10 cents a page by using regular cartridges, compared to 8 cents for the HP Envy 5540. While using high-yield cartridges lowers per-page ink costs to 8.4 cents for a text page, this is still more than the Envy 5540’s 6 cents.

The same is valid for colour printing: for regular and high-yield cartridges, the OfficeJet page yields are 26 cents and 21 cents, respectively, vs 21 cents and 16 cents for the Envy 5540. Graphics printed on plain paper with vivid colour saturation and sleek textures, as well as glossy images with plenty of detail and vibrant colours.

HP provides an Instant Ink payment package of three levels depending on the average page performance to help you save money on ink. When your printer is linked to the Internet, the company can sense when it is low on ink and give you new cartridges. The amount you save is determined by how many you print and perhaps other considerations, such as how many colour pages you print.

Regardless, the total cost is fixed and the Instant Ink package does not distinguish between black and colour ink use — all pages are considered the same, and unused pages will be carried forward to the next month.

A monthly use average of 50 pages costs $3. (or 6 cents a page). If you pay for 100 pages a month, the cost drops to 5 cents per page, or $5 per month. A month’s worth of 300 pages costs $10, or 3.3 cents per page.

In comparison to this technique, the Epson ET-2550 uses refillable ink instead of cartridges. The listed page yields for that model are as low as 0.3 cents for text pages and 1 cent for colour pages. The printer, however, is four times the price of the OfficeJet 4650.

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Quality and Speed

The speed of HP 4650 can be a strong point. The photo’s printing speed is better than its competitors. The quality of the text is good for several businesses. Photo quality and graphics are better as compared to several other inkjet MFPs.


6Hp 4652 Review

available in two colors

Conclusion of Hp 4650 Review

HP 4652 printer is suitable for the home office and small office. The key features allow you to print high-quality text at a fantastic speed. Remember, 4650 offers a better quality of text and faster speed. It offers a fusion of print features to take print outs. The HP Officejet 4650 allows you to manage faxing. You will find it suitable for your small office. Feel free to use it for your business and personal needs.

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