10 valentine day ideas for date || 2019

In this article we will talk about 10 valentines day ideas  for date to make the day .Usually people think to going to dinner or watching the movie. Dinner and a movie aren’t bad date ideas. They’re just very typical. So if you feel like you need to change things up to keep them interesting, check my date ideas.

A photo shoot together

( valentines day ideas )

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

first idea is a photo shoot together. it’s so easy nowadays just grab your phone or your camera to get all dressed up . Just go outside and pose and take pictures together and do basic things like that. At the end of the night you’re gonna see you’ll have awesome photos of the two of you together.

                 It’s just a fun experience and a great way to bond. Look for a park nearby or even different backgrounds to take pictures. You can wear different outfits to have different photos in the shoot. At the end of it all you’ll have photos that you can put up online be proud of and just a moment that you guys have shared together that you can talk about later on.

Go for a walk explore new territory

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

 The next idea is a little bit more laid-back but it’s more focused on adventure. So go for a walk and explore with that person. There’s something magical about exploring new territory with someone. Going into unchartered lands, discovering things for the first time even getting lost can be a fun adventure. So sit down and pick a nearby town or city or neighborhood that you haven’t been to before and go into it.

Find a place where you guys can go hang out. A place you guys can go for a walk. A place where you guys can go get something to eat. Discover new things together.


valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

 The next idea is take your partner out to do some karaoke. You can do karaoke at home if you have a microphone and your own karaoke machine of some sort but it’s so much fun to take someone out to a karaoke place and just sing it. Karaoke tends to be more fun when you have a lot of people there to hype you up and to sing the songs with you.

So if you want try to find other couples that you could spend the night with so that all of you can sing well together or probably sing poorer together and no one will really notice.



valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

You’re probably not a professional dancer though and maybe you’re probably not even a great dancer either. Well it’s not a big issue. Here what we’re really trying to focus on is the idea of you and that person going out. You both dressing up your best. Going out there just to enjoy each other’s company to shake it out to music to dance to have fun, just get that energy out.

It’s always fun and just shake it off and let loose. So if you can find a place that’s playing music where the two of you can just enjoy your sexy selves, go for it.

Night in painting

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

 the next date idea if you don’t really want to spend a lot of money going out. You can always spend the night in painting with that other person. Just go to the art store or somewhere nearby and pick up some art supplies so both of you can paint for the night. You can make it feel kind of legit if you play some soft music.

You both get aprons you have your own art canvases and paint kits and you just sit there and each try to draw something on that canvas. Painting is something fun that the two of you can share together. At the end of it all you now have to prints then you can put on display to remind each other how much you care about the other one.



valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

Next idea is going out for dinner instead try to spend the night inside together cooking. Cooking is similar to painting here in the sense where you can totally set the mood for you and the other person. You can prepare your food together. You can sit down and eat together with fancy glasses and tablecloths.

Try to find a recipe that the two of you can work on. For example if one person is kind of managing the stove the other person is probably chopping up ingredients to throw into the pot so you guys can cook that meal together.

Spend your night giving back

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

 spend your night giving back and volunteer to help somewhere you and your partner can find a charity or organization or anything that’s going on where you can lend your helping hand to help someone in need. Volunteering is a great way for you and that person to spend more time together and bond.

You’ll see that good positive side of that other person. You’ll see them step forward and help others which always makes your partner look like a shining amazing person.

Physical sport

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

You can do a physical sport where the two of you can compete with each other. So you could do something like bowling or mini golf or anything of that type of nature. You don’t want to pick a sport that’s like full-blown , football or anything like that. Pick a sport that’s actually turn-based that way when the other person is going you could sit there and tease them and joke with them. make fun of them if they mess up. That’s the whole nature of this process to just enjoy that night and to have fun together but doing it while being physically active..

Get massages

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

 release that tension and to get massages. Now the massages can be kind of expensive if you go to a legitimate place. So if you want then try to learn basic massage techniques that you too can use with each other. Now I’m not saying about a person laying down naked with the towel over them and you doing the whole you. I’m saying about basic shoulder techniques, different hand massages, different basic things that you can do to kind of just help that person release their stress. Because I’m sure the two of you are super stressed out already with school and tests and all the drama going on.

Enjoying a night where you can just smell a nicely lit candle, some music playing and you guys can just generally massage each other. It’s a great way to spend a relaxing evening.


valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

 this idea is more romantic then you’d imagine and that’s to go stargazing. Now that all depends on where you live and how many stars you can actually see. But if you could see a lot of stars in the sky take your partner out. Lie down on the ground together make a picnic out of it and just enjoy the stars. There’s something beautiful and romantic about looking out into the universe and just seeing unknown possibility. You and your partner being there together enjoying the quietness and serenity of the moment it could be a beautiful way to spend your valentine’s day.

 what do you think though which of these 10 valentine’s day date ideas is your favorite.

What are you doing for valentine’s day. Leave your comments down below and we’ll talk about it. If you still have questions or you’re just nervous about valentine’s day you can contact us at admin@solution4people.com

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How to use siri on iPhone|| enable siri app || fast and easy steps

how to get siri

What is siri on iPhone

Siri is an intelligent virtual assistant which help you to get things in an easiest way. Siri is an artificial intelligence application. Siri is Apple’s voice controlled app which make your life more easier. siri is now available on IPod touch , apple’s watch and Mac also. You can ask siri app to play your favorite TV show or send message to your friend or any thing you want . you just need give a voice command to siri app and siri app will do it for you . Siri app is saving time of all the Apple users . In this article we will help you to get siri on iPhone.

To activate or How to use siri on iPhone X

  • First Go to the setting on your iPhone
  •  Then Go to the general
  • Go to the accessibility
  • And then Go to the assistive touch , just turn it ON
  • When you see the icon just tap on it

Here you go, you can see the Siri option and you can even see the home button you can hold it for some second. To activate tap OK on the siri and here you go , you have activated your Siri, Now you can easily use siri app on your iPhone. Hope u like the article.

if you need any suggestion or solution about softwares or technology , we are here to help you . you can contact us by commenting on the post or email us at admin@solution4people.com.

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screen recording on iphone x | easy steps with images

Screen recording on iphone x
In this article we will show you how to record your iPhone x screen so
first go to setting panel


Then find control center


Tap on it
Then Tap on customize control

Then tap on the screen recording option

If there is no screen recording option on your phone then you have to add it manually first.
Now every action is recording that is shown on the screen
To stop the screen recording on iphone x simply swipe up to the Control Center and then press the record button again.

Hope it helped you.

screen recording on iphone x

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iphone x screenshot settings||How to take a screenshot || two ways

iphone x screenshot settings

In this article we will talk about two different ways of taking a screenshots on iphone x all the previous iphone. Previous to iphone X you had a physical home button you press two buttons simultaneously the home button and the power button. Now because the iphone X doesn’t have a physical home button we have to do this by pressing the two keys simultaneously.

 Method 1

           The Power button and the volume up button so from here the photos will go directly into your photos gallery it’ll go under all photos and it should also make a new folder called screenshots. Let me tell you  the second way to take a screenshot which is the way I don’t recommend . .But maybe if you have some issues with your volume up button or your power button is not working correctly then this is enough and best way this is basically an alternative.

Lets check out the 2nd method of taking screenshots on iphone x.

 Method 2

 Just tap on settings

 Then go to general

 Then go to accessibility

 And then scroll down and you’re going to look for assistive.

 touch tap on assistive touch

And then go ahead and turn that ON and once you turn that ON you can have a little grey icon that pops up right there then from there (within assistive touch) you have to tap on single-tap option, then select screenshot just click on it and here you go now whenever you want to take a screenshot just click on that grey icon showing on your screen and your screenshot will go directly into your gallery, these are the methods of iphone x screenshot settings. hope you got it. if you need any suggestion or solution about softwares or technology , we are here to help you . you can contact us by commenting on the post or email us at admin@solution4people.com.

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